Love Conquers All 2023

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  1. Captain Shadowhawk New Player

    Next year you should add a Raid where we fight an "Empowered" version of the Deadly sin of Hatred. The character model and stage area are already in the game. Just reuse those, make him bigger, and change up his fight mechanics.
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  2. Eve YouTuber

    An Idea for any of the seasonals we never actually had before: Seasonal Bounty? Maybe for St. Patrick as It's the shortest event so we can get more marks and Valentine's could fit too. (Maybe impassioned Catwoman as a bounty or something) I'd love to see this. Just please It's a seasonal so no grinding a 50x kills lol

    Could be a "Find and Take down Impassioned Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Harley Quinn" and it marks everytime you do and gives you a title for defeating all three in different days. Title called The Impassioned. Perfect for Star Sapphire fans.
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  3. Turambar13 New Player

    When looking at the Valentine's Day event, have there been discussions about removing the "team" factor from the daily race? When you intentionally find a phase with no one waiting to go, ready up, have someone enter your race (that you looked to find one to avoid having anyone else), it just makes it very annoying when they hit the dark hearts.
    What is even the point of the dark hearts in a race against the clock? Why does knocking other racers off their course appeal to so many people? Pink hearts help you, make you faster, but all the dark ones is show you are being cruel and trying to wreck someone elses run. Or just knock out the dark hearts entirely? I get having dozens of single races at one time might mess up the servers or something, but still. The dark heart effect just makes the game mode very annoying.
    Also, there is a glitch that happens about 2/3 of the time going down from the building. Just a freeze that makes you loose control right before the set of pink hearts on the downward drop, right before the building starts spreading out towards the bottom. It happens a LOT and has happened for several years running now.
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  4. Gundraasi Well-Known Player

    I find it annoying too but there are many - as you point out yourself - to whom it appeals. That maybe the cause why it still exists. PvP doesn't appeal to me either but there are people who like that part of the game. So what I do: I wait about 4 seconds before I start racing. That is about the time all the others ahead of me take to knock each other off the race course. I usually can finish the race still in Platinum Time without being harrassed that way ;)
    Totally agreed: That glitch has been reported several times over the years but it couldn't or wouldn't be removed. It is doubtful they can fix it this year considering the team situation. There are many other seemingly permanent glitches all over DCUO as we all know and all we can do is point them out over and over again. Never give up!

  5. iEddyGaming Active Player

    What's the end date for Valentine event, anybody knows? :confused:

    [Edit]: Never mind, found it under Upcoming events thread. It's March 8th, 2023
  6. Gundraasi Well-Known Player

    As of by now this glitch seems to have been removed lately. :) I tried the race 10 times in a row and it worked fluently. A cautious "Thank You Devs" is in order ;)

  7. Emoney Dedicated Player

    I love the competition part of the race. I try to start on 1, to get the head start to hit the first set of red hearts and maniacally laugh at the people I throw off. We dont get anything extra for a fast time so it really doesnt matter. But if ya start with a group of people and want to be first, it's like mario cart for me.

    I had someone call me an A-hole after the race today, and I told them not to be a poor sport, it's all in good fun. If the time kept ya from getting that one heart, ok, you could be salty. But nothing stops ya from getting the 1 heart, so try to win but if ya dont, try harder next time...or race when no one else is with ya.
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  8. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    there's still a little jam on your way down the side of the building, but it's not enough to throw you off, now. at least, it hasn't thrown me off, anyway. I've been running it across 16 - 19 toons, & it's stuttered a little at the same spot with all of them, but never enough to be an issue.
  9. El Ferchos Active Player

    Clayface or Muk/Alolan Muk
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  10. Eve YouTuber

    Feels like the appropiate place to ask. Halloween Event is the only seasonal that get a bonus week for the teekl buckets. Any chance we can start having bonus weeks for seasonals to get more marks? It would be amazing!!! I think it will actually make a lot of people run the seasonals more.
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  11. MyHeadIsBurning New Player

    Nah, people are more likely to buy marks from marketplace the more tedious the grind is. In other words - open your wallet if you want these slick new styles, bases items and feats attached. ;)
  12. Eve YouTuber

    I don't feel that It's tedious because the items are useful to me as a decorator, but I think that giving us additional marks would be nice. So by that logic you would open your wallet to buy episode rewards too? Sheesh/ welcome to MMOs I guess

    In any case this is why I use alts and I finished my feats in 3-4 days and got all the new stuff without spending a dime and it wasn't tedious. lol
  13. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    When is the event over? I need to replace my heartbreak trinket since leveling up. My trinket is outdated. These trinkets don't scale and the max is 191. Unfortunately, the only swag I had time for was the wet paint material. I cannot run all of my alts through the grind due to circumstances outside of the DCUO. Enought time for 1 event a day (maybe) including a daily log in.
  14. SuperEpik Well-Known Player

    It ends on March 8th. Two weeks from now.
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  15. Eve YouTuber

    Abit off topic but I really like your sig art, did you draw it yourself?
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  16. SuperEpik Well-Known Player

    A very kind soul, who I will forever be grateful to, drew her for me. Its a drawing of my Skyrim oc, Vailyn. She was a girl who's parents were killed by vampires with her sister being turned into one of them. She decided to learn necromancy to bring them back before she gave up and decided to teach people necromancy so that it would be seen as a tool for good instead of evil. She is wearing Yennefer's armor from Witcher 3 because FASHION! ...And that I can't find any good looking mage armors that would suit her. She's also using the Staff of Magnus and behind her is an Elder Scroll. The Staff of Magnus was created by Magnus who was the architect of the world before he fled and ripped open a hole in Creation (which would later become the Sun), while the Elder Scroll is a very important item that only Vailyn can read safely, or without permanent damage like blindness or insanity, since she is in one of the prophecies it contains.
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  17. Eve YouTuber

    That is really great. Thank you for sharing!
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