Lower raids but at t10

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Oceanly, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. Oceanly Well-Known Player

    How yall think of lower tier raids but were able to change it to T10
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  2. Jaelia Well-Known Player

    That’d be pretty cool maybe as a tester, you would love to be able to run love and war or black dawn again those raids were fun but with our CR cap where the adds are equally matched. +1
  3. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

  4. Liightmare dc Level 30

    That would be great if they added a new mark system to get older tc styles and auras and materials to go along with the t10 raids. There’s so many players that haven’t played some of the old raids that I could be fresh enough. As long as it doesn’t take away from new dlc
  5. Vella Level 30

    Paradox Wave: At Tier!
  6. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Here's a wild idea. As there are so many people who want this, grab 7 of them (there should be plenty to choose from as this subject comes up often), make a group and strip off gear to lower you to the correct CR. Then drop out your head and leg augs and an arti or 2. Then run the raid at a comparable level to where you would have been when it was current. If it's still too easy (probably due to high SP), take off another piece of gear (only the weapon is truly needed) to further lower your stats. Worst case, you could spend 500 cash and respec but leave out 100-300 SP or so (depending on your SP and how old the content is). Once finished, pop your armory and resume current content. No coding changes needed for a good time!

    The power is already in your hands if all that's wanted is a 'challenge' run in the old raids. As Lightmare points out, this method will also not take away from the new DLC or any other improvements/fixes going on. For those who 'need' the loot as in incentive, it's not actually the challenge they are looking for...it's additional rewards, so they will NOT be onboard with running your run.
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  7. Lovora Liaht Level 30

    That would be SWEET!!
    Most of the lower tier raids (mechanics wise) are extremely more difficult than newer raids.
    Heck, they could probably add in NEW rewards for the buffed old content. Gives a little incentive to actually run it.
    Might be a cool idea for Anniversary 2022.

    I'd love that.

    ...but I could also see some players not liking the idea because of the same reason...older raids mechanics would probably be much more difficult. LOL
  8. tukuan Devoted Player

    I've mentioned this a few times that they should give us the option to run older content capped at the upper level of content relevance CR. If you select that option then you get normal source drops. If they are worried about people farming source too quickly they could make it just a given tier or episode for a week at a time.

    That would effectively give what the OP is asking for but still allow for at level players to get the advantage of queues actually dropping.
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  9. Oceanly Well-Known Player

    imagine how fun it would be
  10. Oceanly Well-Known Player

    for the cr skips lol
  11. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    By that logic the same could be said about adjustable queue size, if there is lots of support for it, why waste precious resources, the power is in your hands, find 7 other people who need feats (shouldn’t be hard since that idea seems really popular!) queue old raids and bam, no need for the devs to waste time implementing a pointless change when the power is with the players to do it themselves. Or perhaps those players are too lazy to form a group themselves so they feel entitled(eww even in jest that word makes me all icky) to get the devs to makes changes so they don’t have to put the effort in. If if you can’t build a group that just proves that people don’t actually want to put the effort in the get the old feats they just want to be lazy and have the devs make it super easy to get old feats.

    The power is in our hands people. Anytime anything comes up; just think of a way that players could do it themselves, then act like people are lazy/entitled or whatever the new buzzword ends up being and bam retort like it’s a sport.
  12. Proxystar #Perception

    I'm all for event type instances where the devs scale an instance up so that people can participate for a fun event.

    If you're talking about stat clamping people so all content is perpetually relevant then that's a hard hell no from me.
  13. Vella Level 30

    PUGS already struggled with Lpve Pwave.
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  14. Reinheld Devoted Player

    I already do this all the time...daily in fact...I from a group with fillers to get into what I need/want. As I said, look at LFG. At any time of the day you can see people already asking for people just to queue in to runs "then you can leave". Tell me I'm wrong there...if you don't see that, you aren't looking at LFG very much. People are already putting the effort in. AQS would basically be a quality of life improvement to fix something people are already doing.

    So, how many times are you seeing calls for people to strip down and do 'fun' challenging T2 content? I know I never see it, maybe you and your friends do it all the time....that's cool. Now, how many times do you see people asking for current raid runs where you see "pst with artis/sp" or "have 23 augs" or "must have exp" or similar? Truth is that MOST people don't really want a challenge. Current raids could be completed without 23 augs, 200 artis or 500+ sp...yes...even Elites...but these things make it easier for sure so people want those things. MOST people playing the game might say they want a challenge, but the proof is in the pudding...or LFG in this case... and they don't really want it. Even in queue-up runs, if you queue into something even moderately tough and wipe a time or 2, the people most likely to leave are the 329+ 'elite' players....not the 311 noob. Now...I'm not saying ALL players, but many or most even.

    What I think we can all agree on is that getting into content is a problem for everyone, newbies and pros. AQS would solve that 100%. Clamping/stat leveling or whatever is debatable how it would pan out. Additionally most of the people who want this clamping/leveling on old content are shoe-horning in new rewards or source marks...meaning they aren't really in it for the 'fun' runs....they want loot, not to just run the runs. I'm backing the better horse is all.

    BTW...you might have mis-interpreted my sarcasm on the first line. I doubt anyone would ever find 7 more people wanting to strip down for old content outside of a select group of friends. Because people don't really want a challenge in old content, regardless of what a few in here think.
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  15. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    I spent hours finishing the Dox LPVE teamups because people couldn't do the tunnels. Typing in chat sometimes helped, but was probably 50% failure rate. I vowed never to go in there again, and I still didn't finish my last few checklist legends on the recent event. Nexus was also painful because of the split, but is was easier to do that with 2 people then Dox.

    I would like the universal portal Scarlet Mysty mentioned above, which is also a long time request devs said has too many bugs. I would be fine if it was buggy if some of them worked. It could be use at your own risk.

    I didn't reach end game CR until Love and War, so it would be nice to go back and run lots of the older raids at end game CR. Like FOS raids, Batcave raids, Nexus and Dox.
  16. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    But Reinheld, the OP never mentioned anything about stripping off gear and neither did I. No need to turn this into a stat clamping thread. They are two different concepts. I was just poking fun because this is at least a reasonably valid idea, almost feels like your response is a copypasta for a stat clamping thread.

    In terms of just running old content, I see lots of stuff on lfg of people doing old runs, whether it be feat runs or just gearing up or what have you. People are putting in the effort to run old content and get groups together much like adjustable queue size, asking for this (or some variation) is just a QoL request, your loaded example was, well loaded, and not comparable.

    If you narrowly pinhole this idea with bad/loaded examples then of course it will be easy to make it seem silly, but the idea could be implemented in so many different ways (the event being one example) achieving many different goals. If you think that having a challenge is the only thing of value about the idea then you are just missing the bigger picture, much like my example purposely intended to do (surprise I don’t think adjustable queue size is a bad idea).
  17. Reinheld Devoted Player

    I suggested stripping off gear/augs/artis as an alternative to make the old content challenging...try it...it works...I've done it. I referenced 'clamping' because it's basically the same thing (although admittedly that's not verbatim what the OP asked for) as bringing the old raids 'up to T10'. However they in essence have the same result, which is to make the old content a challenge (aka 'fun')... BTW, I also do not have an issue with the fact it would be fun to run an old raid and NOT face roll the thing...I was just pointing out that as much as people seem to 'want' this...they don't really...hence the examples of what is asked for in LFG. We do have the control today to make the old content a struggle or 'fun' as it were...no one does it though...at least that I know of or ever being shouted in LFG.

    I am 100% for everyone being able to get into the old content and have a good time how they see fit, which is the fundamental difference between 'getting in' (which AQS or teleporters or walk-ins accomplish), and re-working the raids themselves to either make us weaker or make the raid stronger. Both serve the purpose of letting us run what we want to run. One of the ideas is to rework the queue/entry system. The other is to rework the raid content at a per-raid level...or rework us to 'balance' against old content then count on people doing that. Which do you think would require more work? First off, we've tried the latter and it was a complete failure...second it would take massive amounts of time from the same teams that likely build the new raids/content. I'd like to avoid another few DLCs of 2 instances and OW content to keep us busy for 6 months....all so a few people can go have a 1 time 3 hour struggle in FOS2? Again....if you take new rewards out of the mix, and assume the raids would just be run for 'fun' would you do them weekly? Assuming you did...would you queue in or build/search for a 'good' group? Honest question...I'd really like to know.

    Also, I'm not sure how you can say I'm narrowly pinholing the idea. Not sure what else this type of change would be made for...either A) a challenge or 'fun' of it...or B) new/additional rewards. Other than those 2 things, both of which I mentioned, and 'A' was the reason given by the OP who I responded to...what else is there? Please...if there are some other benefits to this idea...whatever you want to call it...enlighten a poor neophyte who is unaware of them.

    PS. I've said on other threads, if it were a 'Raid the Universe' type of temporary event to highlight a particular raid/content, I don't think that's a bad idea...clamp/leveled even. It would drive users to a particular piece(s) of older content, which benefits most people. Temporary and targeted unfortunately makes the work seem all that much more wasteful. When they did it with AF2/3, the content was just challenging enough (because of AF2's mechanics and GOM's boss fights) that it was still fun as originally set up. Going back any further, it would still be a smashfest without some sort of clamp/leveling...which is less 'fun' and basically translates to a 'give us more rewards' request. I still think once the brackets are done, we'll see this for the winner DLC...which is why Last Laugh was removed (among 'other' reasons).

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