Low ranked Lernaea's Amulet bugged or not?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Leonite, Mar 25, 2023.

  1. Leonite Well-Known Player

    I tried to rank the amulet to 80 and check out how much damage I will be getting when spamming 100 cost superpowers. My plan is to get 10% might buff with a manageable self-harm.

    At rank 80, the artifact description says it increases might by "2% per stack up to 5 stacks" and that "each additional stack increases damage taken". So the maximum might buff stacks is indeed 5 which I confirmed but the damage taken stacks all the way to 10. I think the later should also stay 5, too, right?

    At 10 stacks, I am taking 10% total health damage so that's a lot. But with 5 stacks, I was only taking 3% damage. I think the 10% might buff at rank 80 is worth taking 3% damage for if this is a bug... or did I read the artifact description wrong?

  2. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    It's not a bug. The description is not very clear, I suppose, but "up to 5 stacks" refers only to the might increase, while the damage increase is meant to go all the way to 10, even at rank 80. This artifact becomes viable for competitive DPSing at rank 160 and you're not really meant to keep the full might buff for very long, before resetting it with the finisher, especially that spamming 100 cost powers is not optimal for DPSing. At lower ranks it still can be useful for running solos/duos, or even alerts without a healer, for powersets that don't have good self-healing options, but even for that you'd want it at 120. The Amulet can be really good, but you need some practice managing your own health and there are less risky and equally good, or better options for DPSing in a full group scenario.
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  3. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    So on this you getting wrong is your not being hit for as little as you think. At end game a 100 power costs around 11,000 power to activate so you are killing yourself for 100,000 health for those 5 stacks just doing the lowest power cost but when you do you finisher your only healing back only 50%. Really the ones that can utilize this art best are the people that have alot of sp.

    I have 2 accounts one with 300 sp and my main account at 730 sp. Lower account has just under 290k health and a power pool of 197,000 and might 154,000 my main has 391,000 health a power pool of 279,283 and might at 191,273 so a 100 power cost on my main is 12,000 and the other account with 300 sp cost 11,500 both have same arts but my main has 100,00 more health or 1/3 more i can keep the stacks up longer then a player with no sp. Pluse if you noticed my might is higher already then the 300sp account can reach with even a 20% boost stack. The art can be its not one I will ever use cause it goes against my gaming Etiquette for a dps. But to eash his own
  4. Leonite Well-Known Player

    Just a note here to correct the above statement...

    I have tested this at rank 80 as I've mentioned. The first few stacks do not damage you at 100% of the power cost. The 100% power cost damage starts at 5 stacks, which is 3% of my total health during my tests (11k / 350k). 10 stacks does about 1000% (10x!) power cost damage so its too much, I agree. I, too, do not want to take that much damage.

    That's why I wanted the stacks to stay at 5 at rank 80 so I can trade 3% of health every second for 10% might buff. But if that's not a bug but an artifact description issue, then I am moving on to other options.