LPVE Master Thread: Guides for Every Map & Character and a Compendium of all LPVE Information

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  1. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Damn, I wish I had seen this a week ago. And I looked at this thread probably 20-30 times over the past week but always stuck to the meat and potatoes in the first two pages, lol.
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  2. AV Loyal Player

    Sorry, I'll own that. I should have put it in big letters on the top of the first post.My bad, Once the spam train started rolling I just kinda opened the forum from time to time with the Steam browser during loading screens :3
  3. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Naw man, you’re good. This thread is truly amazing, top to bottom. As many times as I’ve advised people to at least skim entire guide threads because there’s always good info throughout, I should have followed my own advice.
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  4. AV Loyal Player

    - Removed the tag stating alternate skins don't count for feat progress (they all work now).
    - Updated Guy Gardner, Harley Quinn, and Steel as well as the Two Handed section to reflect the changes made to Two Handed.
  5. AV Loyal Player

    Still haven't set aside time to update this further (predominately due to the critical aspects being done). When I do though, will it be more convenient for users if I move it to Steam like the Might guide and simply keep a link here + update posts? This Guide (almost) fits on the forum without issue but I've had to limit some links due to the character limit. The Steam presentation would be sharper and it would be easier to browse (everything on one page + table of contents always on the right side, though, so I'm on the fence.
  6. AV Loyal Player

    Bump for LPVE week. Also a reminder, since I already see people saying they're gonna spam TP, Trigon's Prison is a pretty bad spam map. Done right, Hall of Doom is the best map by faaaaar, followed by League of Assassin's Stronghold, with the only caveat being you don't wanna be pugging it with queue randoms.
  7. Gumpinator New Player

    I tried out my first attempts ever with Legends PVE last night and had fun. I was running Sciencells over and over and noticed that Batman is locked for me. I thought this event made them all unlocked? One of the feats is to play as him.

    I unlocked the Classic Batman at the kiosk on the watchtower and obviously this isn't the same. Any ideas how to unlock him?
  8. AV Loyal Player

    All of the Batman skins are the same in terms of function and they all grant credit for Batman + Male + Hero + Knight. The one that's locked was a limited edition. There's a limited edition Supergirl costume that also stays locked.

    All alternate skins count for all feats now. The only "alternate" skin that's functionally different than it's main skin is Arkham Asylum Joker, who has a slightly different loadout.
  9. AV Loyal Player

    Bumping for LPVE week for those working on it.
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  10. Vella Active Player

    TP's Map is shorter than HoD, so assuming add skip,
    and Barrels, TP is faster.
  11. AV Loyal Player

    Lol... Just...No... Not even a little. Also... There are no barrels in TP. HoD can be consistently done in 6min, as covered in detail. The same group in TP likely wouldn't break 9min consistently (and would likely be well over after final cs). Not to mention the TP bosses all spam block & CC and are extremely annoying on certain characters. Even doing a run that fast in TP is luck dependent and inconsistent (requires pinning Sin and hoping WW/Circe don't get stuck... Which they do), and there's so much cutscene time that there's a pretty firm limit on how long TP takes. Also, 6min HoD only requires 1 person to be doing perfect DPS with their character whereas TP with 4 perfect DPS is still a slog. Even a mediocre group doing HoD properly will always have a much faster time than they would in TP.

    TP is one of the worst LPVE maps to spam. The only reason to do TP over HoD, LoA, A51, or even Oa (which has the same benefit as TP with the added benefit of not requiring constant attention) is that a good player can forcibly drag pugs through it via cs tele to maintain group buff and solo it almost as fast as a perfect group can do it (which, again, isn't very fast either way). Otherwise, it's a hot garbage map. The reason I don't have a guide for TP up is because people should straight up not be spamming it during 10x if they value their time and spamming TP over HOD would cost a player 50-100% more man-hours overall. A player would have to be doing the other maps mentioned completely wrong for TP to have a chance.
  12. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    That’s actually the only reason I do TP lol. Cause I can just go to coma state which I usually do when doing lpve and still be ok on time lol.

    But yea other than just doing a braindead time it’s not a good map.
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