Love Conquers All 2018!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. TheLorax Committed Player

    Yes. Once per character.
  2. 9001BPM Loyal Player

    Please do something about Mr. Freeze, this is not what a level ten seasonal should be like.
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  3. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    You guys really dropped the ball with the popcorn machine. I thought it would dispense popcorn that your toon would eat like the seasonal consumables that drop, but instead you throw it at people...I was like "yay! more food consumables!"

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  4. Earth742 Active Player

    That's not a bad idea. If the popcorn machine could be updated at some point to do both. Player gets to choose which kind of consumable they want each time they use it; food or toy.
  5. mrcheap New Player

    I am running this 10 times a day with a wide range of characters so have a lot of experience. I can tell you the following facts:
    1) Mr Freeze is MUCH harder than the Star Sapphires.
    2) A group of high levels can deal with Mr Freeze fairly easily.
    3) A well coordinated low level group can deal with Mr Freeze. I was worried when I saw the levels in a group on Saturday. 14, 13, 12 and 10. Amazingly we had a tank, troll, heals (me) and a DPS. The tank took him to the stairs and while we did lose one player early, we rezzed him and never had anyone lower than 50% and did the entire mission in 3-4 minutes.
    4) A group that wont talk, coordinate (stairs or devices) and doesn't have either a heals or a tank is a disaster. I have had a LOT of failed groups like this. I have played several MMOs and this one has the most diverse population. Half the players are friendly, funny and good at the game. The other half never talk except to abuse, beg or cry and are terrible at the game. If you get a group like that just take the deserter penalty.
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  6. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    Thought I'd share my placement of the new Aquaman & Mera statue.

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  7. Earth742 Active Player

    StealthBlue said:
    I gotta redecorate... I just got mine earlier today!
  8. Earth742 Active Player

    Taking a break from "Love's Battlegrounds".
    Too many pugs getting wiped.
    Sick of Freeze or one of his lackeys one-shotting me from full health to K.O.'d, and no-one heals/rallies me.
    I already took a detour from the event because I needed cash to repair my gear so I did basic missions.
    If one person is being an idiot the other three still have a chance even if it is sharply reduced.
    If two group members are being idiots, FAIL! Game over.
    Hopefully i'll get a better mix after 6pm.
    Yes, Freeze & adds are too OP. Giving them a 'home turf' & tech advantage I can understand but this is too extreme.
    It should NOT be so difficult that it makes it seem almost miraculous on the FEW occasions that things go smoothly for a change.
    I had to spend a lot of time adding to /ignore after these pitiful, NOT FUN, matches. So I don't get grouped with them ever again.
  9. JKwak Active Player

    i think thats not true, if the all member of the group know what to do there is no talking needet, not for freeze, not for expert Alerts and not even for expert raids. yes if someone dont know what to do or if you see someone doing it all wrong then its needet to talk.

    then you should step forward (not literally) and tell them what to do.

    friendly? only if you know the first time you play a expert raid exactly what to do, if you ask you get kicked and if you do something wrong you get kicked
    funny? until you say something like quick silver is faster than flash then they get just mad :)
    good at the game? well mostly

    :( pleas send me a free aura you ....

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