Mail server not delivering items purchased through broker

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by TheSchroedinger, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. SiiCK1 New Player

    Can anyone on USPS confirm or deny that they received all of their items, cash, or emails?
  2. Sunblaster New Player

    Here USPS3, only mails of expired itens, no cash no e-mail confirmation but the itens disappear from broker since yesterday after GU. And no support response :S.
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  3. SiiCK1 New Player

    That's not good news.
  4. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    follow your own advice and read what Mepps actually said - he posted two seperate scenarios for the issue
  5. DarkAya Dedicated Player

    Same problem here, I haven't received mail for 3 weeks now.
    This refers to broker operations and receiving mails from others, sending mails out works fine tho.
    I haven't renamed my character although I created it AFTER Name Reclaim so I believe it counts.
    I also have characters I renamed but everything works fine there.
    Please fix this cuz playing with bugged mail is huge pain.

    Character name: GloryGirl
    Server: USPC
    Ticket: 150311-000410
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  6. kawe Loyal Player

    My mail that was lost in Limbo has arrived too. (EUPS.)

    Thnx devs. ^^
  7. Valentine Vixen New Player

    I am having the same issue on USPC. I am missing 4 auras from the broker and have no mail to confirm that they were sold and no money showing up in my currency for them.
  8. Sunblaster New Player

    This seems they only had worried about the members that bought itens and not with the members that post itens to sell. The problem was solved partially. The broker only send me mail with expired itens and not the mails with my earnings and i'm afraid to use the broker now with my vilain.
    I sold several rare itens and got no cash and none e-mail from its sales.
    My heros characters has received the e-mails normally.
    I only got no hope answer from them. My support ticket ref number: 150326-000038 its going to two days with no answer.
    USPS3 CrushingYou
  9. SiiCK1 New Player

    I'm having the same issue on the USPS Hero side. I have posted and sold about 7 auras with 1 being a radiant and have not received the cash for it, email confirmation, or are they in my wares. I have updated my ticket and I get no response.

    Ticket #: 150326-000320
    **Please advise**
  10. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    Still no mail on my end. I'm in the rename/reclaim category:

    Character: Shadowdragon (was The Shadowdragon)
    Server: USPC
    Ticket: 150225-000583

    Still sending daily tests to create activity. There's a timed stamped message each day for outgoing and attempted incoming.
  11. SiiCK1 New Player

    The one thing I don't like is no phone support since DBG took over.
  12. athelaz New Player

    I can confirm that I bought 4 bundles (never again) and posted 3 auras on the broker that disappeared never to be seen again. 2 days and no response
    USPS server
    atomictroll character
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  13. SiiCK1 New Player

    I feel your pain. I'm waiting as well.
  14. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    For those of you still missing items, make sure you post or have posted your character name, server, and if you were buying something or selling something on the broker.
  15. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This is a separate issue. We're close to a fix on the renamed character issue, and will share more once the maintenance is complete there. It won't happen this week.
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  16. Sunblaster New Player

    Hi Mepps here the info you request, I also has a support ticket opened.
    Several rare itens sold but the e-mail and earnings do not received and the itens are gone from broker.

    Reference Number
    Updated BY Customer
    03/25/2015 06:22 PM
    03/26/2015 02:38 PM
    • DC Universe Online PS3
    • In-Game Issues
    • Item
    US PS3
    Character Name
  17. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Can you also post what items you posted specifically, if you remember?
  18. Sunblaster New Player

    This itens and some maybe i dont remember:

    - Shabby Mattess
    - Alan Scott Boots
    - Peerles Chest (insectoid)
    - Cyborgs Hands
    - Alloyed boots (Cotroller)

    Maybe I miss some cause i never expected this problems.

  19. Valentine Vixen New Player

    Sever: USPC
    Character: Valentine Vixen
    These are the items from the broker that I can remember:
    Yellow Smoke Aura
    Green Smoke Aura
    Orange Nimbus Aura

    I had a ton of other items listed and they seemed to either come back expired or sold. It seems I only have the issue with the items bought from the Booster Bundle and placed on the broker after the USPC servers came back up.
  20. Moongrave New Player

    Server: USPC
    Character: Demarc
    The Following I posted and not returned Blue Nimbus and a Yellow Smoke. I did have a couple of othe items lisited that did return and a few things I purchased that also came in with the fix. Thanks for checking into it also.