List of feats directly affected by the recent changes

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  1. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    Feats directly affected:

    Quick to recover - a.k.a Necropolis speed feat (under 15 minutes)
    Apokolips, Ow!/ Honeymoon's Over! - a.k.a defeat Lockdown bosses within 15 seconds of each other.
    No eggscape - a.k.a defeat Bruno Manheim and Chang Tzu simultaneously in Intergang Crime Wave.
    Go for the gold - a.k.a defeat the first boss of Intergang Crime Wave without allowing any of the golden crates to be stolen.
    Split decision - a.k.a defeat the bosses in Artifacts of the Past operation's split section withing 10 seconds of each other.
    Waking the dead - a.k.a defeat 1st boss of Artifacts of the Past operation after he revives all of the fallen Dreggs.
    Urgrund energy conservation - a.k.a defeat Kalibak/Mister Miracle when there are no energy fields in Artifacts of the Past operation.

    Feats directly affected are those that are made significantly easier just by the fact that bosses have much lower health pool.

    Feats passively affected:

    Pick One! - Cage each combination of bosses and artifacts in Lockdown.
    Ka-boom tube - Defeat Kalibak/Mister Miracle without allowing any invaders to come out of boom tubes.
    Hitting for the cycle - Defeat last boss of Necropolis with a certain number or without any enhancements.

    Passively affected feats are those that are made easier simply because there is less opportunities to make a mistake due to lower health pool.

    As you can see the majority of Halls of Power feats have been trivialized to an extent I don't want to mention. I don't expect an adjustment, but this health reduction was way too much.

    Personal preference:
    - I don't want 10 minute raids and alerts. I actually want to play the game.
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  2. ApacheTribe Well-Known Player

    As much as I see your point and agree to a certain extent, I've long since given up on this concept since it's happened in one form or another so often, aka content nerf to accommodate certain players. Besides, the pattern adopted by many in the community now seems to be to just wait until later and go back and do the hard feats when players become over geared thereby eliminating a significant amount of the difficulty like everyone that went to do the Epic Odyssey feat in Paradox with cr 108 players.

    Ironically, enough, many still have problems with the feats that require coordination and raid awareness not just "beast" stats.
  3. Myrdin69 New Player

    they should have adjust the feat allong with the health decrease, for example necropolis speed feat should be 10mn or less, Apokolips, Ow!/ Honeymoon's Over! should be defeat both boss within 10 second, etc... but i guess they would have mess with those who already have the feat in the process so ... meh

    anyway in a few weeks everyone will be so buffed up with the new gear that those feat would have become easy anyway.
  4. ErnieB Loyal Player

    The ones in yellow, if by now someone didn't have then it has nothing to do with health, but with groups, those 3 are very easy feats if you have a well coordinated group, hell I got Eggscape before when the only fixes ICW has had where no skipping the first part of Oolong, and the final fight not bugging with an endless fight, on without a troll in the group also.

    The ones in green, those don't really have anything to do with the bosses health, but again coordination, if a group knows that when Kalibak goes right, then the boom tube is on the other end then you should have no issues getting it, and this did had a very minor nerf of like a quarter of a second. And the other it all depends on the tank, a good tank wouldn't let the boss take an artifact anyway, and even with enhancements, the boss was never too hard to begin with.

    And for the last one, I understand your point, but the issue here is that players where getting booted out of groups for no good reason other than a raid taking longer than 20 minutes, and since devs don't know how to balance powers properly they might as well lower the bosses health then.

    PS:you forgot to mention any feats from LHSB, specially the one about not using a health barrel the whole alert.
  5. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    This is another issue. I heard DLC bosses got nerfed as well. I was super hyped for it but after this I'm starting to question myself.

    I wasn't fanatically against the nerf but this 40-50% health reduction is way too much. 10% would've been fine.
    I see where you're coming from but;

    Simultaneous kill feats require far more coordination when there is a higher health pool.

    Go for the gold - not a hard feat at all, but androids to get a CC immunity after a while. By lowering boss's health any group can do it now simply by focus firing the boss and not attacking the android carrier at all.

    Green feats you mentioned can fail even with best players simply because of random CC effects. Faster burn = less CC effects.
  6. kAiSeR007 Dedicated Player

    It's always the same thing, instead of isolating the problem and fixing what was currently wrong (Security Breach), they reduced the HP to every boss over CR104. I have no words for describing how of a joke the T6 raids are right now. We are talking about the current top end content, we are talking about an MMO where is more important now how my character looks like rather than how I play with it.

    And at the end of the day, this is just a band aid, this ain't fixing the problem, and not only certain easy and repetitive raid mechanics. The problem here is that there's no learning curve. Content was getting so easy update after update that a guy who just started playing could reach high CRs without knowing the game mechanics or his own powerset. And when those guys who rushed through content struggle with something, they just complain. Of course they do, the game didn't provide them any reliable learning curve, the raids were getting nerfed little by little so people just finish them without even knowing the mechanics, so when they face any raid that hasnt been nerfed yet they complain because they are not used to learn or understand the content or their own powerset.

    And if you think T6 raids are a joke, wait until the new DLC come. Our current cr94 gear is overpowered for the next DLC, imagine then how the content will look like when we use the cr97 one. We will be able to kill enemies just by standing near them, lol. All the challenging aspect of the game was left behind and instead we are focusing on customization and how our characters looks like, DC SIMS.

    And the funny thing is if you think otherwise you are called elitist and crap like that. Yeah well, sorry for taking the time to learn how a MMO and my powerset works instead of playing without knowing whats going on. I don't get why I have Superman as mentor, seeing how much I can hit, and how little the bosses last i should mentor all the Justice League.
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  7. Myrdin69 New Player

    fact is me too i want to play the game, not sleep around in a middle of a raid or an alert, if some found for example necropolis boss pre nerf interesting, good for you, a lot of us didn't.

    i have no problem spending 10mn or more on 1 boss personaly, but only if he have different forms and/or change his tactics in a middle of the fight (prime battleground), hell even 1 attack or mechanics that can cause a wipe is good enough for me (kalibak or even the general in lockdown for example, no problem spending 10 or 15mn on it).
  8. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    i think the health nerf in t6 was long over due just because something has a lot of health does not always mean its harder sometimes its just long and boring and thats what t6 had become so i am very happy they nerfed the health down

    a good idea for the t7 when it comes out would be to give bosses improved ai and tactics instead of just giving them a tonne of health and boring us again
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  9. E Clip Dedicated Player

    Yep, just finished Necro in 13 minutes with a 2 troll setup, no skipping and 2 very low dps...
  10. Zim New Player

    Normally I would agree with this. But the reality is that there are way to many people playing this game now that are more concerned with cosmetics than game play. Yes there are leagues out there that beat these raids pretty easily prior to the nerf. But there were way more people having trouble because of their obliviousness to gameplay.
  11. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Not an issue in the least. All the feats you listed don't change the difficulty of the feat, you can just get to the end result faster. I can guarantee that there are still people will have a hard time with any of those and most of us got them before this change.
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  12. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    Funny because so many complain that "players don't have enough SPs" and then complain when there are ways for them to gain FPs easier. It is almost as if these players think everyone should play this game exactly like they do, and want all avenues to play differently taken away. Lets not forget that the majority of players are casual players who don't have hours to spend working on rotations or testing against sparring targets, they want to come in, run content, and log off to spend time in the real world. These players are paying their subscriptions too, and should be allowed to play how they want... and as they are the majority... they shouldn't be inconvenienced more than those players who are OCD about 'maximizing' their characters and seeing others players as 'competition' instead of as teammates. Right now those type of players are the uber-minority and need to remember that... funny how they are also the type who criticize solo players... but then again, they criticize anyone who doesn't play how THEY play.

    And yes, going into WoTL2, level 94 gear is somewhat over-powered especially for Solos and Duos... but this DLC is meant to be a catch-up for those with level 92 gear and didn't run HOP1.
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  13. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    I agree, but I would also say that the 3 raids in DLC11 are appallingly bad in terms of enjoyment.

    The hardest part about Lockdown is ensuring you take 7 other players in there with you, who actually know what to do/how not to die. Overcoming ignorance is the only challenge in there because it isn't a challenging raid once you know how to avoid death.

    Lore wise, all 3 raids are terrible. Necropolis should be renamed "T6: Caves, Again". It features 3 uninspiring bosses. The final boss may as well just be the first boss. The 1st and 2nd bosses of the Operation are just as underwhelming.

    I play DC Universe Online for the DC Comics aspect of it. I expect to see lore and iconic characters. If I wanted to fight generic enemies like the Dreggs or custom made enemies like the Paradox monsters etc. then I'd play a generic fantasy MMO. I think that's why I love A&B so much. Because every boss is an Iconic character. 6 of the 8 raid bosses featured over those 3 raids are generic creatures inspired by an underwhelming aspect of the lore that nobody cares about. I'd be hard pressed to find anyone obsessed with Parademons, Bugs or Dreggs.

    With all that being said, I can totally forgive the developers for this. The New Gods lore is new and they didn't previously have any assets built to support it. At least in Part 2 (and then 3) they'll have Kalibak, Mantis, Mr Miracle and Big Barda to use and combine with whichever 4 new New Gods lore characters they introduce.

    Bottom line is they just aren't fun once you've beaten them for the first time. So I can sympathise with anybody who isn't interested in spending 30-60 minutes running these particular pieces content.