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    The title sort of says it all, but then again, not really. I'm 39 years old, been playing games on the computer since the days of the C64 and always enjoyed the Co-Op side of gaming over the PVP side. I first got into MMO games with Everquest way back in the previous millenium. Since then I've played a lot of different MMO's and always enjoyed the companionship and sense of achievement you get, when you get together with a bunch of friends and beat the game at something.

    This is the kind of thing I'm looking for again. I'm looking for a League that has enough members, that it's possible to get 4-man and 8-man stuff going regularly. I'm looking for a League where members will help each other become better at their various roles and overcome challenges together. I don't want to just race through content, I want to actually understand what's going on, so that I know we're beating the challenges, because we're working together and not just because X-MAN-CLONE-001 over there has a CR of 182 and we're doing Blüdhaven ...

    I play on a PC, I've got a mike - and some day I'll get it working too - I play most weeknights and loads during weekends, I'm on Central European Time and would prefer the League to be on this timezone too. Currently my private army is sporting a CR165 Rage Tank/DPS, a CR137 Quantum Controller/DPS and a CR109 Atomic Tank/DPS. Also I've got a bunch of other side projects, but most are still in their teens, so they won't get any proper mention yet.

    Anyways, if anyone out there has a League and think I'd fit in, let me know - or if you know of a League looking for my kind of player, don't hesitate to drop a name, so I know who to look up.
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    Assuming your characters are heroes, Omertà and Resurgence are both good leagues, with really nice members.

    Both mostly (I think) PS based, but obviously cross-play means that's a non-issue.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll see if I can connect with some of the members of either League. And my characters are indeed heroes. Or at least good guys. Remains to be seen if they've got the hero bone in them ...
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