Long Live the Legion Original Soundtrack (Full Album) playlist

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  1. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    A bit late to share these but hope you're going to enjoy them!
    I've also thrown in some HIVE themes in since they're getting reused~

    Long Live the Legion ost playlist link: Click here to start playing

    - Spotlight -
    31st Century: New Earth's Metropolis Music!

    Fatal Five's Validus Boss Theme!

    Emerald Empress Boss Theme!

    The Thress Phases of Mordru!

    HIVE Moon Base theme, used in Legion: HQ Orientation!

    Former HIVE leader - Queen Bee Boss Theme!

    Not all tracks are being spotlighted, listen to them all by visiting the playlist(s)!
    Legion ost: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7tRM4k_9uFCqVkLZ70ATLr5hMVQqD-gR
    All ost uploads so far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7tRM4k_9uFC1408vFknaeyQ1lPBYPRWl

    Special thanks to Ryazan for allowing me to hijack the channel for uploading these.
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  2. Zoe· Favored of Olympus

    Great job as always. I hope we will get more songs like The Drowned's. It was such a great song.
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  3. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    I think Mordru's theme from this episode is pretty cool!
    Every phase (3 in total) has its own music loop, I just cobbled them into a single video so the track feels more organized ;D
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