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    Hall of Doom Armoury

    Runtime: 6-7min

    Recommended group size (ie. non-pug): 3-4

    Note: If you attempt this with 2+ pugs, expect some frustration. For best results, we recommend a full group and pre-determined roles (ie. pusher, crystal/barrel carrier, etc).

    Characters: With the bulk of boss DPS coming from Ruby Crystal/Explosive Barrel damage, any character is viable but we recommend picking characters with a good AoE potential and strong ST performance. A single Felix Faust in the group is excellent for clearing the key-mobs quickly but we don't recommend more than one, as your boss DPS will suffer. Characters with shields and Acrobatic characters are useful for skipping through the map without interruption, as is Flash thanks to Hastened Burst. Note: Brawling ranged taps cannot be used to launch Ruby Crystals.

    Speedrun Guide

    Speedrun Demo

    Quick Reference
    (See above Speedrun Guide/Demo videos more detail and to observe the actual tempo)

    Phase 1: The Arcanum
    1. Skip all the way to Demon Lord as quickly as possible, ignoring all enemies.
    2. First person in the room throws 3x Ruby Crystals from the left at Demon Lord and starts ST rotation to finish him off, second person starts ST rotation on Demon Lord right away, last two people in move all remaining crystals to Arcanum door.
    Important: Prevent Stone Soldiers from stealing and smashing Crystals.
    3. Once Demon Lord is defeated, grab any remaining crystals and carry them to the back of the boss room that opens.
    4. (Optional) Prevent additional enemies from entering the boss room by stopping them in the hallway then using the teleporter once the door closes.
    5. Pop breakout as soon as you can target Bronze Idol and don't use any Crystals/Barrel on him.
    6. After Bronze Idol goes down, one player stand by Iron Statue ready to engage him directly while the other three players dump all of the Crystals and the Barrel on him. Finish him off quickly.

    Phase 2: The Garage
    1. Dodge the turret fire and skip all the way to the door.
    2. Key is random; Use AoE spam to clear Neuromites and Neurocrawlers as quickly as possible until door opens.
    3. Once door opens, skip everything until you reach the doll room. First player in runs to the back of the room and destroys the Cyclone Barrel to the left of where Terrifying Travis will ultimately spawn.
    4. (Optional) Throw the remaining Cyclone Barrels in the room at the Animated Power Suits and Servitor from the previous room.
    5. Defeat the center dolls, then everyone gather at the west-side dolls to force the east-side dolls to funnel over to you and away from any remaining Cyclone Barrels.
    6. Defeat all dolls then focus Terrifying Travis with ST rotations, ignoring everything else.
    Note: If everything else is caught up and focusing a single player, throw some crowd control; targeted player may need to spam some CC and block it out a bit.
    7. Once Travis is down, run into the Garage to trigger boss CS.
    8. Use the Red Barrels around the room to quickly defeat Havok Servitor. Save one of the Red Barrels to the left of the exit for later.
    Important: Do not use or destroy the white Cyclone Barrels or black Encased Wormhole barrels. Use a ranged tap after throwing the first barrel to ensure Havok Servitor actually aggros to prevent regeneration. Don't throw your barrel until you're as close as possible to the next barrel first. Barrels have infinite range, so as long as you're locked onto your target the barrel will hit (assuming it doesn't dodge suddenly).

    Phase 3: Weapons Storage
    1. Once Havok Servitor is down, one player grabs the Red Barrel to the right of the exit and deposits it in a safe place in the next room.
    2. Quickly defeat the three Neurocrawlers to unlock the door (you only have to get them low enough to stop taking damage, you don't have to defeat the Neuromites they spawn).
    3. Two players pick up the previous Red Barrel and the Red Barrel to the left of the entrance to the Neurocrawler room while the others blitz the next room.
    4. First player in immediately starts zerging the adherent with ST rotations. Second player in immediately moves the nearby Red Barrel to safety (will be destroyed by AoE after a few seconds).
    5. Once Adherent is defeated, the door will open. Three players grab the Red Barrels you've been protecting while the fourth skips to the very back of the next room and quickly zergs the Adherent there to unlock the boss. Carriers may need to deposit their barrels in the semi-circular nooks at the back of the room to keep them safe and help.
    6. Once Adherent is down, quickly collect all surviving barrels and move into the boss room. Anyone without a barrel should use an AoE CC power before moving into the boss room themselves.

    Phase 4: System Breaker
    Important: Do not get any closer to the boss than the back side of the missile until the team is (reasonably) ready to zerg it with barrels. As soon as the boss aggros, its summon timer starts and if you don't push the phases fast enough, he'll summon healing drones and make the fight much longer.
    1. There are five barrels in the room (two at back left, one each at front left/right and back right), plus the ones you bring in. Everyone should grab the back barrels (or already have a barrel carried in from outside) then quickly dump them on the boss. Then, quickly grab and throw the two barrels at the front and any remaining barrels before zerging System Breaker with ST rotations. If done correctly, you'll have the boss on its final form in seconds, preventing the summoning of healing drones.
    2. Zerg the boss with ST rotations. If phases were properly pushed, he'll (at best) summon his first group of Killabit healing bones too late and he'll go down without you having to deal with them at all. If anything went wrong and you failed to push the phases in time, you'll have to deal with the Killabits as they spawn,
    Note: You don't need any extra barrels to push the phases like this, the five in the room are sufficient. The most important thing is that the group be quick about it, as the window to push the phases is very short on the first phase and only slightly longer on the second phase.
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    League of Assassins Stronghold

    Runtime: ~8-9min

    Speedrun Difficulty: Easy to moderate

    Recommended Speedrun Group Size (ie. non-pug): 3-4

    Characters: High DPS characters, acro characters, flight+shield characters, anything that can get through the hallways quickly and has moderate to high rotational output.

    Phase 1: Trap Room
    Note: This phase is soloable.
    1. Quickly KO Bolt Claw and Lying claw.
    Important: You must KO only Bolt Claw and Lying Claw here if you're spamming/speedrunning. Fighting them as sub-bosses adds minutes to the run.
    2. Everyone stand in front of a cog and don't move from it, even if solo. Just keep spamming activate and eventually you'll get enough to stop the trap

    Phase 2-4: Burning Claw & Serpent Claw
    1. Skip everything in the hallway and start the cutscene but only engage Burning Claw when it's clear at least 3 group members will make it in for the healing aura (this is technically soloable but extremely slow, risky, and pointless).
    2. Quickly zerg the boss down
    3. Rinse and repeat for the miniboss by the water that turns you into a zombie (don't get turned into a zombie unless your character really sucks).
    4. Rinse and repeat for Serpent Claw.

    Phase 5: Ra's al Ghul
    1. Skip everything in the hallway and start the final CS. MEGA IMPORTANT: Do not leave max movement mode engaged when starting this cutscene if you are flight, as it will carry you to the back of the room and begin the fight immediately.
    2. The fastest player is going to have a huge train when the cutscene ends. Flyers can sometimes make it into the stone "rafters" and rest on a ledge before they're cs locked, protecting them from the adds. If the entire team was able to make it there pretty much together, you can start on Lying/Bolt Claw right away. If the team is behind and the player up front doesn't have healing aura, they need to spam CC and block it out to survive until they get healing aura back or they will be killed by the swarm. Basically, just be mindful of your damage in : healing situation during this critical phase. Once it's safe, start on Lying/Bolt Claw
    3. Keep Lying/Bolt Claw together while everyone faces them in such a way they both get hit by everyone's attacks
    4. Zerg Ra's down x2 ftw
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    Nexus of Reality


    Speedrun Difficulty: Not worth spamming

    Recommended Speedrun Group Size (ie. non-pug): 4

    Characters: Any

    Since it's not practical to split and do the initial sub-bosses simultaneously, and since it demands almost a full clear of the map, this isn't worth spamming.
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    Oan Sciencells

    Runtime: 9.5-12min (Upper extreme is due to Lyssa Drak adding ~2min to the runtime when we get her)

    Speedrun Difficulty: Easy and extremely chill

    Recommended Speedrun Group Size (ie. non-pug): 3-4

    Characters: Any character with moderate to high rotational DPS. High mobility characters (Flash, those with Swoop Attack or comparable) help speed things up a bit. Steel, due to his mines, is very good on this map.

    - Important: If you can get an all Villain group for this, the Villain version is ~20% faster (no Lyssa Drak).
    - Focus on the tankier trash targets to speed up the add phases, as the squishies will melt to your splash. Enraged Red Lantern, the large Manhunters (count as boss damage), Manhunter Clashers, Terror Surgeons, and Fear Constructors are the beefier adds to focus.
    - At least one player can negate almost all of Vice's pool damage by standing on his head and jumping twice during every power clip (puts you out of range of the pool but leaves you in range to keep hitting Vice). The same trick works on Krona (but is only of valuable vs him on characters who gain an attack speed boost when standing on their target).
    - Use your expensive, power dumpy rotations during the trash clear phases, as you will regen most of it before the next wave hits.
    - You can land 1-2 powers (clipped onto a well timed combo) on Vice/Evil Star before their cutscenes start. Similarly, after Krona's initial cutscene he becomes targetable for a split second during which you can land a power (or a ton of Mines) on him.
    - If Flash or if you have Swoop Attack (or comparable), teleport/swoop around the room as much as needed during the trash phases to end them quickly.
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    Paradox Wave

    Runtime: ~13-15min

    Speedrun Difficulty: Moderate to Extreme (Epic Odyssey or not), not worth spamming

    Recommended Speedrun Group Size (ie. non-pug): 4

    Characters: Those with the highest DPS output are ideal

    - A solid group can start the Tyrant immediately, but it's generally worth eliminating Paradox Sentry and Paradox Ravager first (second left and second right tunnels), as they're the only real threats.
    - Keep an eye out for players being imprisoned, as loss of the healing aura is dangerous
    - When Tyrant starts rolling around, move to the center and used ranged attacks and powers until he stops
    - Focus tyrant until he becomes untargetable in the middle, then work on the sub-bosses. Keep an eye out for healing energy and quickly eliminate it but don't worry too much about the pillars, as even if you destroy them you'll still get an additional phase of Tyrant invulnerability during which you'll have nothing to do but finish the subs off anyways.
    - Keep a close eye on your positioning and your health
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    South Gotham Courthouse
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    Trigon's Prison
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    Watchtower Containment Facility
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    Core Feat Requirements and Optimal Strategy
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    Tips, Tricks, and Fundamentals
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    Movement Capabilities

    Spawnable Objects: Some characters can spawn throwable objects (eg. Bane, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman). Doing so immediately places you in movement mode, allowing you to reach top speed as soon as you want to after combat. These powers are best used not offensively, but to maximize mobility.

    Acro dashing is efectively the same as Superspeed dashing. While in combat but not attacking, you can cycle the fast-movement button while holding forward and you'll get short bursts of speed, increasing your in-combat mobility. The bursts are much more subtle than they are with Superspeed Dashing but you can proc them more often with Acro, so you'll want to spam your Fast Movement input to get the most out of this until your Zipline becomes active again.

    Zipline Proficiency:

    Extended Swoop Attack:
    If you use Swoop Attack with flight activated, your character doesn't actually advance you just do swoop in place. However, if you disable Flight (note: you should always have Flight disabled for combat) you can travel a large distance quickly by jumping immediately after you activate Swoop Attack:

    You can further extend this distance by using the environment or enemies to your advantage and getting a physics bounce. Also, any enemies with which you come into contact while in the "Swoop" portion of your travel will still take full damage from the attack, so this is also a good way to initiate combat with targets beyond max range.

    While in combat but not attacking, you can cycle the fast-movement button while holding forward and you'll get short bursts of speed, greatly increasing your in-combat mobility. The Superspeed variant of this perk can be taken advantage of by Cheetah and Flash. Though Flash also has his own unique teleport ability, Dashing can still be useful on him when trying to go in a specific direction without teleporting directly to nearby targets.
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    - Added Bane, including additional stat note regarding a specific cd reduction after Venom Up
    - Added Object Spawn to Movement Capabilities
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    - Added Green Arrow. He's arguably the hardest LPVE character to learn and, along with Deathstroke, one of the most fun and complex so worth checking out if you ever need to use him.
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