Link-dead bug

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Plum Crazy, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. AnonymousLantern New Player

    ENDLESSxRAGE. USPS3 Dced out of Blackdawn and got the link-dead message.
  2. The Doctor Loyal Player

    6am PST

    If you guys don't correct this soon I'm dropping my sub. I've handled all the crap from launch with a smile, but this inability to play MULTIPLE times a day is the last straw. Login, immediately disconnected twice with ten minute cool downs? Really?
  3. The Doctor Loyal Player

    Five more times this has happened to me today. How in the hell do you people not address this?
  4. SirDone New Player

    Hi Hi my toon name is sir don.
    I play on the USA server.
    Its been over a hr now. its 8.45 pm here now.
    I cant log on my main toon. it gos to the loading screen.
    when it loads to screens. it gos to the Disconnection screen.
    Every time I try to log on. I don't know whats going on bit I would love for some one to
    please tell me whats going on. I was in a run and I tele out to the hall of doom. and I got dced. now I can log back in on sir don at all.
    I even sit here intel the linkdead gos away. and yet I still cant log on.
  5. AnonymousLantern New Player

    What's up guys? Got the "linkdead" message again. AP0LLUS. USPS4. Aprox 1 pm eastern time. Completed a t5 duo, bowed and left thru the in game portal. Returned to character select and left with link dead.
  6. AnonymousLantern New Player

    Actually happened yesterday on one of my other characters too. QUANTUMxTHEORY. USPS4
  7. AnonymousLantern New Player

    LINKDEAD. 3:59 pm eastern. USPS4. QUANTUMxTHEORY. Qued for Necro and when I accepted the prompt to join I was taken back to character select with "LINKDEAD" above my character level.
  8. Trag New Player

    idk if its time relevant, just happened to me Crimson Wendigo
  9. godonfire Active Player

    Hello mepps my ingame character is EviL munition I was trying to do throne regular today but my ps4 was disconnected and my character went dead link now Im trying to log in back to the game using the same character but I cant I stay stock on the log in dcuo screen please help me thank you.
  10. godonfire Active Player

    I found a way to fix the deadlink in my character I disconnect my internet modem and wireless router for 10 minutes problem fix now I can get back online
  11. SunOfRa New Player

    Dead linked
    Snow Guardian
    8:00pm pacific
    Cant get back in at all
  12. SunOfRa New Player

    Link dead again, for 20+ minutes and blue error screen this time.
  13. Shaxuul New Player

    My internet happened to cut out for only 1 minute, AND A WHOPPING HOUR AND A HALF LATER, STILL LINKDEAD. It's been nearly 2 hours now, and still can't get back into the game. WTF.

    Character name: Nuqular
    CR: 86
    Server: USPC

    Was in the middle of helping someone out in a mission that I normally can't access, since they have a different mentor than me. But I followed them into the mission, and towards the end my internet briefly cut out.
  14. Cadence New Player

    Glad to see this is still happening two years later... Went linkdead and haven't been able to get on for the past 45 minutes an still counting.

  15. Cadence New Player

    And have been unable to login for over 2 hours now.
  16. judgeday1904 Well-Known Player

    I hate when this happen. They always says that this will be fixed but so far its always the same thing.
    I give up. I cant enter now.
  17. Lushus Foxx New Player

    Link Dead and disconnected! This is frustrating!:(:confused:
  18. mmeow New Player

    Link Dead!USPC mmeow cant log in last 3 hours
  19. HiImBoo New Player

    1. Character name: Wispen
    2. USPC
    3. 10pm EST
    4. Linkdead, wasn't in any instance.
  20. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Any chance you were in the Burnley District of Gotham?

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