[US PS] Looking for Sinister Aura

Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange (Trading)' started by Exirion, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Exirion New Player

    I have the Material from my previous post so I thought I'd make a 2nd updated version. I don't have much but I'd be willing to anything I have for the Aura, if you want more than one item, just list what you want(PS: Sorry for the long list). Current items I have to trade:
    Mechanized Material
    Temporal Material
    Enhanced Beyond Shoulderguards Box
    Visitor's Shoulderplates Box
    Enhanced Abyssal Helmet Box
    Abyssal Dive Belt Box
    Dr. Mid-Nite Emblem
    Enhanced Dr. Mid-Nite Emblem
    Power Ring Emblem
    Enhanced Power Ring Emblem
    Al Ghul Emblem
    Modern Atom Emblem
    Deathstorm Emblem
    Constantine Emblem
    Enhanced Flash Emblem - Jay Garrick
    Enhanced Commander Steel Emblem
    Swamp Thing Emblem
    Enhanced Ultraman Emblem
    Enhanced Scarecrow Emblem
    Green Arrow Emblem
    Emblem of Taurus
    Emblem of Cancer
    Emblem of Scorpio
    Heroic Meta Emblem
    Heroic Tech Emblem
    Villainous Meta Emblem
    Asymmetrical Mohawk
    Long Wavy Hair

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