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  1. SasquaT Dedicated Player

    Why you/devs support scamers ?
    There is a lot of scamers in DCUO and even if its all on movie as a prove next day we all can c same scamers trying to do more scams.

    Why we cant have replay badges as item ( totaly tradeble ) so we dont have to worry about scamers ?
    Same thing with market place curency ?
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  2. Ully Committed Player

    There's a lot of great questions here, however, I don't think the Devs will be addressing our most pertinent concerns. They're going to avoid the tough questions completely or dance around the issues. We've seen it before. There are TONS of questions concerning TC's, Stats Revamp, Future DLC content, Progression, Quality of life fixes and of course, PVP. If I'm being honest, this Q&A feels like a move to try and save face from the months of backlash and controversial decisions. Just my two cents.
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  3. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    All I'm gonna say Mepps, and with respect, is no matter how hard i try to have fun, I just can't.
    Simply because I have more fun playing a game like final fantasy 14, Teso, Gta V Online.

    I do love the dc universe, i always watch the animated movies and series but I just can't take anymore how the game is unbalanced and some simple fixes should be made. I hate the god mode in lower tiers, even if the veterans defend that, I don't. It takes away all the fun of participation, the teamwork, the flow of good contents and progression as we level up, even if they have mechanics.
    I understood that it is not challenge i want, it is balance. A game is supposed to be fun, not a struggle and not everyone against each other.
    Other games like ffxiv have a solid community and so joyful like I never seen. I wish it could be like that in dcuo too. Other than pvp which we are against each other, in pve it should be not hard to have the neccessary healing, tanking and power so the team can be successful without hitting their head.

    So, with respect, I'm gonna cancel again my sub and come back after the stat revamp come and hoping dcuo become more friendly and balanced. And I do know daybreak try their best but if you want to bring new players, the veterans with their god mode they love so much need to go to help the game. And btw I play for about 3 years. So I'm not a new player.

    Thank you and see you all later.
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  4. IamINC Dedicated Player

    QUESTION: Isn't it funny how the very changes to the combat system in stat revamp that are appalling (power re gen , supercharges . cool-downs) are the same things that the time capsule mods help improve once active? Coincidence or another blatant cash grab disguised as the mythical "balance" we all crave?
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  5. IamINC Dedicated Player

    QUESTIONS: Seeing as legendary membership or subscribed members are no longer valued by DBG , will you be removing membership?
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  6. IamINC Dedicated Player

    QUESTION: What do you plan on doing about the increased amount of gold sellers in game and are there any plans to fix the economy in game so that it is at least viable for ALL of the community to buy and trade the rare items that currently go for over 100 million?
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  7. Carbon Based Unit Well-Known Player

    2 questions.


    Why has the monitory aspect of the game gone off the deep end?

    OK, I get that a business needs money, but it would seem like your goal would be to get people to subscribe. Now, it seems like you want people to buy 150 stabilizers every month just to have a chance to get the rare things out of the Time Capsules. The Qwardian event takes over $100 in replay badges to have a chance of completing the Q-Crown related feats while the event is around. On and on it seems like a huge push for more $ sales rather than subscriber base.


    Why is it so hard to get staff feedback about the big changes, like Stats Matter?

    A lot of questions and comments have come up in the development forum and all I see as replies are speculations by other players. Very, very rarely will a staffer ask for specifics and even more rarely will they answer a question. Now, I know they are busy, but I would think you would have someone cataloging these, getting a feel for things, and then putting out some information to help address them.

    For example, let me look at something I have tried bringing up. There are several problems with CR being a function of items. The Sorcery Fury is CR based, but CR does not reflect the Might and therefore DPS potential of a Sorcerer's powers. Another is how you will run into new content that is too easy for a seasoned player and/or too hard for a new one because the seasoned has SP and Mods that the new player does not but both can advance CR quickly. I got CR 188 in under 2 months but only had about 90 SP and NO mods. So even under the new Stats Matter system, there will be a discrepancy between my effectiveness and that of a seasoned player with 200+ SP and every piece with an affinity mod in it. Post about this in different dev and bug forums, get a ton of replies by other players, and 0 posts by staff. Not even something like, "We are taking that into account." or "We will have to look into that," or any other simple response.
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  8. Carbon Based Unit Well-Known Player

    QUESTION: I agree with the gold seller issue. Has a better, content based, chat filter ever been even looked at? A way to /allignore so EVERY character on the account ignores in one shot or wildcard filtering so /filter "www.*mmook.*com" will remove every version of those spammers in every channel in one command!

    Oh, and /ignore does not work well enough to address this. Not when you have to do it 6 to 18 times a day between different spammers and alts.
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  9. LT Schmitt Committed Player

    QUESTION: Why not just make a spin off with the stat and combat revamp and remove the PS3? You can call it DCUO2.0 or Why not just revamp the stats and not remove WM or AM, but just nerf them to electricity level?
  10. recoil Committed Player

    question: seriously will we ever see more iconic styles like sin avatar wings, trigon horn's(the stag like version), minotaur style armor(from af3) and the likes? some more iconic styles as drops or collection/briefing/investigation rewards would be nice.
  11. BabyBoyzim Dedicated Player

    Question: will all future feats be time capsule based.

    2. When do ya'll plan on pulling the pllug on this game?
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  12. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Why was Nature and Electric neglected for two years when other powers have gotten multiple updates??
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  13. Bose Well-Known Player

    Oh but wait this stat revamp was gonna make everything great again, they said so. Jack Emmert was supposed to make everything hunky dory with nicorns farting rainbows in a field of daisies.
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  14. Bose Well-Known Player

    Question: why is Daybreak and more specifically the DCUO dev team not transparent the player base?
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  15. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Question 1: Do you have any plans to lessen somewhat the amount of grinding needed for best gear in vendor?

    Question 2: Are the current drop rates for rare items in time capsules (auras, materials) intended? Do you have plans to increase them at all?

    Question 3: With regards to the stats revamp, are you designing the game so that time capsule mods will be essential for our characters?

    Question 4: How important is membership to the game's financial wellbeing? Are time capsule stabilizer sales more important (or more significant) than membership?

    Question 5: Giving members 2 advances to 100 was something extra for them and a nice token of appreciation. Do you have any plans for members-only deals or bonuses in the future?
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  16. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Question: What is your favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner?
    Follow-up: Do you use any styling products or is your hair that fabulous naturally?

    Question: Would you or anyone else at the Austin studio be willing to place a flaming bag of dog poo on the doorstep of the local Bioware office, ring the bell, and run away screaming "You ruined The Old Republic, you greedy monsters!!!"?

    Question: Considering every addition to the game that is not included with membership devalues what is included in comparison, are there plans to revamp the membership plan to make it more attractive to players?
    Follow-up: If not, have you seriously considered simply removing membership entirely and to instead focus on microtransactions and the marketplace to generate revenue?

    Question: Do you enjoy your coffee as the good lord intended, without cream or sugar?
    Follow-up: Automatic drip, french press, percolated, instant or Keurig?
    Follow-up to the follow-up: If instant, would you make a pledge to never again drink coffee ever?

    Question: How much weight are you giving to the feedback being given regarding the transformation of DCUO known as "Stats Matter?"
    Follow-up: Would abandoning the current development direction and starting again possibly be on the table?

    Question: Are you taller than Spytle?

    Question: Who would win in chess, you or Mepps?

    Question: What currently do you view as the biggest obstacle to the success of DCUO in the future?
    Follow-up: What do you view as the most successful feature of the game as of right now?

    I may add more as the mood strikes.
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  17. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Question 6: Do you still have plans to make style unlocking for alts a reality? Or has that idea been rejected?
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  18. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    Question: Can you post a video of you and jack emmert kicking rocks outside the building this time?
  19. Korot New Player

    QUESTION: is the only way to get the Stabilizers to unlock Time Capsules trough the market place or is there a way to research them in game?
  20. Savior Prime Dedicated Player

    I had to respond to this. The biggest problem with this game in it's current state is that people don't get SP and only get gear to get their CR up. The whole point of STAT revamp is to make the stats matter again. So if a person with 188 CR wants to do as much as a seasoned high SP player. They will have to do what the person with 200+ SP player did. EARN FREAKIN FEAT POINTS TO GET SP!!!!!!

    Thats right, you actually will have to put time and work in on your toons to be effective again. When Stat Revamp hits live, CR will not mean anything. Your pets will no longer be based on CR, but on your stats. NOTHING will be based on CR except to gain entry into the next teir level content and a label.

    So, all you people who spent all your time on gear and didn't even try to get your will now have to make a choice, leave the game to the dedicated players who stick with the game through all their bad decisions, or leave and find something else to play thats more your speed and ease of play.
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