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  1. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    QUESTION...will you guys change the weapon buffs of the powers from 6 seconds to 10-12 seconds to match it's cooldown?
  2. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    QUESTION......will more powers be added to the game in the future?
  3. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Question: Why those 180° changes on powers?
    Question: Will we ever be able to customize henchmen/sidekick etc?
  4. stärnbock Devoted Player

    do you even play your own game? if you say yes:
    how comes testserver looks like you would not?
    if you say no: can you please pass your rights to
    devs hwo realy are interested in gaming, please?
  5. stärnbock Devoted Player

    how about using your money to free yourself from columbus nova investors to become independent?
  6. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    If the income from timelimited (TCs are only available for a limited time) iconic (lantern auras and other unique styles, which Players have been asking for for a Long time) RNG (uneven droprate of items and some way too rare) paywall (the too rare drop rate requires stabilizer purchases or tons of ingame cash to get all the items from TCs) feat (the styles are on top of that also feat related, which makes even people, who don't care about the styles, feel like they should still try to get them for the feats, even more when stats are supposed to matter again) styles from Timecapsules are so benefting for the game, that you feel like keeping and expanding them, would it not make a lot more sense to rather make subscriptions for the game more attractive again to make People buy Membership instead of adding additional paywalls to the game for character Progression like timecapsules?
    Shouldn't subscriptions and paying a Membership on a regular Basis be the regular most common income for the game instead of short term Profit from timelimited items like TC, which in longterm frustrate and drive loyal and paying Players away?
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  7. stärnbock Devoted Player

    how comes that with every exciting announcement devs implement features wich are desperatly demanded from us, there is a HUGE backlash added to it wich perverted the whole concept to either be another big cash grab or leads to a tremendous replaybadge spam?
    and why are those tactics allways concealed untill the last momment for us, so that after a yay comes certainly a big nay afterwards?
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  8. stärnbock Devoted Player

    is there a possibility that the rights of DCUO can be given to another development company that is
    first: more interested in games and second: more interested in superheroes, instead of milking money?
  9. ChillCat Loyal Player

    Question: What are the Devs plans for PVP in 2017?
  10. Deadpoolio New Player

    Why is it that the anniversary event feats are on such a higher difficulty level than other seasonal events, and even most episode feats? Was it intended that way? and is this a preview of the feat difficulty level, after stats revamp?
  11. stärnbock Devoted Player

    wich one do you prefair?:
    A) keep long time players, or:
    B) stick with your methods
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  12. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Ok since we only get one question I'm gonna ask the one that's most important to me and alot of other people throughout the pages of questions/comments.
    How do you feel about the mass drop in population due to the massive pay to win aspect of the game now and what do you plan to do to fix it and bring those people back?
    These aren't just people, they are loyal players to the game, they are my friends, they are other people's friends, and they are longtime members of dcuo who have hit a limit with the cash grabs and grind. Do you honestly want your most faithful members gone and replaced by casual players who will come and go???? I have never been a fan of posting on the forums but this is a concern of majority of the player base and honestly over the 5 years I've given to dc I've never seen it this bad...when you run off the grinders/loyal players who have stuck by you through so many mistakes that should be a massive red flag telling you hey we are really messing up...
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  13. Road Kill Active Player

    QUESTION: When entering a duel with another human player, is it fair that the other player who is in pve gear can destory someone who has spent countless hours grinding what, if any pvp matches they can find to gain the top PLAYER VS PLAYER gear? Much frustrating?
    QUESTION: Will the development team fix PVP in general, like remove stat clamps and make modding gear a priority.
  14. Magician Dedicated Player


    Things were promised to us at SOE Live that still have not been implemented, to name a few for examples:

    Unlock Styles
    General Grodd for LPVE/LPVP
    Water Powers

    While we are aware that Water Powers are still on the horizon, what about the other things mentioned? Are they still planned?
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  15. Im Erza Active Player

    QUESTION : Any plans for a cross faction style vendor ?

    QUESTION : Any plans for a revamp far as leagues ? Maybe a better U.I., more free spaces to put base items, longer lasting buffs, or getting rid of the prestige cap altogether.

    QUESTION : Will we ever see more themes or layouts for player bases and league halls ? Such as maybe a fire or ice themed lair, perhaps underwater or lantern themed ?

    QUESTION : If time capsules are here to stay, would it not be a good idea to perhaps include certain desirable items on the marketplace as well ? It doesn't necessarily have to be the same exact items from the capsule drops but still something equally valuable. Whether from RNG craziness or insane prices on the broker it isn't hard to see why so many are frustrated. Something like a rare aura or material that could be bought on the marketplace would please a great deal of people even if they were limited time items as well.

    QUESTION : Any plans for open world pvp or pvp in general ? We have a pvp phase, yet it's no real reason to go there, especially on Xbox. I think something like a notoriety system where say if as a villain a player engages in so many villainous acts such as the ones currently ingame ( pushing ppl off buildings etc ) they then become a priority target for the heroes, the more you do without being knocked out in pvp phase the higher your bounty becomes and you get a reward say every so often for a streak, and a similar mechanic for villains to hunt down heroes. The rewards could be something as simple as a mark or a random aura, maybe a style or base item etc. idk I just think it would be something for people to do out in Gotham or Metro.

    QUESTION : Will lockboxes ever be updated with new content ? Or if not could the drop rates be lowered since there's more stuff in them than when they first launched ?

    QUESTION : Would it be possible for all raids to have a walk in ? If not how about the ability to queue in with any amount of players ? I say this because there are some who complain about high cr players in low tier stuff and for some who are high enough, it can be a pain to have to wait for a group for something that can be done in five minutes, and with queue times for certain instances finding or making a group can take longer than the actual instances.
  16. stärnbock Devoted Player

    does DC approve your methods of making money with gambling in regards on how you use the trademark for it?
  17. icuruok New Player


    Will it you guys ever attempt to make r&d gear tradable items. No point in making r&d gear you already have and cant do anything with it. Also replay tokens, PC can only share replay tokens with other PC and PS can only share replay tokens with other PS.
  18. Caroline Dedicated Player

    QUESTION: Will we see new hairstyles for males and females ?

    QUESTION: Since you've reduced and given away so many grindy feats, what's your plans about LPvE? Will you reduce the number of runs we have to do to complete all of the feats?

    QUESTION: Is Aquaman content planned to come out anytime soon?

    QUESTION: Will you upload the stream on Youtube?
  19. Road Kill Active Player

    QUESTIONS: Will the vault ever be updated? I really can not comprehend the reason as to why the vault still drops rubbish from 6 years ago, really? who's game does that!
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  20. Guy Streakerson Level 30

    Question: Why can't the drop rate for lockboxes be increased for members instead of every 6 hours.

    A: It already has been reduced a long time ago! It used to drop 1 box every 20-24hrs!
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