Magic version of Last Laugh?

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    Ya and u tell me how many members of the JLA are in that 1 title (ill give u a hint, GL, billy, wonderwoman, aquaman and flash are cameos and not members)

    do u know what is going on in that story line

    The reason Green Arrow is not in the issue, cause the story is literally about finding him
    that is litterally a Green Arrow involved storyline, regardless if he appears or doesnt appear

    Everyone EXCEPT Martian Manhunter and Stargirl are Presumed Dead
    So the issues focuses on Manhunter and Stargirl finding their lost teammates
    The absence of Green Arrow adn the rest of the team is LITERALLY the MOTIVATION behind the Storyline, thus contribute to the Green Arrow involved comics


    Thus Green Arrow is Still more Popular based on UR LOGIC AND UR SOURCE
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    I can see it now:
    Crowd of People: IMPRESSIVE!!
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    It depends on the storyline.

    Who was involved in rising Trigon? Circe! So, of course Wonder Woman would be there to try and stop Circe.

    The storyline was pretty much about Circe rising Trigon, so Wonder Woman had to be there.
  5. Circe New Player

    I proved my point that Constantine is pretty popular. So I don't care about Green Arrow's popularity.
  6. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    which literally makes no sense considering Trigon has only ever appeared in Tenn Titans Comics, but if u were to choose one member of the trinity of DCUO, WW/Circe would be the only one who fits, if must use a trinity member, Either the DEVs dont think the Teen Titans can handle their own T5 alert all the way through, or they need a member of the trinity in it
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    By saying Wonder Woman had to be there, you really meant Raven... right?
  8. Circe New Player

    They had already started the story at the beginning with Circe trying to rise him (and Wonder Woman trying to stop her), so they were just finishing that story.

    But I think it would've been cool if that last fight was Circe/Brother Blood and Wonder Woman/Raven.
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    Well when u say things like

    ppl will think u do care....

    as for Constantine popularity....

    says different with a 46% rotten rating with all critics
    and a 26% rotten rating with top 10 critics

    as for comics, well theres a reason he has only appeared in few ( i can only think of Trinity and Forever Evil) Event Storyline
    The more Popular Characters are literally in EVERY Event Storyline
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    Actually the real reason is that up until the New 52 (well really 2010 and Brightest Day, to be honest), he wasn't technically part of DC canon proper. He showed up in Swamp Thing, then buggered off to his own (long running, from 1988-2013, incredibly well-written, and utterly phenomenal) comic, in DC's "Vertigo" line. He was created and written by some dude named Alan Moore, who you may have heard of if you know anything about comics whatsoever. It's a cult classic, and pretty damn successful, but because it's not a cape comic, it never really reached mainstream status.

    That being said, while Constantine is a fantastic character with a beautiful history behind him, Circe's "arguments" are ridiculous. More just plugging his ears and humming than accepting anything remotely resembling a fact. While I love Constantine, I'd be utterly shocked to see him as a Legend, and saying he's on the same level of popularity as even someone like Green Arrow is a truly impressive commitment to self-delusion.
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    I'm sorry, but I'd have to disagree with you here. I don't believe they should add a character just because they are the same type of character (types being Tech, Meta, or Magic).

    That'd be like having a Superman DLC, and them throwing in Aquaman since he's Meta, or Weather Wizard in a Batman DLC.

    Now if they tie the person into the story, it'd be a different matter. Odds are though, they already have the story mostly decided, and just need to create the actual content by now.

    I do like alot of your Legends you created though, especially the loadouts. I just would rather have the more popular ones like Captain Marvel and Black Adam from your list, as well as Green Arrow and Flash from others, before some like Tala or Phantom Stranger.
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    Constantine gained any of his popularity due to Keanu Reeves...
    Green Arrow has gained popularity due to his involvement in Justice League Unlimited, The Dark Knight Rises part 2, and Arrow.
  13. Circe New Player

    Well, the devs have already done things similar. Making Aquaman and Black Manta gear in a Batman/Lex DLC, releasing Cheetah in a Trigon DLC, and don't forget about Last Laugh - releasing Meta Legends when characters like Gorilla Grodd and Joker are prominent.
  14. Infinity New Player

    That may be because the Circe/WW/Magic storyline is generally the least popular in the game...

    If you want fantasy/magic why not go play something like WoW?
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    For those saying Tala and Phantom Stranger should be released after more popular options, you do realize these 2 are pretty iconic in the realm of MAGIC that are underrepresented in Legends, right?

    Tala has tried to conquer the world, and destroy humanity. That is pretty iconic. She's a very underestimated character, just as Phantom Stranger is. These 2 are amazingly iconic Magic characters that deserve more spotlight.

    Nobody on my list is that obscure. Tala appeared in Justice League Unlimited. Phantom Stranger appeared in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Tala being a key part in the storyline of Justice League Unlimited.

    I have a feeling the devs are fans of these characters as well, or they never would've been chosen for the Halloween event. They never would have made the game at all. But they did, and they deserve representation in Legends just as much as other mentioned characters.
  16. Circe New Player

    Magic is a big part of the DC Universe. The game can't just ignore them because they aren't as "popular" as other realms. That's silly.

    They're the "least popular", yet the devs have decided to create a 3 part DLC about them. The devs are obviously fans of them or they wouldn't be getting all this content.

    Actually, I would argue the opposite. Gates is one of the most well-received raids. The mythological elements help make this raid what it is.

    Trigon's Prison has been said to be one of the funnest alerts. The duos were named fun as well, and the solo content too. So if it isn't popular, why are all these magic-based instances getting such high praise?
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    You get a serious down vote from me when you say Constantine is more popular than Green Arrow. That is just wrong on oh so many levels! No, just no!
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    i guess i agree
    not only that, but i think the MODs like it also, if not ur thread would had been in PVP forums with the rest of the legend requests by now, they like ur idea enough to keep it in here, which might mean ur on to something o_O
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    15 Showcase Presents Phantom Stranger Vol. 1 $16.99 DC 4,218

    This paperback that features Phantom Stranger and Tala got more sales than you guys would think, coming in at #15 for October 2006.

    Selling almost as much as Captain America, Spiderman, Daredevil, and Wolverine titles.

    So if these characters aren't popular, why are their books getting sales? If they're so obscure, they wouldn't have even made Top 20 of this list.