Link-dead bug

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Plum Crazy, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. superman0215 New Player

    There trying to get you back to where you where

    And that's what I was doing too but I was doing the save riddler mission
  2. zsnatch New Player

    us pc
    330 eastern
    stuck on loading screen for the last 45 minutes
  3. KDragon New Player


    PS3 OS v4.65 (latest)
    18 gb free space on hard drive
    50 gb Ethernet internet connection Comcast.

    DCUO halloween version (latest)
    Premium Membership with 6 DLC Fight for the Light, Lightning Strikes, Battle for Earth, Last Laugh, Hand of Fate, Home Turf.
    Toon id name KDragon4839
    kdubbulous psn sm
    level 30 pve cr 87, pvp cr 97, sp 100, pp 15

    seem to occur most often when speed flying.

    Screen shots available upon request..
  4. Toisolja New Player

    Hi dcuo, i cant log in or switch to other as it says link dead, its been over a hour and i still cant log in, can u plz sort dis out as a paying customer i do not expect this to happen especially its my weekend!!!! My character name is ToisoljaH......
  5. Tdawg14 Landfall New Player

    Link Death here too!! wtf is going on??? i can't login. im on PS4. I crashed a second ago and when i tried to get back in bam link dead!

    Im Tdawg14 Landfall
    Crashed at South Gotham in the brainiac mission
  6. DevDirt Developer

    We are still working on this issue. If you run into this issue, a temporary work around is to stay logged out for 10 minutes before logging back in.

  7. arcfussion Well-Known Player

    Now I get link death just for being in the game!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd time today but now I cant even get back into the game cuz it won't connect to the server .Tried router reset and still nothing .I'm really getting tired of going thru this everyday!!!! Linkdead toon is WereWraith US PS4 server time of death 7 :59 pm est.Cause ...standing in a leaguemates base chatting cause unknown.
  8. Isikel New Player

    USPS (PS4)
    Now (9:15 PM EST)
    Was doing seasonal daily in East End Gotham. Pickup up a bubbled trick-or-treater, froze, disconnected, now LINKDEAD. Tried to log in several times and no joy.

    Considering this is a newly added feature, and these issues were reported on the test server, this should be at the top of your to do list. At the very least remove Link Death from the game and put it back on the test server til it's working 100%.
  9. Aris New Player

    USPS (PS4)
    Now 9:40

    I was trying to log on for the first time since Thursday and my Account gets a linkdead status. i thought it had to do with possibility that my account has not been sub since august and kiraxyamato is a celestial healer and didn't paid for DLC 9. So paid for legendary thinking it would fix this issue. But clearly it did not. Can you please fix this issue. Thank you very much
  10. true New Player

    now (6:50 pst)

    got dc in a pvp match now my main has linkdeath...
    get dc'd the sec i try to log in with that toon 5x times
    cant log in on any other toon because main has linkdeath.
  11. WolfmanPaco New Player

    Got linkdead around 12:30am est, Was doing the enraged magistrate mission part of the spectre series when it disconnected, now I can't connect to the server on any of my characters because of this. Please help as soon as possible.

    Cisco Ramon
  12. WolfmanPaco New Player

    It's back on but thanks anyways
  13. seldomvillain New Player

    Seldomvillain - character name
    usps - server
    1:55 ish am
    i went to buy legendary while in a raid group and now i have link dead and no legendary as i did buy legendary the 3 month deal and it shows as if i dont have legendary im pretty frustrated with this i dont k ow what to do
  14. KDragon New Player

    Link Dead occurs 3 times again TODAY and wouldn't let me back into the game AT ALL.
    I also couldn't login with another Character because it says I needed to log out with the Link Dead Character first.
    PLEASE allow us to go to another character like I had been able to a couple Weeks ago....

    Config info
    PS3 OS 4.65
    DCUO sw v1.79
    50 gb Internet connection (Ethernet-Comcast)
    18 gb available on HD
    Character names: KDragon4839, KDragon117, KDragon9621, KDragon007, LiteSider
    Purchased DLC's (6);
    Fight for the Light
    Lightning Strikes
    Battle for Earth
    Last Laugh
    Hand of Fate
    Home Turf
  15. KillahBags Level 30

    I got link dead never had it before, but I haven't been able to log in for a few hours now because of it, username KillahBags .... I wasn't doing anything special either it was right in the middle of a legends 1v1
  16. TheDark Devoted Player

    Link dead does not work. Just get rid of it. I just finished grinding the Halloween event and when I tried to exit it wouldn't let me leave the instance. Now I have link dead and I cannot log back in the one night I can play.
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  17. Oligonicella Well-Known Player

    Wait for ten minutes? I've been waiting for over half an hour now and nothing. Your temporary 'fix' message was last week, Wednesday. If you can't get a fix in five days, drop linkdead. It's clearly not functioning.

    Mala Tink - USPC.

    I wasn't even grouped, doing an alert or raid. I was just trying to enter a solo. What's the rational behind that? And locking your entire account? Ridiculous.

    Oh, while you're at it, get the support certification fixed. Having to make an exception because your certification doesn't match is a little lame.

    Just got back on, but like I said, over half an hour, not ten minutes.

    OK, how wrong I was. Just tried to re-enter T.O.Morrow's lab and got "Waiting for Interest Server" or what it's called. Disconnected again, linkdead again. Probably have to wait another half hour again.
  18. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    If TODAY you have experienced the continuous linkdeath bug (stuck out of the game for ten minutes), please let us know:
    • Which platform (US/EU PC/PS)
    • Character name
  19. MrNamNiffum2 New Player

  20. Marek Committed Player

    Ive had link dead for about an hour now. Was just in a 1 vs 1 legends match when it happened. Just dc'd then bam linkdead. First time this has happened to me so i try to log back in and everytime it takes me to a loading screen then get kicked back out to character select screen. Sometimes it even says unable to log into server or something like that.

    Noticed this thread has been going for 3 months now. Unbelievable and still no fix. Guess i need to go work for them cuz it would be be the only job i know of that can constantly and consistently break stuff .... take forever to fix it ( if ever) .... and still get paid for it!

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