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    For you avid gamers who are starting to notices that recently released games are now doing a Lootbox system or Micro-transcations in every game, I applaud that you give this podcast a listen to. These guys are a channel I watch daily, and every week they do a podcast on gaming news and this week topic is about lootboxes and micro-transactions. I don't know about yall but I keep up with news in the gaming industry, and lately the topic on lootboxes and micro-trans are becoming more apparent every month. It seems like games nowadays are starting to approach this system in games and it really can make or break a game depending on your pov.

    This made me think about dcuo and how instead of just adding things directly to the marketplace, they have depended on Time Capsules now and they too have been following the trend of lootboxes(just with a different name). Though they aren't the only ones, this system does have a consequences.

    These guys bring in a lawyer who gives his views on the current trend that has started to plague games lately. This was a very informative and and educational podcast and definitely wanted to share with folks.

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    They do banter a little bit in the beginning of the video, so timestamps are in the description.