LPVE Master Thread: Guides for Every Map & Character and a Compendium of all LPVE Information

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  1. AV Loyal Player

    - Added Lex Luthor. If you're generally not into LPVE but want to give it a chance, Lex is a good character to get good with not because he's the best but because he's fun and fast-to-play, more similar to non-Legends PVE than other characters. He can also be chill but I only listed his best-performing rotations. I need to update him with which abilities Taunt though (can't remember off the top of my head). If you know which of his powers are Taunts, please advise (I'd rather not run with him right now as I don't need a male villain for feat progress).
    - Added Nightwing.

    Test is down now for maint. Will likely continue on my main as I'm hoping to get at least the character rotations done this weekend.
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  2. AV Loyal Player

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  3. AV Loyal Player

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  4. AV Loyal Player

    - Added all Weapons as well as links for each character to their appropriate weapon breakdown(s).
    - Added additional Cartwheel Kick optional variants or notes to Amon Sur, Batman, The Huntress
    - Added additional Smoke Bomb AoE variants to Batman, The Huntress, Saint Walker, Sinestro
    - Added additional notes regarding optional use of Fist Slam in some situations to Circe, Doctor Fate, Lex Luthor (didn't add to Faust cuz of his nature)
    - Added Arrow Storm spam as an "out of power" AoE option for Green Arrow
    - Added an AoE rotation for Nightwing
    - Added a Power Regen ST rotation for Robin

    Most map guides will be in long form video due to the number of relevant details that need to be discussed but will do a write-up to match for people who prefer to read than to watch/listen.
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  5. AV Loyal Player

    - Added guide vid and demo vid for Hall of Doom Armoury. Prioritized it over other maps due to it's speed potential and overall complexity. Will add additional write-up & quick-reference when I get a chance.

    Note: This is the fastest map by a wide margin so it's worth getting good at this. It's also a lot of fun with a competent group due to the tempo and complexity.

    Speedrun Guide

    Speedrun Demo
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  6. AV Loyal Player

    Added additional notes and Trigon's Prison rotations for Black Adam and Shazam.
    - Added warning not to use the General Purpose rotations in Trigon's Prison (the Haymaker variant is higher DPS in most instances but it's too long and vulnerable a combo in there due to the volume of interrupts, CC, and boss PVP).
    - Added additional notes on Mercury's/Heru's Escape that it's clippable and that the backwards motion can be jump canceled
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  7. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    Bump. This guide is Amazeballs.
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  8. Dub T Well-Known Player

    This is awesome! Ultra-Mega-Gigantic-Insanely-Huge props to you AV for taking your time to do this!
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  9. Zoe· Favored of Olympus

    Great Guide! Thank you for that.
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  10. AV Loyal Player

    I'll try to add notes for the other maps tomorrow with the event approaching. Ideally though, for those grinding category feats you're gonna wanna be doing em on HoD via the methods discussed in detail in the HoD videos. If you're doing it right, even a bad/derp run on HoD is faster than any other map and once you get good at it you can consistently do 6:30 runs. It's also mostly barrel damage on bosses so it's pretty chill despite being fast/involved.

    If anyone has any LPVE questions, feel free to post them now so I can hammer them out before reset.
  11. Kewleo New Player

    First of all, major props for a great guide! Chock full of information, and a great video detailing the HoD!

    Question for you: I was mapping out how many LPVE runs I was going to do to maximize my feats. I noticed that my counts for total LPVE runs (found under Legends Master) doesn't equal to either the Male+Female counts nor the Hero+Villain counts. My total runs are 205, and both the male/female and hero/villain are at 185.

    Actually now that I type it out, I think I read one of your lines somewhere that said some variants might not count towards the feat count. Is there a list of legends that definitively do not count (maybe like a future Harley or classic Batman)?

    Thanks again for a great guide!
  12. Draconiano Committed Player

    For a not very skilled group, what would you recommend? LoA, Trigon or OA?
    HoD sounds good but I doubt most people would be able to know what to do, for example my league is spanish speaking (they wouldn't understand your video guide), I can explain it to them but it will take time to learn and it isn't worth it.
  13. AV Loyal Player

    It's generally just the Bombshell skins that have buggy category counts afaict. Just stick with the OG skins and you'll be fine.
  14. AV Loyal Player

    A mediocre HoD run can still be better then a good run on any other map as long as everyone skips and uses barrels. The demo vid may be better than the guide vid if there's a language barrier (I'll PM you the script if that helps, since could prolly Google translate most of it).

    Other than that:

    - LoA is technically the second best map at ~7.5-9min but with the caveats that it's 100% DPS skill based damage (ie. no barrels) and that if people aren't good at skipping the long hallways it will take longer. Best done with either Flash, acro characters, or characters with shield + flight.
    - The only real draw of TP is that a single competent player can drag a pug group through it in not much more time than a complete pro group can do it (the cutscene teleports happen from extremely far away so you can force everyone into the boss rooms whether they like it or not). Done right, Area 51 is marginally better than TP, with both clocking in at ~9-10min. Area 51 is less of a pain since it's 50% barrel damage whereas TP is 100% rotation damage and the bosses block and cc constantly so it's pretty rage-inducing, especially on a character like Deathstroke. TP is "fine" but honestly an extremely annoying map to spam with a competent group. Smallville, done right, is comparable to TP time-wise and waaaaaay more chill. Any character is fine for A51/Smallville but for TP I strongly recommend Harley/Guy/Steel.
    - OA is a decent "turn your brain off while you're doing this" map. ~10-12min (the big difference here is because Lyssa Drak adds a ton of time to the run if you get her) but it's 100% rotation damage so speed depends on skill of group.
    - Ace Chem can be practically solo'd in ~13-14min, provided group members at least help pop baby Chemoids at the end
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  15. AV Loyal Player

    I've added notes and a quick rundown to most maps. Only truly spammable one I haven't touched yet is TP but a group that can reliable make TP more worthwhile than Oa ought to be in HoD, LoA, or A51 anyways, so I'll get to it eventually. Some demo vids are currently processing which I'll add once they're ready.

    Everyone remember that we can use Nth Metal Detectors in LPVE now. HMU here or ig if you want to join me for spam this week and will team up whenever able. Feel free to use this thread for finding other players to spam with as well.
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  16. AV Loyal Player

    - Harley's Glove Punch can be used to launch all of the red crystals deep into the boss room at once. It is both effective and hilarious. Super appropriate for the character. Same applies for other powers that can apply physics, like Lasso, ground pounds, etc.
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  17. AV Loyal Player

    - So HoD in less than 6min is definitely possible. We were getting consistently <6:30 yesterday, including a 6:15 w/o the normal amount of barrels and a slower first half. Definitely a bit of luck involved to break 6min though. However that's with random characters for feat progress so might be easier with a handpicked squad.

    - YouTube takes forever to do post on uploads so likely won't have vids for other maps up til after event after I render and re-upload.
  18. AV Loyal Player

    - Updated Deathstroke's Backflip Burst description to properly indicate that the combo grenade can hit targets beyond normal max range.
    - Updated Deathstroke's Sniper Shot description to indicate that it is counterable instead of vulnerable to interrupt.
  19. Jay Leon Hart New Player

    Thanks so much for this guide, it was exceptionally helpful this past week.

    As a little question, would you recommend using Wonder Girl or Donna Troy for the Legends of Truth feats? They both feel good to play and I can't choose which one to spend my Marks of Legend on.
  20. AV Loyal Player

    They're both good but Wonder Girl hits like a gd truck so if you can only pick one I'd pick her. Extremely high DPS for ST and AoE situations + shield. Circe is also very strong and versatile. Really all the Truth characters are pretty good though so can rly go by personal preference if you want.