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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by SandMancr, Apr 9, 2016.

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  1. ProfessorKanua Committed Player

    Game is still unplayable. When your powers don't get off cooldown, when the damage in and out doesn't catch up until 10 seconds after it happens, when everything takes ages to load in. It's been over 2 hours of downtime now, pull the game down and fix it once and for all and don't frustrate us further.
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  2. OVERWATCH Well-Known Player

    Loading times have been increased OVER 9000!!!!
  3. Gimpy Loyal Player

    At least you get into the game.

    I can't get past login.
  4. Eddevil Well-Known Player

    Can't log in!! stuck on loading screen for past 10 minutes. :mad:
  5. scarlettw Active Player

    yes the restart of yesterday only was a trolling cuz im lagin and the loading screem are forever
  6. Plower Girl Active Player

    Game was running just fine on PS4, until alternate metropolis in Brothers In Arms operation. Got disconnected trying to load into alternate metropolis and now stuck on a never ending loading screen trying to log in.
  7. Green Heron New Player

    No way I can play until this is fixed. tried today ,tried to play an t4. long load in...constant Disconnect now. I'll come back once everything is settled,for now im taking a break . maybe some Division is needed.
  8. SarahCarrygun Well-Known Player

    MEPPS transfer my characters on EU server!!! I GOT TIRED OF DAT SHIELD @_@
  9. CosmicHorror New Player

    After taking a 2 month break from DC i come back to this. :( I was going to recommend this game to my co-worker who plays on xbox, but judging by what ive seen latly when its released on xbox the game as a whole will implode
  10. Eddevil Well-Known Player

    1 hour downtime. Just got posted on Twitter.. :mad:
  11. Fission Active Player

    Are they going to do something about the EU server too? Because it's doing the exact same thing. For the last 15 mins nearly everytime I go through a loading screen I get booted to a never ending login screen. And I just logged in to the watch tower and the entire thing was gone, everyone was just falling through space??? It wasn't just me either since people were commenting about it so... wtf
  12. Cobolt Crusader New Player

    As of 20:15 CET Sunday my Legendary account has been unable to log in. I logged out at the Gotham City University Metro Station without incident. My f2p account managed to get online, but the first time I tried to swap from Little Bohemia to the Police station, I got stuck on 'Disconnect Screen'. Previously I've been disconnected from both accounts traveling from Metropolis U to the Metrodome and from the Boardwalk Entrance towards the Merry-go-round - same situation that a lot of other people have reported. Get disconnected, character however seems to remain online, as I get a 'You've got a Linkdead character on this server' message when ever I try to log in. Attempting to log back into the linkdead character just results in another extended wait at the loading screen leading to an eventual crash.
    I've only been playing for a couple of months, but I haven't been having these issues until the last couple of weeks. It's held me off on playing any new characters for that time, since I don't feel like getting disconnected every couple of minutes and not being able to log back in.
    I've noticed several posts about this issue, but so far very few actual Dev comments, and when finally a Dev comment does appear, it more or less questions that there's actually a problem or a situation. I should think the amount of posts regarding this topic alone would mean that there is in fact an issue ...
    Please acknowledge that there's an issue and please please please get it fixed!
  13. Terrible Theo Well-Known Player

    Been having lag and load issues since the game update. No amount of server downtime or hotfixes have fixed it yet.. sigh..
  14. SteelMachineZero Well-Known Player

    Today none of my powers effect any targets and my weapon attacks are terrible for 162 cr player, Seriously if you cant fix this maybe we need to end crossplay or whatever is effecting the game to be unplayable. So pretty much shot this weekends playing in the ***.
  15. scarlettw Active Player

    idk after this reset i have lag and load issues
  16. RyderSM Well-Known Player

    The downtime did nothing, everything is still infitite loading screens and dc's. I'm amazed the devs still have jobs after months of this ****.
  17. SUPERMANPRiM3 Well-Known Player

    Got similar issue with some of my toons. This started after ps update and game 59 update.
  18. SteelMachineZero Well-Known Player

    Mepps or whoever reads this, Man I don’t want anything free or extensions to my subscription or whatever the bottom feeders are asking / demanding for. What I do want is what I pay for, and that’s a playable game. I’ve been here from the start and buy yearly all access passes but lately it’s so freaking hard to get anything done, with loading screen stucks and not being able to warp places constantly getting kicked and if it’s Crossplay doing this then its time to admit the technology isn’t there yet. So undo it and lets move on its better for us players to have a smaller world we can at least play in. Or just shut the world down till tomorrow and fix it all. Post when what why and when again everywhere you can and just fix it, Do half *** patch it fix it. U know it’s really hard to figure out why we pay for this game anymore and don’t take that wrong when it works I love this game. And have met some great friends through it and want it fixed
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  19. Flight Avails Well-Known Player

  20. spack2k Steadfast Player

    EU has the same Error 0x0034 issue...
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