Looking for a League to enjoy the game with?

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Light Of Ace, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Light Of Ace New Player

    We are Backup Justice and

    Hello I'm Ace one of the First-Officers of Backup Justice and if you're looking for a League to have fun, enjoy the game with, learn and grow then we really do want you.

    First off we are a US PS3 Hero League.

    We have no CR restriction, no account restriction and no experience needed. All we ask is that if you are new please be patient and listen to us and we will help you learn.

    Now we believe in helping each other first. Regardless if you need, marks, feats, or simply jokes while you farm we have you covered.

    We have about 10 members of note and a few others but I'll just list the command structure.

    Our Fearless Leader, Darrken an 82CR Quantum (formerly Mental) Troll
    Our Doctor and Second in Command Kamenrider jolt an 88CR Electric Healer
    Gneissan (not 100% sure on spelling) CR 68 is our Tank
    And me, LightOfAce a 78CR DPS/Troll

    We do hold a character restriction of only 1 alt in the League but this does not mean you cannot have more, just that we would prefer to play with your main that way we have your full attention.

    We have no age restriction but our ages range from Darrken at the oldest at almost 36 and me as the youngest at 25. That being said we do have a maturity level requirement, as some adult need to grow up as well.

    If you are interested in joining then please feel free to message myself on here or in game, or contact Darrken or Kamenrider jolt in game and tell them I sent you and that you're interested in joining.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask :)
  2. Darrken New Player

    Great job Ace! Also, if you do send me a tell and I don't respond it isn't because I am not interested it's more likely because I am in an instance. Please feel free to send my multiple tells, or drop my a message in my in-game mailbox and I will get to you asap!

  3. ImpelInferno New Player

    hey darrken just finished sending you a msg hopefully we can meet up , i talked to light of ace earlier
  4. Light Of Ace New Player

    *bump de bump*
  5. KillerQuak New Player

    Hello wondering if I could join sent darrken msg waiting for response
  6. Light Of Ace New Player

    Add him to your friends list, if he is online, keep pm'ing him until he answers as he is probably running something and unable to answer. Can I get your Power, Role, & CR ?
  7. KillerQuak New Player

    Power- Quantum Dps CR 31 So 30
  8. Light Of Ace New Player

    I just sent an email to Darrken, if you haven't gotten his attention yet that should. Look forward to gaming with you,

  9. ZachLeoX Level 30

    I used to be Bound Angel. I don't know if you remember me because it has been a year but what happened to the League of Honor?
  10. Light Of Ace New Player

    Wait! That's you! LMAO I've had you on my friends list just because of name alone hahahaha. Short version is that life had to do it's thing for awhile know what I mean? Funny thing is that I still have the LoH with Leon running it, just there is no one other than him on there.
  11. ZachLeoX Level 30

    Out of all the leagues I've been in League of Honor had the coolest name. If you ever need a dps or healer hit me up.
  12. Light Of Ace New Player

    Don't tempt me man lol I'll recruit you in a heartbeat if we were up to CR. But yeah keep in touch, we can run some stuff.
  13. Agent Redline New Player

    I would like to join I have a T4 gadget dps - agent redline and a T3 healer sorc - kaazam

    Please send me a message for join or raids some time. Also open for running newbies through first couple levels etc...
  14. gromem77 New Player

    hi i'd like to join i've been playing only for a few days. i'm a earth dps with 3 pieces of tier 1 (just started). I'd like to join if possible for some help with the game in general and have fun with other players because i've been playing alone all this time.
  15. Lavitacus New Player

    I am interested in joining. I am unfortunately the definition of noob, I just started back up after I had forgotten about the game and I'm only level 17.
  16. NickSoRich New Player

    i want to join name is NickSoCrazy lvl 19 light troll