LPVE: Still waiting on an official answer

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MrSuperman, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    I have refused to run this content because of the over the top grind. Can we finally get an answer on if and maybe when these grind feats will be nerfed?

    If your not gonna nerf the grind feats, at least make us OP. So we can finish these and not suffer from the grind.

    Please provide some insight.

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  2. TestReporter Loyal Player

    Not yet buddy, I said 2 years by May 2018, there are still 4 months left before Mepps brings it up again. Please wait.

    It is actually so funny I came back here after almost 2 years and simple, game breaking problems didn't get solved yet LOL. People complaining they bought over 9000 TCs and got nothing and even this lpve thing (The OG thread is actually from 2016) that was supposed to be changed more than a year ago wasn't even mentioned after that.
    I liked the game so much in the past but I could not feel more glad I don't support it anymore.

    Edit: Where is my boy Fatal Star? He was supposed to be laughing out loud with me.
    Edit 2: I'm laughing so hard lol, can't believe they actually didn't change this damn thing after so long, please someone save me. And devs please fix this game dammit.
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  3. Wildcat Well-Known Player

    Its not broken its not needed to be "nerfed" .
    You don't need to get all the feats in one day or month.
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  4. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    Try Years Pal... Years.... no game should have feats that require YEARS to complete. Not many people think it would be necessary to run a LPVE instance 30 times a day for YEARS.. because it takes over 5200 runs to complete them.
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  5. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    I am just waiting on an official response. But thanks for your input
  6. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    I'm still waiting for Gorilla Grodd in Legends.

    OO OO OO
    Monkey Trouble!
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  7. Wildcat Well-Known Player


    thats the reason he got canceled. :D

    Professor Zoom aka Reverse Flash should be added after Flash ;)
  8. Wildcat Well-Known Player

    Devs wants You to stay with us for years ;)
  9. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    A helpful tip - don't hold your breath waiting.
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  10. High Troller Loyal Player

    LPvE is a choice. You either run it or you don't. I only have 22 completed LPvE feats. Top toon is at 393 SP. Sure, it's not 500+ SP, but it's extremely usable.

    I refuse to do LPvE, but I am not begging for handouts.
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  11. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    And how many got it that way? A significant number got those feats completed by speed hacking or running with speed hackers.

    All we’re asking for is to go ahead and create a legit way to make the grind reasonable since all of the cheating has been allowed.
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  12. Xibo Loyal Player

    I would say to forget that. 5250 runs are still there. Do you remember this thread?
  13. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    I’ve been here since launch lol... how many more years does dcuo need?
  14. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    You call it begging for handouts and that’s fine. I was one of the few who had EVERY feat in the game at one point. Then LPVE came along and put a stop to that. Then we had a CR skip which handed out a ton of feats which I spent time and grinder for.

    I was also around when the reduced the pvp grind feats after I had completed them. Sooo... to say it takes a lot of work to reduce feats doesn’t sit well with me. And I can probably bet my life that it doesn’t not take years to adjust the LVE feats. I just want an answer from a dev. Not the same lame answer the community gives when this issue is brought up.
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  15. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    I agree with you. I don’t mind putting the time in if it’s not a real life changing feat to accomplish. Thanks
  16. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

  17. HurricaneErrl Committed Player

    Not saying I would agree or disagree, but they could do what they did with R&D feats and give out the LPVE family checklist feats up to a certain point, but not all. These would be a decent candidate for the extra SP people want given to CR skips. And there are probably less people who already have these feats than other ones they already give in those skips. Those Toyman missions, among others, were annoying as heck and I ran those everyday only to see them handed out for free. There were a lot of people who spent an insane amount of time grinding those R&D feats that they just gave away for free to a certain point when they brought out augments. Probably a better comparison would be the PvP feats that were nerfed
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  18. HurricaneErrl Committed Player

    Even simple fixes like allowing our nth metal detectors to work in LPVE would make it more enticing to some to get in there a few times a day.
  19. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    I’m hoping to get an answer sometime Tuesday. Maybe the devs were off today for MLK Day. Thanks for the extra bonus marks today Devs. Appreciate it
  20. nawanda Dedicated Player

    Anyone who doesn’t think 5,250 runs is grossly excessive is completely bonkers.

    The linked thread which would reduce it to 2,000 is absolutely spot on. Still a huge grind that takes at least a year.
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