Up-Votes Needed Lost lifetime Member Rewards for DBC

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by Magician, Nov 6, 2021.

  1. Magician Dedicated Player

    I know my account has Lifetime since forever, and my Rewards for my 500 DB Cash was on 11/4. Now i try to get my claim, I get this error. that i need to add a membership I seem like a member in every other part of the game
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  2. Super Justice New Player

    I am seeing the same. My Daybreak account still lists me as a lifetime all access member, but I have no options to claim perks in the marketplace in game this month. It was fine last month.
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  3. Elusian Crowd Control

    Me and a few others in league who are lifetime can confirm this.
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  4. an81angel Well-Known Player

    Same here. I am a lifetime member since launch, and I got the batman statue box set at launch too. Didn't Mepps say the member benefits would not change/end for Lifetime Members a couple months back (when they first announced all the new changes)? I am really upset if they ditched Lifetime Members, as that was the entire point of buying it. Also, didn't DCUO offer another set of Lifetime Memberships for Black Friday last year or something? Seems really WRONG to offer it again after 10 years, and then ditch it a year later. I better keep getting my benefits as it was for the Lifetime of the game, not the lifetime of game developer company in charge. DInc needs to get on this ASAP
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  5. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    1) It's a bug. Calm down.
    2) It's happened before, they've always fixed it.
    3) Lifetime memberships aren't going anywhere.
    4) It's a bug. Calm down.
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  6. Pinky Well-Known Player

    I have the same issue here. I'm a lifetime member, and couldn't claim my 500 DBC this month.
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  7. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    Bumped a previous post about this bug Oct 22. Still an issue. Really hope something gets done sooner rather than later. Two weeks is a long time when claiming rewards are a monthly thing.
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  8. Kestral Committed Player

    Same mine was due on the 4th this month and it's still showing no membership so far.
  9. an81angel Well-Known Player

    I was calm when I made my post. I was stating facts, and was emphasizing certain key words to make a point on how disruptive things of this nature can be to the community. Doing so doesn't mean I am not calm. A person can be annoyed and frustrated and still remain calm. People can be in a life threatening situation and still remain calm. no reason think someone can't remain calm in non-life threatening situations. Even when you are being antagonistic by saying "it's a bug. calm down" twice in 4 sentences over something that may or may not affect you personally, I can still remain calm. rather than your obvious attempt to further fuel what you consider to be uncalm behavior, why not just NOT and see what happens. Rather than attempt to make someone more upset over a situation you believe them to already be too upset about - try saying something supportive and calming instead. Helping others reduce what you see as triggering and stressful remarks, makes the community a better place. You could have simply NOT added in the "calm down" at all. A much better response would have been.

    "Thanks for bringing this to the communities attention. I understand your frustration, but this is a bug that can be fixed. It's happened in the past and was fixed. Give the devs some extra time to fix the current unforeseen issues from the latest patch, and they will get on this as soon as possible. I'll add an upvote to help the thread out."

    This way, you tell the stressed out person you see there frustration. Then offer up a similar situation that was fixed in a helpful manor to reduce someone's anxiety over the current situation. Then you ask them to be patient without being rude. To go that extra mile, do something that shows your support about whatever issue then have even if it doesn't effect you personally.

    Just a reminder - if you see someone you think is over-reacting to a situation, doing or saying something to cause that person to continue or worsen is not helpful.

    Thank you for the reminder that this has happened in the past. I had forgotten about that.
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  10. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Really? Well, then I misread you. It sounded like you were getting angry and worked up over something that has happened and been fixed in the past, with your "I am really upset if they ditched Lifetime Members" and " I better keep getting my benefits" statements. Heck, sounded like you were really upset like you said. I figured maybe some soothing words would help.

    Guess I was wrong.

  11. an81angel Well-Known Player

    I never said I wasn't upset, I said I could remain calm while being frustrated at the situation. I do appreciate you admitting you were wrong. Though your sarcasm only continues to prove my point - you wish to antagonize people rather than "offer soothing words to help". Your original post was condescending, which is why your attempt to "soothe" had no effect. it's that second use of "it's a bug. calm down." that turned what could have been a somewhat helpful post into one that was not. If you truly did intend to offer comfort as you claim, than please take my words to heart. You can be a better communicator if you try to implement my suggestions in your future posts. I know it's difficult to interpret the emotions when all you have is text. Please remember, how you choose to read a text says more about your own emotional state of mind in that moment, and is not an accurate reflection on the true emotions of the person who authored the original text.

    If by some chance I did misunderstand both of your previous posts, however unlikely I believe that to be, and saw sarcasm and condescension where there was none, I apologize. Only you know your true intent.
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  12. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    I'm just going to leave this here, since you've hit the nail on the head with regards to your own reading of my words. Congrats. I'll stop replying now, since "your own emotional state" apparently sees sarcasm where none was intended and ascribes emotions to me that were "not an accurate reflection". I hope you read your own words and try in future not to insult people who try to help you.
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  13. an81angel Well-Known Player

    sigh *shrugs* I tried I really did. Yet you fail to grasp the concepts. I said that with purpose and intent for the exact reason that it applies to everyone - myself included. Trying to use my words against me as if I didn't already apply to myself to begin with shows immaturity on your part. I have been nothing but kind and understanding of you posts. I never once insulted you, though I did not shy away from your remarks instead I acknowledged them head on. I see sarcasm because you were being sarcastic, trying to deny that which is blatantly obvious is again childish retaliatory behavior.

    I am sorry we couldn't come to a better conclusion on the matter. I would much rather make friends, than not.
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  14. Destinywlf Active Player

    nope cant clain my daybreak cash either. mine always hits on the 6th
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  15. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    I was able to claim mine today.... day of the month still the same as before. Please try again if you were having trouble before.
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  16. Ultimus Primus Active Player

    Did anyone think to put in a support ticket to get answers?!?!
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  17. Magician Dedicated Player

    I got mine today, thanks Alyssa!
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  18. Kestral Committed Player

    I was able to get mine yesterday.