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  1. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Yeah, but Metal 2 is paying Thanagarian marks, which will become source. I consider these as 'eventual' source marks. Technically you are getting them, they are just deferred for a bit. Once I'm done with whatever content is about to fall off (Metal 2 now), I try to get that DLC currency to 999 before slacking off running that content so I get a big source dump when they convert.

    Right now, most of my toons have 2000+, the highest at 5000+. I've never seen this as an issue.

    EDIT: Hadn't read Lorax's post....yeah, what he said.
  2. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    That's the thing, though. They don't put you up in CR and say, "You're good to go." That can be more of an assumption made by a player than anything else.

    The CR boost does exactly what it says: it boosts your CR. After that, it falls on the player to fill in the gaps that take place due to them using the CR boost. There's nothing said about having a fully fleshed out character as a result of using the boost.
  3. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Side note, Mepps has replied to another thread that they are looking hard at a way to limited queue or something into older content. Many of us have been asking for this for some time (#AdjustableQueueSize), so hopefully it's coming in the near future. While it won't incentivize lower content much, it will make getting in easier assuming you have a minimum number of people to complete the content if there are mechanics. Beats the heck out of shouting in LFG (i.e. "need 7 for NGN run....you can leave after queue") for an hour just to get in and run something you could beat in your sleep. This would make it easier to farm old content for the chooser source marks that are in the raids + possibly the ones in the alt rewards. Some runs are time prohibitive, but many can be knocked out pretty quick and can yield 3 or more source if that's your thing....plus 1, 2 or 3 man feat runs are way easier on old content than 2-3+ randos.
  4. TRIXTA00001 Active Player

    I really hope they build on that idea. That would be much much better.

    Hope it gets implemented soon.
  5. TRIXTA00001 Active Player

    I believe there should be grind for the feats/styles/collections/investigations/briefings etc and nothing should be free. But you can't grind anything if you can't get into it.
  6. Tros Level 30

    The hardest part is when u create a alt and cant find a instance to play and grow ur alt cr.
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  7. Kuno Loyal Player

    They need to go ala "raid the universe" iniciative, let older content reward current rewards, lastest episode marks and box included.
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  8. tukuan Loyal Player

    My preference is for some substantive rewards for older content to encourage people to run it but if that's not going to happen the "raid the universe" event was a decent alternative. I'm honestly puzzled as to why they haven't done it again. It's low development cost other than configuring the reward for the weekend and unless I'm remembering with rose colored glasses it got nothing but positive feedback.
  9. tukuan Loyal Player

    The worst is the content from ep15-26. With no open world content of any substance you have to rely on raids to bump up and those queues just don't drop. In most cases even the duos take a while to drop, so you get your one solo instance done and hope for the best. The episodic version of the current content helps but even with that I've tried getting a few alts over that gap and it's brutal.
  10. HurricaneErrl Committed Player

    Final Fantasy 14s daily roulette is a decent system imo. It definitely seems to get people playing older content, which also helps newer players as well. I just started a trial of that game and it has been pretty good so far. If it wasn't for the roulette, who knows how long it would have taken for me to get where I am now. I was also able to meet/make friends with a few higher level, and more knowledgeable players, through this system. Something like this would be great for DCUO
  11. Walvine Well-Known Player

    Old content Relevance reward thing never made much sense it's not like there is any intergration item broker exploit since loot is mostly all non trade maybe from odd collection or base items! , There is the daily and weekly lock restriction removing relevance cap would even encourage more purchase of replay badges , The time it takes to run through all that content is in not such way exploitable all the event stuff is leaking marks and relevance buff makes it just as quick as any othere older content to players as lo w as just over level 10 , It's actually hinderance to any enjoyment feeling towards the game of there being no cake at the end of running a favourite older mission, Heck if so warried about higher player getting wider advantage why not do system like skyforge raise npcs relevence to match groups cr scale per match just let there be some cake , I don't care to much about marks only time I bother spending them is when an unstable seal of success is present but I think players should not be penalised for a cr loot lock system that doesnt allow players to revert to a cr for previous content which they enjoyed more.
  12. ErickStrife Well-Known Player

    honestly I'd be happy with what someone else suggested on another thread.

    Something about gaining marks the same way you earn fragments.
    Run old content, you get maybe a couple fragments. 20 fragments = 1 mark?

    OR... even better imho... run old content and get 1 Quark.
    just ONE quark. That way it is something valuable, but because it is just one, it doesnt really throw the quark system off balance.
    You'd have to run at least 100 old missions to even be able to buy the cheapest thing quarks can buy.

    Either way, it is one hell of a grind. but, at least there would be some sort of motivation. Also, adjusting item drop rates a lil bit might be enticing... there's lots of stuff (base items and style options) that I still want to get but never got lucky. Im sure others would agree at least on that part about items.

    While we're at it, how about adjusting drop rates and adding newer stuff to the vault?
    I lost count how many times i have deleted "sharpshooter" or gorilla crap...
    I could probably have an army of sharpshooters and gorillas to take over Olympus by now...

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