Link the funniest threads you have ever seen

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by Careerpancakes, Jul 16, 2014.

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  1. The Sanctifier New Player

    Hey, what did I do?! Lmao.
  2. Cyclotrode X New Player

    you know ;)
  3. The Sanctifier New Player

    Lol, you're right. I've done so much that I don't even know what I'm responsible for anymore. You'd be surprised how many people send me tells and ask me if I'm the guy from the forums, etc. A lot more people read than post from what I've noticed.
  4. Careerpancakes New Player

    Hey what are you guys tal-
    Gender Identification and its Effect in DCUO (locked on the first page)
    That's...... new
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  5. The Doctor Loyal Player

  6. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    :eek: holy crap...I totall missed that. And I had some nice Monty Python gifs just laying around :(
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  7. KrimsonScourge New Player

    I was actually typing a reply to defend my toons honor and her choice of practical gear when it got locked.
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  8. KrimsonScourge New Player

  9. bareheiny 10000 Post Club

    Practical gear for the win....I really need to do some PvP for the body-armour for Anne. Poor young lass is running around hoping a Black Adam t-shirt will provide her enough protection :(
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  10. The Doctor Loyal Player

    Yeah, Quantum deserves complete credit for that one, very well played.
  11. KrimsonScourge New Player

    Mine wore a hoodie and cargo pants for a long time so don't feel bad. And that Black Adam t is sweet.

    Now my toon sports a nice mix of mobility and armor. Archer short sleeve short, New genesis shoulder guards (I love the way these look with the archer shirt, even more than the angelic ones in my sig), spec op gloves with the spiffy forearm gaurds, checkmate belt for all those handy pouches, winged fury cargo pants for more pouches AND knee pads which are the height of practicality when you're kneeing a perp in the teeth and the checkmate boots which when colored right look like makeshift armor is covering the front, the sharpshooter backpack for carting around all those weapons, and the split personality face for hiding identity. The long hair just makes her look badass though I suppose if she whipped someone in the face with it might blind them. I'll go with that.
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  12. Careerpancakes New Player

  13. KrimsonScourge New Player

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  14. Careerpancakes New Player

  15. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

  16. Careerpancakes New Player

  17. Zpred Dedicated Player

    Patch notes of gu36 :D can't link atm
  18. Careerpancakes New Player
  19. Careerpancakes New Player

  20. Careerpancakes New Player

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