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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Plum Crazy, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. HiImBoo New Player

    I was actually right outside of East End
  2. HiImBoo New Player

    Does it have anything to do with loading into that particular area of Gotham?
  3. Three Rivers Well-Known Player

    Three Rivers
    USPS server

    died in Unholy Matrimony on Trigon, group member picked me up, when i hit button to stand back up got error msg. and now I'm linkdead.

    Been linkdead now for 20 mins. and counting...
  4. GhostFly Killah Committed Player

    I had this problem in gotham doing seasonal.. I switched all my toons to pvp phase and haven't had issue since. Hope this helps with the gotham crashes.
  5. Graviton Well-Known Player

    Getting ridiculous.......every toon keeps dc'ing and getting errors when in Gotham. 4th link dead tonight......40 minutes !!!!
    USPS , ps4
  6. Danja9 Active Player

    I feel so sick. I can't believe u guys nerfed quantum. I don't feel like playing it this issue is fixed.
  7. bagofboom Committed Player

    Just had at least 5 consecutive LinkDead issues. Tried to log back in, got to the point where I saw my toon standing in Gotham, heard ambient sound and then got dc'd. Repeated the process, same result. I turned off my console (USPS4) then back on and tried again, same issue. I've given up at this point and I'm watching Netflix (no concern for LinkDeath there, lol). I know that this an old thread but it would seem it's still somewhat of an issue. This is the 1st time in a while that it's happened to me though.
    My toons name is Crystalline Essence. USPS4. 7pm-ish Ohio time.
    It is one at my alts and i was just jumping on to level him up a bit. Fought Full House, then joined another player in a group for Grundy and Clayface and we were on our way to kick Killer Frost's ice (see what I did there), when it started. As I logged in, before the kick I could see we were still in group and he was dc'd as well.
    Ill try again later tonight if I'm able or early in the morning at the latest. Please help, I'm already starting to get the shakes from withdrawal. :p (P.S. What exactly is LinkDeath?)
    Long Live DCUO!!
  8. TheNewJustice00 New Player

    KidFlashWallaceWest - Link dead for idk how long, cant get back into the game its been over an hour now, I pay to play not to do nothing :(
  9. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    You need to drop the game for 10 minutes straight, attempting to log back on seems to reset the bug-timer(?), so yeah, you can go a whole hour like that.

    A preemptive meassure i've found is, before DCing, (when everything stads still and you realize you are about to crash), bring out the log out screen and select "switch character" so the DCing will show as error attempting to switch chars, this seems to prevent the linkdead.
  10. Rose Knight New Player

    yeah...the whole wait 10, 15min or whatever doesnt help all. its not a fix what needs to be done is instead of focusing on new content the current problems need to be fixed. no matter where u go in the game ur not safe. i was teleporting while doing a group instance and got link dead. also the reset and restart of game doesnt always help either. this is beginning to become a waste of money
  11. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    I don't think they are ignoring it, or that they need to stop everything else just to fix that, lets not forget that the team was reduced, they have to continue producing content because well, that's the model that was implemented at DB, it's not like any given dev woke up one day and said "screw it! i'll forfeit fixing bugs and just do content...montlhy...take that Rose Knight! :cool:" (jk)

    Now, another thing i personally believe may be affecting the fix, is that this might be a difficult to replicate bug, its not a power used in a certain way, or an evironment interaction, it legitimately is: randomly getting disconnected and randomly being stuck in linkdead.

    I tried to replicate when trying to find a way to bypass it (thats how i found the preemptive logout), i can tell you its not easy to cause it. It's really not like they have to spin their chair to where the "stuck in linkdead" switch is and just turn it off.

    I get where the annoyance comes from (getting stuck in linkdead doesn't precisely make me smile), and i also get it's not ideal, but i hardly think that the subject is being ignored, in bugs like this, sometimes the cause lies in a seemingly unrelated place.

    That said, i'd advise to try my "switch char" advice, it's hardly ideal, but so far it has prevented me from going linkdead every single time i've used it :) i really hope it helps! and hang in there!! I really believe the game is starting to look up!!
  12. Rose Knight New Player

    Well for one thing this bug is not new its been here for awhile. true it may take away from profits to delay updates and focus on such a bug but wouldn't it be better in the log run? also there is a way to help link dead players that i haven't seen done as of yet though its like using a bandage over a wound that needs stitches.
    they have the ability to move our characters from the location so we can log in. so why isn't there some way, not support takes forever at times, to let them know of characters who are link dead. it could be dedicated for that reason only and they can make sure to check it every now and then to free those who are dead link. Shocker:eek:
  13. Twall21 New Player

    1. FireLord Sona
    3. Around 6 o'Clock
    4. i have a linkdead character and i tried to login to him and its just stuck on the loading screen. itried to close the application , restart the game and its still stuck on the loading screen
  14. MLGRengar New Player

    US Server
    Screen is not intisalled

  15. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Every time i log onto my Villain it crashes the game and the Linkdead bug cycles over and over.
  16. Businessman Ultra Well-Known Player

    Linkdead bug happens everytime I log in to my main character on Ps4. Doesn't happen when I log in to the laggy Ps3 though. Wonderful "thanks for upgrading your console and purchasing legendary again" gift...
  17. XxGodsRathxX New Player

  18. Glacial Breeze Well-Known Player

    Have been linkdead for about an hour with Necci, went link dead during a loading screen while zoning from Themiscyra command center to watchtower.
  19. DOMINATOR ITA Active Player

    I have 2 pg in the test server that you are disconnected in their bases and every time I try to connect me dead link is a week that by this problem are the only one to have it?

    now is ok thx
  20. Cloud Ultima New Player

    Had the linkdead issue happen to me while flying around on my character Cloud Autem on EUPS Server, now cannot login with it, getting the crash every time, either on the loading screen, or soon after I spawn in. I noticed lots of other people were (Disconnected) during the brief time I was logged in. Please fix this issue or just remove the "Linkdead" system. It is clearly not working and has not worked for the last 2 years, just remove the feature if you can't fix it.

    Also had the same error on my other character; Cloud Venenum. Also EUPS. Luckily for that character I managed to log in and move it a few times, eventually the error stopped happening.. I now believe there is a certain area that is causing this error. Just please fix this, no-one wants to have to lose characters for something like this.. And it's very worrying, what if this happens to my main?

    Edit: Just managed to get logged into my Cloud Autem character and it seems like the server had moved my character, as I was not standing in the same place as I was last time. This further leads me to believe that it is a location based error. For reference, I was near the Metrodome, to the left on the map. I have no idea of precise location though

    Re-edit: Well it's just happened again, right next to the Metrodome, flying in to pick up the quests for the Queen Bee chain. This is really annoying and is making me an unhappy member. :(
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