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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TechWarrior0329, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Just wondering... I completed the Jimmy part of the duo of mission in the BOP outdoor zone last night on all of my alts. Yep I now have pictures of the meta experiment killing all me ALT... my Mom is so proud LOL

    Now when I click on Lois there is an option (NOT THAT I PLAN TO USE IT) to spend 87 replay badges and start again.. So can I assume those two will be handing out missions/award on a regular weekly basis?

    Makes me wonder... On that Lois mission two of the clues were pretty much in the same spots and the third (in my case anyway) were in 1 of 2 spots. I wonder if those will be moving around each week? if not it will be aa relatively easy mission. OMG something real simple to accomplish in game without being 100 CR higher than it is? LOL
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  2. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    That Lois mission is the bounty, if memory serves. I don't think the clue hunting will be every week. At least I hope it isn't, LOL.
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  3. Elusian Loyal Player

    The clue hunting was a story one-shot as introduction to the BoP storyline.
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  4. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Not sure what you mean.. BUT if you are referring to the bounty on the Meta experiment over on the CAO dam.. There were a few players in chat that were convinced the only way to get that mission was to complete Lois's assignment first. WRONG

    There is a console right there at the battle sight that hands any player the bounty. And let's be very clear. I ran 8 ALTS through that zone and after I discovered that was available al of them had defeated the meta Experiment and gotten the armor drop, Lex Coins and Source Marks long before I even started looking for Lois's clues. Now.. Once you find all the clues for Lois you get your reward of 5 Lex Coins and 5 Source Marks and then gain access to Jimmy Olsen so you can do his Photo shoot mission which grants another 5 Lex Coin and Source Marks along with a liar furniture item (the Scoops lair pet).

    I wonder if the reason some got the idea they HAD to do Lois's mission before the BOUNTY was because Jimmy's mission includes getting your picture taken with the Meta Experiment?

    Now like I said.. go back to the tower and click on Lois with a character you already completed her missions with. A bow will appear offering to give you THAT mission again for 87 replays, So I am assuming its a weekly thing. LOL Yeah I know at first that was a pain until I realized where to look and at that point I could complete it in no time. Hey its not exactly exciting but money is money .. She wants to give me some.. I'll take it
  5. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    It's the same quest. They just have the terminal near the bounty so people can turn it in/reset. Like the Man-Bat.

    At the bounty:

    At Lois:
  6. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Okay so some body owes me 87 replays LOL. Did a little investigating on line. Went back to Lois and spent the 87 replays mentioned :p. NO mission to search for clues at all.. At that point Lois sent me straight to the Meta Experiment.

    so as Elusian said those "clues" were just a way to give us more plot details and it appears that Lois just send you off to attack the Meta Bounty.

    Now I was not about to waste another 87 replay badges but after we kicked the Meta's butt I returned to Lois for my 8 Lex Coins, 8 Source Marks and Armor drop and clicked her again.. No mention of hunting clues and Jimmy stood there looking goofy (as usual
    ). I am "assuming" if I had spent yet another 87 replays I'd have been sent back to battle the Meta again

    Oh one more bit of info.. I also checked back and I was also able to access that console on the Dam and it offered me the Meta mission again as well... for yet another 87 replays. LOL they want to be sure everyone has as much opportunity to use replays to attack that guy as possible apparently

    Interestingly and I will pass this along as well in case there is anyone that doesn't know it yet. There is no feat for beating the experiment X number of times. UNLESS I missed it scrolling through. One guy on the team I joined today mentioned he wanted to SPAM the Meta and I recalled someone else telling us that in zone the other day. He is good for those * Lex Coins and a piece of armor.. and THAT is it. I STRONGLY recommend only doing him once a week. :cool:
  7. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Yes but like I mention.. I did it with 7 of my 8 alts without ever finishing Lois's "CLUES" mission and even after I finished the Mission to defeat him today I stopped back and as YOU mention was able to get the mission AGAIN without going near Lois. She and Jimmy were a one shot to move the story along NOW she's just one of two ways to grab the Meat mission. Unless they prove me wrong after next Thursday's reset and the CLUE mission is back again LOL
  8. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Who said anything about the 'mission' she resets for 87 being the clues? Her 'mission' is the bounty. The console by Trenton is the bounty. The clues was a one-shot deal, I think everyone said that here. Now you might indeed have been able to skip it if you went to the Trenton console first (will try this on an alt), but from what I read here, no one said you'd get the clues or Jimmy photo mission again. Maybe I mis-read. No one 'owes' you 87 replays...you got loot for doing the bounty, right?

    Just went and checked on an alt...you can indeed do the bounty right out of the gate without doing the clues, so a good strat would be to leave Lois's clues mission and the following Jimmy photos mission for a double (or if you are real patient, triple) weekend. As you don't HAVE to do them and the rewards are just a couple of rings, better to get more marks out of it.

    For the record, you can usually tell the 'one and done' missions that relate to story because they give a specific gear piece rewards box (a weapon last few DLC, rings this time). Most of the episode 'tour' missions (do the duo...then the alert...then raid 1....then raid 2, etc) pay off with marks and a specific 'blue' gear box. Missions that are reset-able are generic episode gear boxes or just marks.
  9. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Okay and this post is the reason why I can not remember how long you have been on my ignore list. Do you actually read what you decide to rant about?

    First I asked if the clue / photo mission were a one shot deals or not. Didn't seem like it would be something let would have us repeating and grabbing 10 extra Lex coins a week..

    Next (if you bothered to actually read stuff) I said and when I answered Hraesvelg's question I stated I had run 8 diferent alts through that zone and every one of them had completed the Meta Experiment mission LONG before they finished Lois's clues.
    What did you think I just made that up to be funny?

    Next I confirmed that we wouldn't be seeing that clue mission again when I logged in and spent 87 REPLAYS to see for a fact that all Lois does now is hand you the same Meta mission anyone can get since DAYONE of the DLC off the console sitting right next to where you wind up battling him.

    As for those "special" rewards... NO kidding Jimmy Olsen hands you Scoops.. a piece of furniture as a "Special Reward" along with your coins/marks. Now while I have seen Holiday events where you got the same thing over and over again Last time I checked this was a DLC not a Holiday event and what would I want with 20 or 20 Scoops floating around in my lair? GEE another indication that we'd probably never be doing that mission again.

    So our weeklies, until they add one like they do these days, are the Meta Bounty and we also get a 2nd by chatting with Black Canary and completing 4 missions for which ever of the BOP contacts she assign us. YOU KNOW very similar to getting that reward weekly from Hawk Girl after we do five daily missions from which ever daily contact she assigns us that week.

    In short I answered my own question and really did not need you TRYING to show how SMART you are.
  10. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    On a break between running my Alts through BOP missions let's take yet another LOOK at your post shall we...

    hmmm funny but IF you read the post I have where I J O K E D about some one owing my replay badges.... You'd see this...

    Notice the LAUGHS OUT LOUD (lol) right behind the question Gee MOST peeple woulod see that and realize I was only joking I SPENT those replays because i LIKE to confirm things I post here instead of just assuming everyone will think I must be GOD and know all and see all.

    and then of course next you posted....

    Gee didn't I just say I did that myself? in fact I did it with all 8 ALT the very first day the DLC went live. So obviously no one besides YOU could possibly have a clue and discover something new. Or is that the main problem here? Turns out I KNEW something about the game before YOU did.

    Oh hey .. as I mentioned I am on a game break and guess what? Some one was asking where Lois;s Clues were and I invited that guy to team with me, Took time from running my missionjs, and showed him where all three were. See I tend to help people in game that way.
  11. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Uh....ok. First off...you do seem to write 'LOL' a lot. I guess maybe I just figured you sat around in your room laughing out loud a lot...like a LOT. And yeah, I figured you might be joking...but maybe only kind of as you seemed to go back and forth on what you 'knew' and what you thought about it, such as...
    "Now when I click on Lois there is an option (NOT THAT I PLAN TO USE IT) to spend 87 replay badges and start again"

    "Okay so some body owes me 87 replays LOL. Did a little investigating on line. Went back to Lois and spent the 87 replays mentioned "

    It's a bit wishy-washy...don't you think?

    And if you look at my post, earlier on I did say,
    Now you might indeed have been able to skip it if you went to the Trenton console first (will try this on an alt)

    So as I was typing it and some 10 min later, I did just that and added the 2nd part....

    Just went and checked on an alt...you can indeed do the bounty right out of the gate without doing the clues.

    I had not yet submitted the post, but yes...I could have removed the first reference, but I was correcting myself on this, not you. I had not tried it personally....then I did(said so in the post). Partially because of reading this same thread...so thanks, 10 points for Techwarrior.

    Oh... and since you like putting " " around the world 'special' please show me where I said that.....I used the word 'specific' meaning 'not generic', as is the BOP rewards box you get from running the daily and weekly missions. Believe it or not 'specific' and 'special' are NOT the same word even though 5 of the letters are the same...seriously, look it up...different words with different meanings. But I'm the one with reading comprehension issues.

    And if you think what I wrote was a 'rant'? Well you must sit around not LOLing nearly as much as you put out there. Maybe you need to re-read your 2 reply posts over again for an example of a 'rant'.

    BTW...Oh no! I'm on your ignore list in game? What ever shall I do? I actually think I might have ended up in a run with you a few weeks ago. The guy invited to troll mouthed so much about me in chat, the rest of the team decided he needed to go. I apparently couldn't read the junk being typed in, cause the person was on my ignore. Fear not though, I switched to my troll and we got through it just fine.
  12. darth_paul Committed Player

    There’s just one problem with that, the clues are never in the same locations. I’ve played through it four times on four different characters so far and the clues have been in different spots. Even if one is in the same place that I found it before, the other two will be in completely different places. They’re totally random.

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