[US PS] Looking for Sinister Material & Sinister Aura

Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by Exirion, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Exirion New Player

    Hi, I'm new here and I'm a big Sinestro Corps fan as you can guess. Would anyone be willing to trade the Material and/or the Aura with me? I don't have much, but I have some Materials from the Resurgence Mega Capsules to trade. I'd be willing to trade more than one Material to get either.
    The Materials I have to trade are:

    I also have some Emblems to trade too, if that helps.
  2. TyKasper Active Player

    Do you still have the sparking,surging, and glowing mats
  3. Exirion New Player

  4. TyKasper Active Player

    I have the material are you online now
  5. Exirion New Player

    I'll go on, now. I'll be in the hall of doom by Booster Gold. As on here, my names Exirion in game. I assume you want the Sparking, Surging, and Glowing mat for the Sinister, right?
  6. TyKasper Active Player

    Yea Nd ok got it
  7. Exirion New Player

    Sorry for the lack of chat. Not used to talking on DCUO on the ps4, lol
  8. TyKasper Active Player

    It’s cool lol it’s kind of a hassle anyway
  9. Exirion New Player

    I can tell. Now... Is there a way I can edit or, delete this thread...? I'm not used to using Forums at all...
  10. TyKasper Active Player

    I honestly don’t know
  11. Exirion New Player

    Darn. Ah well. Thanks for the Sinister Mat!

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