Magic version of Last Laugh?

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  1. Kroye Loyal Player

    Wasn't there a whole DLC devoted to Flash?
    Edit : oh yeah, here it is:
    Lightning Strikes is a themed Downloadable Content Pack (DLC) for DC Universe Online originally released on December 6th 2011.
    This pack includes an eighth power; Electricity, for the player to use and the ability to explore Central City; hometown of The Flash. It also includes a new Duo, new Bounties and missions all themed after the The Flash comic book mythos.



    As the chaos continues, worm hole vortexes begin appearing in both Metropolis and Gotham City, from which creatures known as Paradox Reapers begin appearing in an attempt to consume the current timeline.
    With the greatest concentration of reapers and vortexes appearing in Central City, it is revealed that someone has traveled into the past in an attempt to alter the history of the Flash (Barry Allen). Employing a group of New Heroes, the Flash uses the Cosmic Treadmill to send the group back in time to stop the instigator before time is rewritten.

  2. Dametria Loyal Player

    The OP was about a Legends centered PvP DLC, akin to LL, so here's my last post...on topic.

    1. We will probably not get another PvP centric DLC, but upping the amount of Legends content included w/ future DLC's is a nice compromise.
    2. All the characters listed in the OP are in game and good choices for Legends. Are there some characters not in the OP who MAY be better revenue draws? Yes. So, split the difference. Release 2 high profile Legends and 1 lesser known to the general public but popular among the fangirls/boys.
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  3. Kristyana New Player

    Once again, nobody has said they shouldn't be released. They are saying they should be released after more popular characters are.
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  4. Kroye Loyal Player

    Black Adam would be tons of fun.

    A random I'd like to see would be Parasite, for the "You suck!" audio chatter he does in game. I'd use him just on the basis of the audio.
  5. Breakforce Loyal Player

    It's called knowing where your bread is buttered.

    It's the same reason half of the DC line consists of Batman comics in some shape or form.
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  6. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    Ur forgetting the FACT that Green Arrow is SO POPULAR, that he actually has 2 Comic Book Titles
    and is also in the JLA comic book
    u only list 1

    Arrow. is a dc comic. based on the Green Arrow TV show

  7. Circe New Player

    Once again, I'm saying it will be their time when it's their time, but the future DLCs do not go with them (at least those confirmed) so they will have to wait.

    Meanwhile, Amazon Fury would be the perfect time to release a lot of the characters in my OP. Being a magic DLC, almost all of them would fit.

    Because I created the OP with Amazon Fury in thought of having Wonder Girl and Giganta, or Ares/Silver Swan and Artemis, I made the list with non-Amazon related characters.

    But really, I'm hoping Tala and Phantom Stranger the most. I think both of these characters are REALLY cool, and would provide very interesting gameplay.
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  8. Kroye Loyal Player

    I believe the whole concept was put together to support the argument for those characters in Legends - never mind the fact that NPCs in pvp are horrible.

    This entire thread is about the fact the Circe wants more magic-themed legends characters, and I believe the rest is just thrown in there to prop up that request. There's nothing wrong with that, but why should SOE pander to a minority before giving the masses the characters they've been begging for first...Flash is arguably one of DCs most popular characters of all time (We talking going back a few years, obviously, but there are lots of folks older than 30 that play this game.) I have a 4 year old son that recognizes the Flash. He couldn't tell me who any of the characters on that list in the OP are (except possibly Captain Marvel.) I only recognize most of them just from playing DCUO, and I actually read a ****-ton of comic books growing up.

    There's nothing wrong with throwing in obscure characters for the fanboys, but c'mon man, before Flash, really, and arguing that Flash shouldn't be in because he's popular?

    Are most of the characters you suggest as Legends characters in the OP actually tied to Wonder Woman/Amazonian comic lore? I see your comment " I made the list with non-Amazon related characters", so I'm not sure how tying them to the Amazon Fury DLC makes anymore sense than having Flash or Green Arrow in the DLC.
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  9. Little Sister New Player

    They need to add the regular Brainiac to Legends :)
  10. Kroye Loyal Player

    Batman is the Spiderman of DC.

    Can I post that here?
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  11. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    none in the Original Post ties to WW, as far as i know

    and Most deal with Supernatural part of Magic, not the Socererry Part of Magic that WW Lore focuses on
  12. Circe New Player

    I don't see "Arrow" on the list in that link.

    And actually, Constantine is pretty popular having 2 books on the list: Justice League Dark and Constantine.

    So really:

    55 Justice League Dark 27 $3.99 DC 32,576
    96 Green Arrow 27 $2.99 DC 23,785
    112 Constantine 10 $2.99 DC 20,729
  13. Kroye Loyal Player

    Green Arrow is in Justice League America I believe. It's was ranked number 10 in the list you were pulling your data from.

    I already posted that earlier in the thread.

    Anyway, so what? An individual months comic sales aren't a good metric for DLC or Marketplace Legends character purchases. Lets see a show of hand of the folks who have ever purchased a Steel comic book. (Not a good argument, I know, since Steel was purchased for because he's OP. the sales volume doesn't ONLY relate to comic book purchases.)

    Edit to add this neat gif a friend sent me. It sums up a few folks' feelings about this thread and others:
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  14. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    Hey thats FINE WTH ME but get the STATISTICS right

    55 Justice League Dark 27 $3.99 DC 32,576
    112 Constantine 10 $2.99 DC 20,729

    Constantine involved books sold= 53,305

    96 Green Arrow 27 $2.99 DC 23,785
    10 Justice League of America 11 $3.99 DC 65,365
    +Arrow (digital comic) $.99

    Green Arrow involved books sold= 89,150 not including (digital sales of Arrow)

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  15. LaughingRiot Well-Known Player

    Titanic Trenton and Captain Cruel, please.
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  16. Circe New Player

    I said that because Cheetah/Donna were released in a Trigon DLC where most magic characters were prominent. Constantine, Jinx, Cheetah, Brother Blood, Giganta, Gentleman Ghost, Donna Troy, Zatanna, Raven, Circe, Wonder Woman.

    It was a Trigon DLC, where Raven and Brother Blood were more involved than Donna and Cheetah. But Donna and Cheetah were released.

    So maybe Amazon Fury will feature characters other than those related to Amazons.
  17. Kroye Loyal Player

    I really really really want these!
  18. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    Trigon was supernatural DLC IMO and WW would be the only one of the trinity that would fit in the supernatural setting the best, thus Circe came cause of WW
    I think there will be a difference btw Supenatual things like Trigon aka the devil/demon and Amazonian content

    Technically WW shouldnt have even been in Trigon, it should have been only the Teen Titans
  19. Circe New Player

    This is the January Issue:

    I don't see Green Arrow anywhere.
  20. Breakforce Loyal Player

    I think all that needs to be said re: comic sales

    1 Batman 115,492
    2 Detective Comics 88,702
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