Magic version of Last Laugh?

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  1. Kristyana New Player

    Because Green Arrow has his own TV show.

    There are many, many people who play this game that know next to nothing about the DC Universe except what they've seen in the various shows over the years like JLA, Batman and Superman animated series, Smallville, etc.
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  2. Vyltran Loyal Player

    I don't agree with Ares & Artemis.. you have to know that DCUO is just following a storyline, wait till someday dcuo decide launch a story or a new content talking about Ares & Artemis... oh yeah yeah, the difference we all already know who are they, but you have to stick how they are working...

    And launch this as DLC?.. no, no thanks..
  3. Neph Dedicated Player

    ok, so we have verified that more iconics will be added to Legends...
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  4. Circe New Player

    The same thing can be said about Green Arrow, Flash, and the likes. People are making it out like these people have to be put in Legends first. But to be honest, it wouldn't hurt the game if they were never added.

    If you aren't against adding them, why are you even arguing with me right now? Why not just leave and let Magic get a step up?
  5. Breakforce Loyal Player

  6. Kristyana New Player

    Because there are more "iconic" characters that can be added first that will have a bigger impact on game revenue. Flash is wildly popular, and has been in pretty much every incarnation of the media for the last 20 years. One of the main reasons he hasn't been in legends yet was because the developers weren't sure how viable a speedster would be. Remember, all the characters when Legends first came out were acrobatic or nothing. The only exception was Joker who could use his jetpack.

    Green Arrow's been getting the spotlight with Arrow and in a few of the recent DC movies.

    So yes, they should get top billing over other obscure characters because cashing in on that popularity makes the most sense economically.

    Ideally I would love to have more characters. But people aren't going to pay for a character they've never heard of. I didn't even know Ares was in the DC universe until I played Injustice. Three examples you give (Artemis, Ares, and Constantine) don't even have anything currently ingame except Constantine sits around in the Gotham Wastelands.

    There's a reason why the most popular characters in the DC universe and their reskins cost actual money - because more people want to play them than obscure characters. If you add Ares or Artemis, you'll get a few people that will buy them because they love the character, but the majority will either go "who?" or only buy them if they're stupidly OP like Steel or Sinestro were on launch.
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  7. Archangel Rafael New Player

    Etrigan and Black Adam PLease!

    Also wanna see some NewGods - not just Darkseid and Orion either
    I do hope they can mix in some lesser known characters though. It gets old to see the same old 6-7 JLA members and their respective prime nemesis. A lot of the lesser known characters have big popularity among comic fans and so adding some of those could work well too I think.:)
  8. Dametria Loyal Player

    So now I feel compelled to ask, if you aren't against adding them why are you so aggressively arguing with him?
    Going back through here Circe doesn't say anything about how not getting these characters added will damage the game, just how it would add to the game.
    On topic: It seems an entire DLC of PvP is not happening, but as a fan of Legends PvP and iconic anomalies I hope the OP's suggestions are at least considered.
  9. Circe New Player

    Constantine had his own movie, and people are acting like he isn't popular enough.

    You say shows, well Etrigan was on various shows. Zatanna. Jinx. Raven. Tala. Even Isis had an episode in Smallville. Phantom Stranger and Spectre even appeared on Batman: The Brave and The Bold.

    Magic characters are about to have a leg up with media like a Justice League Dark movie, and a Constantine show.

    So these characters I mentioned really aren't that obscure.
  10. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    ur analysis of the above Statistic couldnt be MORE INCORRECT and SKEWED


    The price of the comic is not a reflection of its popularity. Its a reflection of HOW MANY PAGES ARE IN THE BOOK

    JLD will have more units sold cause it USES the SUCCESS OF OTHER STORYLINES and EVENT STORYLINES like FOREVER EVIL and TRINITY WAR

    If Green Arrow tied into those STORYLINES then his book would be WAAAAAY more in terms of books sold
    if ppl want the complete story to Trinity War and Forever Evil they are FORCED to buy Justice League Dark
  11. Kristyana New Player

    Constantine was a steaming pile of crap that rightly had horrible reviews.

    I never said they were obscure. I said that they were obscure when compared to other characters in the current media. Those non-obscure characters should be added first. More people want them, and they will make SOE more money.

    I find this whole discussion ironic given how adamant you were that Wonder Woman and Circe should have been added first before a slew of other characters we got...and now you argue the exact opposite.
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  12. Kroye Loyal Player

    I don't buy comics, though I have every single Legends character, so I'm not sure current comic book sales would necessarily equate to more DLC or Legends purchases in DCUO. That metric doesn't show the number of folks who watch Arrow each week live or on Hulu/Netflix, nor does it reflect the number of players in this game who prefer bow as their weapon of choice and would probably lock on to Green Arrow and never use anything else. Also, Green Arrow is in the Justice League of America title:

    10 Justice League of America 11 $3.99 DC 65,365

    Even then, that's just one title, and doesn't show that Aquaman and Batgirl are both beating the **** of Constantine. Should we have an Aquaman DLC? Maybe, but he'd probably be a horrible Legends character. Heck, even the Flash and Damian, son of Batman, titles are outselling Justice League Dark.

    Quoting that one statistic out of context doesn't really validate your point. But I get that you really really really want it.
  13. Breakforce Loyal Player

    First off, this is not aggressive arguing. I am just calling him out on saying that "these Legends characters are a MUST" and that they "need to keep up with that plan and have all three realms presented fairly in Legends".

    What the devs need to do, is focus their energy and budget on what is going to get the most bang for their buck.

    What should come off as enthusiasm, just starts to come off as zealotry.

    Enickma said it perfectly, Circe is a "relentless activist for a non-existent cause"
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  14. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    the fact that price is based on how many pages are in the book and that there are EVENT STORYLINES likw Trinity war and Forever Evil that force ppl to buy Justice League Dark for the complete story, i would say his opinion if based on that statistic info, is completely flawed
  15. Kristyana New Player

    Exactly. How many people are going to go "Oh boy, I get to play as Flash/Green Arrow!" compared to the people going "Oh boy, I get to play as Constantine/Ares!"
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  16. Dametria Loyal Player

    So now wild speculation about how well the books would have sold IF tied to something else is less skewed than actual sales numbers?

    I think there is some serious reaching for criticism going on in this thread.
  17. Kroye Loyal Player

    At a point, it becomes more about pointing out the ridiculousness of the doublespeak.

    Also, very few are against any of those characters, just thinks there are better choices that should be seen first.

    Who TF is Ares?
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  18. Kroye Loyal Player

    I thought he was going on copies sold, rather than price, but that's an assumption. (The last number of the line is copies sold.)

    Regardless, even copies sold of a single issue isn't a reliable metric for the entire picture - I won't buy a comic again, ever, but I'll buy the **** out of legends characters. I don't think I'm a unique snowflake.
  19. Circe New Player

    Wonder Woman and Circe are mentors, who are in the game way more often than Flash or Green Arrow. They have various storylines in the game about them, and they're going to get more.

    If you were arguing about adding Superman and Lex, I'd agree cuz they're mentors.

    You know what? I'd be fine with Green Arrow and Flash being Marketplace Legends. But there's no DLC that relates to them coming up (that I know of) or anything so I really doubt they'd be DLC Legends.

    And I really think not releasing any Magic characters because they're "not popular enough" would be a disservice to the playerbase.
  20. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    i clearly say "IF" which means its an Opinion, if u think im stating what will happen then i would be more concerned that u actually think i can predict a hypothetical future

    He is stating a FACT. That JLD is better then Green Arrow and Showing Proof, through a statatisc which shows a higher price and Sale volume

    The fact is that JLD sales are influenced by more Event Stories and OTHER Justice League stories then Green Arrow. Thus is an inaccurate statement that it is popularity cause of that