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    I just wanted to log out on a char (/logout) and was stuck in an endless loading screen, so I shut down the game with pressing X.
    When I reopened the game, I couldn't log in with another char, but was told, that I had a linkdead char.

    Now I try to log back in with the char, that I tried to log off before and which I got linkdead with, and am now stuck in an endless loading screen trying to get back into the game.

    Someone, who has me on his friends list, saw me "log in" about two mins ago, when I started logging in. But I'm still stuck in the loading screen without getting any progress.
    Then he checked the league-roster, which tells him I'm still in the seasonal instance, which I leftt 2 or 3 min before I tried to log out.

    I closed the game again, tried to log in again, same result:
    Char is linkdead and stuck in endless loading screen when trying to log back in, while my friends and league mates get the message, that I'm logging in and that I'm in the instance, that I left few minutes before trying to log out.
    I wonder, if shutting down the game via X resets the linkdead-timer again to 10 minutes, so I can't get back in anymore at all for the next 11 minutes. :confused:

    Please look into this.
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