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Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by Arkenra, Jul 2, 2018.

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    After the 4,5 years search for the plasmic aura i’ve decided to also start playing on US servers to double my chances of someone still selling it for a reasonable price. If you’re selling one, please send me a private message! :)
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    I think your only hope is to get on DC and sit in hero and villain trade chat all day shouting for it. I finally got enough cash to get the OG Smoke and it took a week of shouting to get one. Even then, I only was able to buy it because I got super lucky. I think I saw someone trying to sell a Plasmic on hero side, but not sure of their name. I'm on US though.

    And I'm sure you already know, but at least here on US, if you don't have at least 2 Bill cash it's not happening. OG Smoke is less rare than the Plasmic and I found people hoarding them saying they were selling only for real money. Not sure if anyone would actually pay $1,000 for that aura but, hey.

    If you have any PC that is capable of running DC, use it to make a low level to shout in villain trade while you shout on hero trade on your PS, and you can watch both chats at the same time so you don't miss a seller. You can also make a thread on EpicNPC.

    I hope you get it!
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    Man, If I knew these OG Plasmics would have been worth this much i would have held on to them...I had like over 30 of them at one time and gave away 20 to my old league as Christmas Gifts... LOL
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    Thanks for your tips, appreciate it!

    I’ve been sitting on trade for weeks asking for the plasmic aura but only 3 reactions so far. The reactions were: €850, 5 billion (god knows where to spend it on) and €1000. I know that it’s the rarest item in the game. But i rather use the €850/€1000 for something that matters. 2 weeks in a all inclusive resort sounds better than a virtual style item ;)

    So i am prepared to pay a lot for it but just not a silly price like €1000.
    2.5 / 3 billion or €500 for a item that once cost €20 seems more than enough for me.

    I’ll just be bumping this thread untill someone with a plasmic replies (could take some months/years i suppose)
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    Gooooodddd why wasn’t i there xD
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