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Discussion in 'PC Account Support' started by Shadowdragon, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Shadowdragon Devoted Player


    Please check my account when you get a chance. My game slowed downn and eventually disconnected. I tried several times to log on again, but one of these things happens:
    1) I get a login popup, enter my info. and get an invalid name or password error
    2) The game starts then disconnects

    I ran the check and all assets verified. I tried to open a support ticket, but it said my account was banned. I never got an email stating why. I'm still able to get to these forums.


    - The Shadowdragon
  2. Misashini New Player

    I am having the same problem.

    A ton of people in league are not able to log in either.
  3. Vrus New Player

    I'm having the same problem as well.

    I really hope they get this fixed soon..
  4. Holy Demon New Player

    I'm having the same problem as well
  5. SnEaKs New Player

    Same problem as well, but of course can login to here :rolleyes:
  6. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    OK... if others are having this, then it could be an intermittent issue with one of their account servers. I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything bad! Fingers crosses. Good luck to you all as well.
  7. Arkham Trickster New Player

    Wow i just posted a separate thread, so if you want to consolidate them ill re-post it...

    From thread "Banned?"
    I tried to log into the account registered to this log-in, and it said my account name or password was invalid, so i went to these boards and tried to log in and it said i was banned.. (Laptop)

    So then i realized im still logged in on the PC to the forums so ill post from here..

    No clue what happened i was in game just messing around at the training dummies, and started to get massive lag spike, then i saw people in chat complaining of server lag (i was still messing around with dummies, laughing at the delay between shots and damage) then decided to switch characters and it crashed on switch, tried to log in again and this started..

    I dont want to log off this computer im afraid it wont let me back on..
  8. Itazuki New Player

    Tons of people are saying this is happening again... Just like a bit back when everyone got a "banned" message when logging in.
  9. Solarstar New Player

    It's most likely an authentication server that's on the fritz that's causing the login and false ban issues at the moment.
  10. Steak Sauce New Player

    It's BS, no one's banned, those 3 pre WW II servers SOE uses for authentification just break down every now and then. Annoying as hell, but I highly doubt anyone actually got banned. I can't login either, guess I'll just... I don't know... go outside? Nah.
  11. Solarstar New Player

    No one got banned, but the authentication server is on the fritz atm which will give the players the assumption of being falsely banned.
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  12. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    I guess I'll see what's going on in the funhouse... or maybe finally setup my Marvel account...
  13. That1Guy New Player

    This just happened to a league member and to me as well when I tried to switch characters.
  14. Misashini New Player

    Yeah, Now it says I am banned;


    w/e SOE
  15. Teknyka New Player

    Happened to me a few minutes ago, which is why I came looking on the forums. Hope it's fixed soon, 'cause my sub renews the 16th.
  16. TrentOH3zzzy New Player

    Same problem. Logged out to go get a bite to eat. Came back a few hours later, now I can't login.
  17. croman New Player

    same broblem:(
  18. Atomic_Koala New Player

    Add another to the list of unable to log in then banned.
  19. Volaron New Player

    Everyone who logs out as of now is getting "banned"
  20. glitchbox New Player

    Same thing, logged out and then back in and says I'm banned. My friend also just created an account as he wanted to try it out and bam, invalid username and/or password. Then it started to say he was banned.

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