List of PvP Issues (Devs please respond)

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Mercenary Checkmate, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Klownnuke Active Player

    Atomic DPS here. Can confirm Atomic Tank is OP.

    That said, when fighting Electricity players with godly heals (in DPS role) and Mental DPS with nigh-unbreakable stuns, it can be really tempting to go Tank role. Not saying Atomic DPS is weak, it’s certainly not as bad as some other powers, but unfortunately it’s not the most effective way to win under the current PvP meta.

    Fixing specific issues with certain powers is a good start, but it won’t do much to fix PvP as a whole. We need a full-scale PvP Revamp. Everything needs to be rebalanced.
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  2. IceRaider Committed Player

    You forgot broken rifle and op batman/robin block breaks.
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  3. Roguester Well-Known Player

    i remember a guy saying the same thing about dark souls pvp,and now the pvp comunity is 80 people,if u dont cry to get things balanced or work as intended you will eventually loose playerbase.
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  4. Emerald Vibe Committed Player

    PVP doesn't bring in money to the game.
  5. Hydraze Active Player

    There is nothing fair about anything he listed. PVP is busted and if you hate his list you're simply one of the people who abuse something on it. As a PVP player you should be pushing for balance.
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  6. Hydraze Active Player

    A thousand times yes! I was kicking this guy's can but as soon as his dog supercharge was ready I couldn't kill him once!
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  7. dilqncho New Player

    The game as a whole is very non-PvP based atm, which I think is the main problem. It's not a priority, neither for devs nor for players. I've spent the last hour flying around PvP phase Metropolis and have seen a MAX of 6 people, 2 of which were villains(I'm a hero) and none of which were over lvl 30.

    Another thing I, personally, take issue with, is disabling PvE gear in PVP instances. Come on. With the lack of open world PvP(and lack is honestly not strong enough a word) if I want to PVP, I'll enter a raid. So what, I enter with the gear I've spent weeks getting and am suddenly told it's literally, LITERALLY useless? Of course I'm not going to PVP. Every MMO I've played has different PVP and PVE gear with different stats and bonuses, and PVE gear is not AS GOOD for PVP, but such a blatant "F you, you wanna PVP, go get other gear or you might as well be naked" is something I've only seen here, and I do think it's a factor in turning people away.
  8. IceRaider Committed Player

    Doesn't mean paying players should suffer... time caps and booster bundles make plenty of money for them yes we want new improved pve stuff but when we're burnt out on all that PvP is a nice change of scenery.they should really fix the issues in PvP too.
  9. Road Kill Active Player

    Totally agree with IceRaider. Pvp is part of this game so if it ain't bringing in any cash or worth the attention that it needs from the devs, remove all pvp content, as that would eliminate all theses FIX PVP threads, being this is mostly about how good you look in the mirror rather than skill. All theses pvp complaints are a waste of my time and yours as I've never seen a green name rushing in here to give us the "pvp community" a heads up on anything pvp. The death of pvp has started!
  10. Vagrant Committed Player

    PVP could make money, the argument that PVP does not make money is ridiculous.

    First off all they need to do to monetize PVP is implement a system that is able to be monetized. Not to mention if they PAID ATTENTION to PVP tons of people would come back that left equaling more sub revenue.
  11. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    It did, and it can, but they'd have to incorporate PvP and PvE OP gear again. Plenty of people farmed the crap out of PBG and AnB for the OP items. So yes PvP can make money.
  12. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    There’s no reason players with PVE gear should be beating a player with pvp gear in pvp action. That’s why PVP phase was a mess. Getting pvp gear is the same as getting pve gear..... playing the mode it was designed for.
  13. Myxo Active Player

    The fact that any of you are still here talking about PVP just makes me feel infinitely better about my life.
  14. Mercenary Checkmate New Player

    personally, I never did PvE until I had full Malevolent Knight gear (this was when checkmate gear first came out). this was because I had no more gear to buy and wanted to get my sp up since it was the only way for me to improve statistically in PvP (I didn't have the checkmate dlc). as a player whose primary reason for playing was and is PvP, I'll keep whining on the forums until it's fixed. PvP still has the potential to be great if the devs stop ignoring it.
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  15. Road Kill Active Player

    I've just come out of pvp 2v2 match vs atomic and a mental player. What a ******* joke! i'm 101 they 96cr and 3 secs into the battle my health all gone. Thank devs for making a fair game! ********.
  16. IamShifty Active Player

    Where else should people discuss the issues of something game related??? Not on the forums? Smh
  17. Red Batern Well-Known Player

    Sorry to hear that. I hope things get better soon.

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