Mail server not delivering items purchased through broker

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by TheSchroedinger, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. TheSchroedinger New Player

    Bought 3 pricey auras over 2 hours ago via the broker but they have still not shown up in my inbox. Already restarted (full reboot) multiple times. Had another user log on via my PS3. He made a broker purchase that showed up immediately. What gives?
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  2. kawe Loyal Player

    Same here on EUPS.
    Bought stuff, no email after waiting long enough + several relogs.
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  3. JediMoonKnight New Player

    Yup, same here. Bought a VI Expert mod plans, still haven't come. Sold a red nimbus aura, received no cash.
    Have opened a ticket, but as I selected 'item' as my issue I received a very worrying (stock standard) response email stating that they do not look into lost items.
    Only on my main hero toon, all three others (including 1 villain) receive broker stuff straight away. Went nuts sending blank, text & attachment in game mails from those successful toons to the toon suffering from this and they all came through.
  4. TheSchroedinger New Player

    US PS here. Having spent over $8M in in-game cash for 3 new auras, I'm more than a little irritated that I'm waiting this long to receive them. I've never had this problem before, but this will be a dealbreaker if I end up left holding the bag.
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  5. TheSchroedinger New Player

    I saw that too. I read that as meaning they won't help us if we lose something from our inventory. We never received our items, so they weren't lost. They were never received.
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  6. JediMoonKnight New Player

    Yeah, am just hoping our tickets don't get thrown into the 'never reply' bin due to the item category
  7. TheSchroedinger New Player

    Mepps? Can you help us?
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  8. kawe Loyal Player

    As this seems not to be an isolated problem, they better fix it....
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  9. Sunblaster New Player

    Yeahhh, I've placed 2 itens for sell in broker they disappear, so i think its was selled but the e-mail and the cash never comes to me yet lol. Hope they fix it urgently.
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  10. TheSchroedinger New Player

    Is there any correlation among our purchases? The items varied. I bought a blue nimbus, orange nimbus and yellow plasmic within a span of 5-10 minutes around 7:00-7:30 pm today (US Eastern Time). Broker between Meta & Magic in the Hall of Doom.
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  11. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are taking a look. Can you please be specific with what characters are impacted if you have not already?

    For now, please also open tickets with customer support.
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  12. JediMoonKnight New Player

    Hero, EUPS, Weapon Hex

    Support Ticket #[---001:002493:59222---]
  13. Sunblaster New Player

    Its happens with my vilain CrushingYou
    I already open a ticket but no response till now.
  14. TheSchroedinger New Player

    You rock, Mepps. Thanks. Mine is Schroedinger Cat (US PS villain - quantum/dual pistols).
  15. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    I haven't received mail for almost 2 months now. These include broker purchases, sales & mail from other characters...
    Shadowdragon - USPC
    - If you need some sort of tracking, I've been sending daily tests to myself
    - Outgoing works, Incoming doesn't

    I tried a ticket, but they just closed it and pointed me to an unrelated FAQ. Some people reading the tickets are just looking at keywords and not the details.

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  16. kawe Loyal Player

    Kawe EUPS

    4 mails are in Limbo, one Blue Nimbus, and 3 trash loot purchases of 5$ to see if it was a single occurrence.
    Ticket: #150326-000115
    I doubt it's necessary or helpful, but I have a video of the purchase.

    Some of my alts my be affected too, as they haven't sold anything, but with the amount/type of stuff I put up it should. :p
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  17. TheSchroedinger New Player

    Ticket #150325-000704.
  18. DCuOphan New Player

    my buddy wanted me to post on here for him. he purchased (2) green nimbus and its giving him same problem. I figured he was not alone. he got the same response about lost items.

    username: L3mur1an
    server: usps
    ticket #150326-000072

    thx :)
  19. Sunblaster New Player

    This issues seems to happens only with vilains, my hero sold stuff too and the e-mail arrives normally, but my vilains sold anothers itens and no cash and none e-mails arrives.
  20. JediMoonKnight New Player

    Bzzt wrong, read the third post. Mine's a hero and my villain is working fine.