Looking For A Villain League (USPS)

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by mattyice, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. mattyice Active Player

    I'm fairly new to DCUO, started off with a hero then recently switched to a villain that I am enjoying more. I have been told that joining a league is definitely the way to go so I thought I would reach out and see if someone is willing to accept a newer member into their league.

    Level 10 Tech Villain
    Name: 1ReverseFlash
    Combat ratings are: CR-3; Equipped CR-1
    Weapon DPS-208

    I know my stats aren't the best, I am still working my way up there. If there are any other stats you are interested in knowing feel free to ask for them.
  2. Thunder/3030 New Player

  3. jaks6374 New Player

    hi i am looking for new recruites. find me in game jaks6374 and add me as a friend. i will be more than happy to have you with us. the league name is eternal phalanx. we can help you grow and explore
  4. AquiloFury Committed Player

    I run two leagues, one hero, one villain. The Nefarious Syndicate is currently accepting all players. We have a league hall. Since the league's inception (approximately 2-3 years ago) it has consisted of the toons of myself and my wife. We recently decided to try to bring in other people. If you are interested, shoot me a pm or hit me up on Synn Fury on USPS.