[US PC] LTT for Captain Cold's Mask

Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by Zazuban, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Zazuban New Player

    Since I'm only premium I can only offer items so I'm making sure to overcompensate the trader for possible Barter placement costs. Here's my list of items I'm offering. Yes they are ALL for the single item. First come first serve.

    Cell Block 1 x2
    Medium Magic Rune
    Astronomy Club Banner
    Brushed Foo Dog Landscape
    Vintage Fridge
    Steel Floor Grate
    King Sized Bed
    Dynasty Room Divider
    Jade Hookah
    Snake Shoulders( All Roles)
    Sinestro Hands
    Abra Kadabra Chest
    Isis Gloves
    16 x5 Red Exobyte

    I'm on Villain side under the name of Doctor Draggy.
    Please /t me whenever I'm only for a quick tradeoff. Thank you :D
  2. Zazuban New Player

    Bump - Still looking for the mask, Offering even more items than listed here. Contact me in-game for more information.
  3. Physique Committed Player

    I'll have to look you up. I think I have what you need. :)
  4. Zazuban New Player

    Actually I've traded in a slight few of the items for exobits.
    - jade Hookah
    -Steel floor grating
    Feel free to find me in-game. Send me a group invite if I don't see your /t .
    I'll be adding exobits to your list to make up for the lack of those two items.
  5. Zazuban New Player


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