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  1. Derio 15000 Post Club

    And of those 3 things he will address none.
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  2. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Or even questions like, what is being done to prevent the recent server disconnects and massive lag spikes and login failures.

    That is a real question with probably no real answer.
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  3. Im Erza Active Player

    QUESTION: Are there any plans to address or fix the chat options on Xbox ? Since launch we haven't been able to save our custom chat options, meaning things such as LFG or trade are dead since most players either don't know they exist because no one uses them and those who are aware don't bother because we have to go into settings to turn it on every time we log completely out of the game. The same applies to custom tabs or channels, we can create them just fine, however once we log out they are gone upon relogging. It's not a deal breaker, but it gets kinda annoying with shout chat being the only real option for most tasks, between people actually looking for groups or to trade and the shout trolls it becomes cluttered at times.
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  4. SteHyatt Well-Known Player


    Paradox teleporter broke months ago and has never been fixed. Are you ever going to introduce a teleporter mod for own base that will take you into raids/alerts/duos that we can solo. This is one thing I know players want due to amount of threads that have existed on subject. If so when? If not why?
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  5. Anion Prime New Player

    I'd like to first thank you for the free CR 100 advancements as the anniversary gift. I know there has been a lot of negative feedback about it, but I found it useful. I already had one character at CR 187. But I hated having to grind to get some of the alts up.
    QUESTION: Can you please make Dexstarr the next animate base pet (Like the Pengbots and the Teekle)?
  6. AdaptiveAndroid Well-Known Player


    Will this game ever be fun again?
    Will PvP ever be fixed?
    Are we still getting kAiSeR007 for legends?
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  7. Pults Loyal Player

    Out of all the feats only a haldful are trully grindy the majority can be obtained by paying attention to the content you are running. For most solos you can do all feats in 1-3 runs.
    Gaining 127SP since beta goes to show that you either play once a month or are unable to read the description and do something else other than kill stuff and avtivate terminals and sadly there are dozens of feats just for doing trivial tasks like that.

    Handouts aren't a good thing. If you trully want to benefit from SP try and put a little effort in reading the tasks. Also without race and PvP feats you can still gan more than 200SP.
    I'd be more worried about the up-keep on gear for casual players or those that try to do alts. The last episode brought unrewarding grind for gear and mods. It was difficult keeping a single toon at highest CR let alone more alts.
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  8. Cyberpunk2077 Well-Known Player

    QUESTION: What percentage of the money the we pay are going towards actual content development rather than coming up with new gambling boxes?

    QUESTION: What is the definition of feats to you? How do you compare feats like "Darkness my old friend" with "Epic Odyssey"?

    QUESTION: How much greedy you have to be to ask even paying subs to spend more on replays to earn feats from content that is supposed to be a anniversary gift?

    QUESTION: DO you plan to sell feats and gears directly on marketplace in the future?

    QUESTION: Do you consider negative feedback as feedback, or just delete them, ban poster and move on?
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  9. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    You realize these are the questions that will likely get answered now....
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  10. Kontakt Active Player

    Watch what questions they answer... just watch.
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  11. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    QUESTION: Will/can you please stop selling seasonal currency at the MP and instead setup a stock market style exchange where players can trade in their seasonal currency for other players' marketplace cash? The Jackster knows that system from Star Trek Online ("Dilithium Exchange"), maybe even invented it, and I think it would help the community greatly in closing the rifts between the "I earned this!" and the "I bought this" crowd which is showing across various themes (TCs, skip to CR100 and attached feats) all over the forums, since both groups would start to benefit from each other, while Daybreak still sells the market place cash involved in the trades.
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  12. Carbon Based Unit Well-Known Player

    Which is part of the point I was making. If CR is unbufed stats based, gear would do a lot, but it would not do all. Then the progression would reflect everything, even if hat was only gear. As I was new, I did not even understand feats. But if I showed up for a raid, I got gear every day... and lots of it. Enough raids and alerts to change important things regularly. Which is why I have brought this up all over the place, only to get comments from PLAYERS. Not staff. Which was tehe main point... things like this need some staff input, but they never respond to say if that has been looked at, not, is an interesting idea, or anything.
  13. Carbon Based Unit Well-Known Player

    QUESTION: When did Larfleeze take over the DUCO development team and introduce "Everything based on Time Capsules that they have to pay to unlock!!!!" as the big plan?
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  14. DC Urban Committed Player

    QUESTION: A lot of us were excited about Serums, is this power completely done away with?
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  15. SuperNerdGeekOverkill Dedicated Player

    Let me answer to that.
    Queue times for low tier alerts & raids are already long.
    Now imagine all the high tier players who occasionally run them for feats dropping away because they can enter them solo via a teleporter.
    Would greatly prolong queue times for low tier alerts & raids.

    (and before you jump to conclusions, let me say, I'm torn myself on this issue. On the one hand, yes, I'd like to get that damn 127 droids feat from RtN, or just quickly teleport to Para for the marks, but if new players can't even get to high tier because less ppl are queuing for their tier instances, the game will have a serious problem)
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  16. PS4xGUYxONxPC New Player

    The real reason behind the anniversary gift is for us to buy even more replay badges to unlock all the feats from previous characters. Let's be real, BET 95% of the people that started the new toon at 100cr has already brought replays to unlock feats. Instead of the 100cr jump why not give back to the community like replay 300 replay badges something that would really help the players. Money ain't a thing for me as I'm sitting at 278 sp on 9 characters, just saying.
  17. The Nightcrawler New Player


    Have you guys thought about selling a permanent power changer? So you could have one toon that could be multiple powers. They would work very similar to armories. I could have one for celestial, quantum and nature. And be able to switch between powers to fulfill roles. This would allow players to be more versatile and learn how other roles work without having to role multiple toons. You could probably sell these for $100 and people would buy them. Every power they want would be $100 and you could have a cap or allow players to buy them all.
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  18. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    Well this will be interesting, as well as the aftermath. I'm sure there will be a lot of popcorn.
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  19. stärnbock Devoted Player

    looking at how many friends left DCUO in disgust recently and since he was put in charge,
    when will jackster finaly announce his resignation from his possition for the good of all?
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  20. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    It wont be fixed.

    That teleport seemed to reek havoc on the system, showing DGC and us that adding anymore ports is not a possibility.

    Mepps has made many comments on this, basically saying teleports like that one wont be happening. You will need to do a search to see any details on the subject.
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