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    the popularity of CA, Spiderman, DD, and Wolve have no bearing on the popularity comparison of choosing DC characters as legends or implementation in this game

    ur arguement was better when structured against other dc characters
  2. Circe New Player

    Okay, let's compare with DC titles than.

    September 2005:
    4 Showcase Presents Superman Vol. 1 $9.99 DC 5,496
    5 Showcase Presents Green Lantern Vol. 1 $9.99 DC 5,212

    October 2006:

    15 Showcase Presents Phantom Stranger Vol. 1 $16.99 DC 4,218

    While the Superman and Green Lantern volumes sold more, they were 7 bucks less and they both are far more popular than Phantom Stranger, so that just goes to show that Phantom Stranger performed pretty well for being a so called "lesser known" character.

    Also, Phantom Stranger sold more than a Hawkman issue:

    13 Showcase Presents Hawkman Vol. 1 $16.99 DC 3,759
  3. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    i meant actual comics books a majority of ppl read

    not the VERY SMALL minority
    which based on ur book sales numbers is VERY SMALL

    VERY SMALL SAMPLES are bad examples for a larger population correlation

    (We were comparing sample size quanitities of 30,000-80,000 yesterday, lowering sample size to 3,000-6,000 is not a good idea)

    u are trying to prove the popularity, u need to find a better example then Showcase which has a very small minority sample size.

    also Showcase has two types of buyers
    1) those loyal to the title showcase
    2) and those loyal to the character showcase is showcasing

    ur data doesnt exactly show which type of buyer is more common. If it was type 1, then the sales figure is would be impacted more by loyal title buyers and not because of the character is showcasing....its a very complicated title u are using for comparative reasons

  4. Circe New Player

    Let's take it even further, let's compare the sales to the so called "competitors" of Legends:

    15 Showcase Presents Phantom Stranger Vol. 1 $16.99 DC 4,218

    13 Showcase Presents Hawkman Vol. 1 $16.99 DC 3,759

    14 Showcase Presents Martian Manhunter Vol. 1 $16.99 DC 3,652

    22 Showcase Presents Flash Vol. 1 $16.99 DC 4,774

    11 Showcase Presents Green Arrow Vol. 1 $16.99 DC
  5. Circe New Player

    These are paperback books, not comics so of course comics would be greater sales when they're far cheaper.

    So are you trying to avoid facts that are presented? These numbers prove that Phantom Stranger has fans, people willing to buy his books. Who cares if they're loyal to showcase, they're still buying his book and being informed about Phantom Stranger, introducing him to them. So the type of buyer doesn't matter.
  6. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    Do u actually think that in the WHOLE WORLD, that a book selling 3,000-5,000 quantities is a good SIMPLE SIZE to correlate to a LARGER POPULATION
  7. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    Fine, ill use the facts presented. All FACTS from UR SOURCE

    in Oct of 2006
    6,351,577 comics were sold
    4,218 Showcase phantom Strangers was sold
    which is .06641% of all comics sold was cause of phantom stranger

    hardly considered popular

    But ill go one step further
    out of the 6.35 million comics sold, 2,414,634 are the number of DC comics titles sold
    which means that Phantom Strangers comic books sold was only .17468% of of the total DC comics sold that month

    that is not a popular comic, and does NOT show a "willingness to buy the comic" using the facts u presented and the source u used
  8. Circe New Player

    To be fair, we're not talking about a larger population when we're talking about DCUO. Nobody I've talked to IRL knew about DCUO before I told them.

    I think DCUO should cater to comic fans too, not just "what's popular". Phantom Stranger has his own comic, and has more fans than you guys think.

    This is DC Universe Online, dealing with characters in the DC Universe. It's not just about what's popular.

    If popular ruled, Doctor Fate and Felix Faust would've never gotten their own DLC. Circe would've never been a mentor. Tala would've never had a whole storyline about her. Etc. Point is, the devs don't just go by what's popular.
  9. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    to be fair, ur the one who is talking about the larger population of comicsbooks

    I am not the one who is claiming that the popularity of the phantom stranger showcase comic in oct 2006, is directly correlated to the popularity of the character in DCUO community

    out of the 6.35 million comics sold, 2,414,634 are the number of DC comics titles sold
    means that Phantom Strangers comic books sold was only .17468% of of the total DC comics sold that month
  10. Circe New Player

    Let's be fair here. Let's look at recent comics.

    Phantom Stranger is in various different recent comics including Constantine, Justice League Dark, Phantom Stranger, Detective Comics, Trinity of Sin Pandora.

    So really:

    2 Detective Comics 27 $7.99 DC 88,702
    55 Justice League Dark 27 $3.99 DC 32,576
    112 Constantine 10 $2.99 DC 20,729
    122 Trinity of Sin Pandora 7 $2.99 DC 18,984
    127 Trinity of Sin The Phantom Stranger 15 $2.99 DC 17,435
    164 Scribblenauts Unmasked Crisis of Imagination 1 $2.99 DC 11,572
  11. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    lets be fair here

    Why not pick a recent month, before Trinity of Sin takes place.....picking a DC Event month were every comic will involve the question, pandora, and PS is hardly fair

    Imperialax was in like every comic title (more titles during that comic event than batman or superman appearances)at one point cause of a DC EVENT, havent seen him for a while, so picking big DC Event months is hardly fair, if ur trying to be fair like ur comment implies

    also u do realize that Detective Comics is an anniversary mega sized issue right. That is the reason for that sales volume.
  12. Circe New Player

    So basically you're saying Phantom Stranger is important because he's tied to a major event.

    So Phantom Stranger is not that obscure or unimportant after all, like people are trying to say.

    The fact that he's important in current comic events makes him an excellent choice for Legends.
  13. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    no im not,

    that is why i mentioned the Imperilax DC Event, who was in more comic at the Events time then superman and batman, but that didnt mean that Imperilax is more popular then superman and batman. Which is why i said picking an Event month is hardly fair....for comparative purposes. Imperilax shows that being in an event is temporary and after which the character goes back to obscurity. Which will be the case of Phantom Stranger who has no ONGOING title, once the Trinity of sin storyline is concluded

    im getting tired of having to connect the dots and showing the real statistics of the info posted. so i think im going to take a break. Good luck justifying the popularity of these characters over more estblished money makers, i have yet to see any justification
  14. Circe New Player

    Did I ever say he was more important than Superman and Batman? That right there is like twisting my words.

    Phantom Stranger is obviously iconic in comics if he was put in an Anniversary comic, and is involved in major events, and such.

    Phantom Stranger is very established. Having his own comic, appearing in various different recent comics.

    So I think more people know about Phantom Stranger than people think.
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    This is still going on?

    (╯'□')╯︵ ┻━┻
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    These comics sell less than 5,000 copies? Doesn't Batman sell 100,000+ every month?
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    Zatanna, Black Adam, and Shazam (Captain Marvel) would be great additions to Legends.

    Can't really agree wit anyone else you listed though.

    Although it would be cool if they eventually added Swamp Thing and Constantine to Legends.

    No Legend character uses Plant related powers and they could give Constantine a super charge that lets him summon Etrigan (or Lucifer Morningstar)
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    Wow this thread still has not run it's course yet?

    I think the point is we all have legends we like, and want in game. It takes time.
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    These are paperback books.