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  1. inspector ace New Player

    Right now have a,

    cr103 121sp quantum troll, (inspector ace)

    cr103 118sp celestial healer. (Mr Duarte)

    Now I want to make a cr103 tank (ace227) but Idk what power to choose. All I know is that I reuse to go ice so please don't suggest it.

    Please pick a power explain why and what kind of mods are best for that specific power

    Thank you
  2. Korlick Loyal Player

    Why? because its my favourite.
    Mods? All Health & Dom Expert.
  3. JessTier New Player

    Honestly Fire or Earth are the most fun, but Ice is the most forgiving.

    Kolick hit the nail on the head with the mods Health and Dom :D
  4. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    It's your choice really, Fire is the hardest to master due to its low defence, but this is backed up by self healing abilities and I love a challenge. Ice is probably the easiest in the fact that it has allot of shields but it is still fun. Earth is underestimated but is a very good tanking power, this tank power uses damage absorption percentages through aftershocks. Rage is cross between fire and earth using damage absorption and high amounts of health. Rage crash is the only downfall, if you don't time your rage crash ignore ability properly you will be in big trouble when taking on a Hard raid boss.
  5. Dogico Loyal Player

    Rage is the best no question; once avoiding Rage crash becomes second nature to you the only thing that could kill you is an empty power bar. Rage mode heals back all damage, it has one of every pull (aoe point black, range aoe, range single), a variety of options to either mitigate or cancel rage crash, very fair power costs and cooldowns. Best tank power by far.
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  6. General Powers New Player

    Fire is kaka. I've been Earth for 2 years now and consider it to be my overall favorite power. I enjoyed Rage when it first came out, but the influx of Rage players(both in PVE and PVP) made me hate it; Rage tanking is the most potent and entertaining tank there is at the moment. If you strictly want to tank, go Rage.
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  7. General Powers New Player

    Fire is not fun at all when it comes to tanking(PVE) nor is it fun when dpsing(PVP). The power as a whole is so underwhelming it makes me question the people who "revamped" it.
  8. J Zmooth New Player

    Rage has the most potential. Give it a shot.
  9. FelixDuo Committed Player

    I want to suggest Earth simply because it's getting an update soon(ish) and because there aren't nearly enough Earth players. Earth and Fire are currently a little behind Ice and Rage (especially Rage), but it's possible to make them work.
  10. lukelucky Devoted Player

    ok i can give u the revamp part. not fun tanking as fire? how so?u can juggle u can change ur loadout so many different ways. rage ice an earth not as much. yes rage has me stuck on it but love fire
  11. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    Fire! It's the bestest! :D I have so much fun with it. There is no power I like better.
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  12. Shad0wReap3r Committed Player

    I would have to go with rage. Fire is definitely a fun power set as well but you spend so much more time blocking than any other tank in T5 content. Rage you can go entire fights without every touching the block button a lot of the times, so its a lot more active/offensive if that's what you like. Earth I've used before, and its fun at times, but it was just not my style personally. Lastly, of course, Ice is too easy imo, and rage has so much more potential when performed correctly. Rage will die without a health buff as well as your rage mode and no crashes, so it almost forces you to be more active while tanking. If you turtle tank as rage, you you will not live as along as a rage tank with a good health buff. That said, its really just personal choice on how you prefer to play.
  13. proxyreiv New Player

    Talking for a PvE perspective i will say Rage or Earth, Ice and Fire are a bit boring in my opinion.
  14. General Powers New Player

    You know how people say Fire has its self heals that differentiate itself from other tanks, right? We'll, upon playing with the power set and trying various load outs, I found there is only one viable load out(regarding higher level content). When you compare Rage to Fire, you can obviously tell that Rage definitely is the better of the two. Rage can self heal and absorb damage and exponentially increase its health.
  15. Deathmike Loyal Player

    When it comes to tanking, rage is in a tier of it's own.
    It also allows for more variety in your loadout than the other powers.

    Deathmike out.
  16. lukelucky Devoted Player

    i am in totlal agreeance with you about this post. rage is like the real tuff version of fire. i cant say fire is weak or not fun though because its simply a great power. yes rage is about the same power with extra health buffing ability and rage crash is a crazy good feature. thing is however that does not mean fire should be tossed out as a useless power especially for a tank. i do know once the t6 raids are about to hit this tan will be switching back to fire and being ready for the new content. currently i have beat all raids of all tiers as every available tank power. I JUST HATE THE ICE POWERS, so going forward i will no longer be useing ice in my rotation. when i ultimately settle on a power i think it will end up being rage. the dps and the tank mode is crazy and its nice having two of my three roles as a part of the lantern core.
  17. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    A Fire is very good at tanking in PvE, you just have to master it. I was solo healing Assault and battery with a fire tank. The fire tank was amazing! I barely had to heal him. At the last boss one of our Dps and trolls died and we couldn't revive them fast enough so it was just the 6 of us. The fire tank was able to take the damage of the 2 bosses and adds around him because he was timing his abilities perfectly. I only had to heal him a tiny bit but it was nothing serious. We eventually finished the raid and got good loot :D. Also on youtube a fire tank 4 man Assault and Battery.
  18. PillowHands Committed Player

    Pre revamp fire was fun though :(
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  19. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    The easy route is rage/ice the the challenging and usually the more fun route will be fire/earth
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  20. The God New Player

    Ice fire or earth. Ice and fire are both simple, can't say anything about earth because haven't played it, and rage is the most annoying, at least to me.