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Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by NickSoRich, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. NickSoRich New Player

    hello i am USPS3 on the Hero side my character name is NickSoSwag(u will see wat im talkin about if u see me) my power is Nature and my role is a healer and i am very active atm but when school starts i will still play but not as much as i do now.(also i am t4 cr 72) Also i am well known with the game.

    I am a very fun guy i am 16 but still mature and i like to joke around never took a joke to far and i get along with everyone. Basically im trying to say is i looking for a fun league that is well organized and have mics(only reason easier to communicate). So i hope i find the league im looking 4 also that you for reading this if u didnt read this i will Drop Kick u In the Throat!!!!!! na jk......... Or am i..................na jk
  2. Richard Raul New Player

    The Avenging Legends are recruiting active Legendary subscribers of all CRs on USPS3 server, Hero side. We are a small but growing league seeking to expand our ranks. We lost alot of our members bc they just stopped playing. Core members are T5 and dont mind helping to gear up new recruits. Mics not required as most of our members use keyboards. Message me here or in-game on my main, Richard Raul, if interested.
  3. BlueDiagram New Player

    Ancient Gods is new league still in it's recruiting phase we are looking for cr 70 or higher hero's with mic's i'm just about everyday at 5:00pm EST so you can contact me in-game at blue diagram or on here i will try to make contact with you today to see is your still available
  4. Bamtastic New Player

    You should join my league EPICXHEROS with me and my bro T5 on our to T5.5 we can get you coght up :) if interested let me know here our Facebook group page and youtube channel links

  5. NickSoRich New Player

    ok how often do u guys run things