looking for a mature league

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Arcpope, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Arcpope New Player

    I give up . I have been a lone wolf for so long. Met some good friends along the way.
    But with UD 39 league halls coming.
    I'll need a league.

    Looking for a mature league ,one that would have the same gear, toons and skill as me.
    Even better . I love to learn

    Also i play during the day from 1-4 pm est and on again at 6-8 or so.
    So i would prefer a small - medium league.

  2. Mageara Well-Known Player

    hero or villain? server?
  3. SupermanPrime New Player

    If your characters are on hero server and if you want hit me up on USPS tomorrow, our league is experienced and we don't take sh*t seriously, were all high sp players with everyone's sp ranging from the 150s to 185 and were all cr 106 mostly, we run and get everything done pretty easily. We talk a lot sh*t to each other but it's all in good fun no one takes anything seriously. We don't take stuff like league rankings seriously either we know everyone is good and can play so we pretty much give everybody all the same permissions as the league leader has infact our league rankings is just one giant **** joke lol. With the large DLC coming soon and league bases were looking to add a few people so hit me up if your interested I'm SupermanPrime23 on USPS. Most of us have been playing since the game launched.
    We're EOV (Evolution Of Vengeance

    P.S. If I'm not on for some reason when you are you can hit up Antauras, phury, J733, zombie healer or cybernetic freak....well I'm not gonna list everyone cuz we all can invite but just tell em SupermanPrime23 said to invite you.
  4. FelixMortum New Player

    We might be the league you're looking for. We are villains message Felix MORTUM I'm game
  5. SweeetLou Active Player