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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Plum Crazy, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I believe what he means is the following scenario:
    1. You queue for an instance, your instance becomes available, and you accept it.
    2. While waiting for the rest of your group to accept the instance, you decide to change locations, e.g. enter a safehouse/police department.
    3. In the process of changing locations, you have a loading screen.
    4. At the time of that loading screen, your group accepts the instance, and you are simultaneously teleported to the instance.
    With the above scenario, you are essentially in 3 places at once: the place you were in before you decided to change locations, the location you changed to, and the instance you queued for. This is causing Link Death to fail because it does not know whether to place you in the location you were changing to or the instance you queued into.
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  2. Legion_of_One Well-Known Player

    I have been crashing constantly since the update, and every time I try to get back on the game, I have to go back to the toon that I was on when the crash occurred, then try to switch toons and hope I don't crash again. Not loving this Link Death feature.
  3. stl4now Well-Known Player

    Yeah I messed up. Accepted a queue and decided to warp to my league hall at the same time. I feel sheepish.

    I guess i will wait for a fix. Oh well.

    11:10pm CST
  4. Psycheotic New Player

    1. Psycheotic
    2. USPC
    3. 12:55pm-ish (Perth, Australia)
    4. Won't allow me to sign into main toon Psycheotic, either has me on loading page for ever, or says that it cannot connect to server. I try going on another toon, and it says I have a character on my account with a dead link (so I cant use either toon)
    5. Most often happens when I'm teleporting but also within the 60 second window of possiby going into an alert/mission, but always involves a teleporter

    Other people on various forums and league on Raidcall say it only lasts for about 10-15mins, but its been over 20 mins for me :(

    Please help!
  5. Psycheotic New Player

    yeah, this is what happened to me recently - still not able to get in :(
  6. Parker Level 30

    DAY 2

    1. Parker (My main this time)
    2. USPS
    3. 10:30 ish
    4. When I first came on, I grouped with a friend to chat as I went to the N. Burnely nightclub to pick up the seasonal mission from Tala. During this time we didn't queue for anything, we were just chatting like we normally do when we run our solo content. As soon as I started to enter Gotham, I hit a loading screen and got kicked out. I get the nice Brainiac screen that states :: "Disconnected. Lost Connection. You must be signed into your SEN account and connected to the online network to play."

    Second time, I am able to reach the character select screen and making into Gotham. The link death didn't place me back into the group with my friend. I'm not sure, if that's intended since we were running content at the time. This time, nothing renders for three mins and there is no sound/music. Lucky, I am still able to get into the nightclub and things slowly return to normal. Until I made the stupid mistake of trying to go into Gotham again and try to get to a mission.

    I was able to load in. I actually say other players in front of me and in my map, which is what I normally experience with lag/render issues on the PS3. As I flew two block away from the nightclub, I lost connection again. And got the same screen telling me I was disconnected. Tried logging in again, and was mocked by the Batman loading screen until it timed out.

    This the problem I running into. Trying to get into Gotham. I have tried to see if the problem also includes other large areas like the HQs, Metro and battle zones. I really hope I'm not the only one. As far as I can tell, it's not my internet because I was able to run this game fine before the update.

    Additional info: I waited the ten minutes like most suggested. My character wasn't dead linked. So I attempted to log in and just two seconds of hitting the loading screen I was disconnected.
  7. PolarAnnihilation New Player

    1. Kairi Normandeau
    2. USPC
    3. 5:12 AM
    4. I tried to load an instance, and teleport at the same time. My own fault really. However, now I can't get onto my character at all. I load for days.
    5. All I need to do is exit the game, and relog it. This replicates the situation.
  8. MrNamNiffum New Player

    Main account
    1. MrNamNiffum
    2. USPS Server
    3. 5:23 A.M.
    4. I got link death after getting stuck on loading leaving PvP lair battle ( 2v2) and before that i accidentally accepted The Queud instance and I teleported to East End Police Station, I did not know of this Linkdead bug for i have been playing since late May. PLEASE FIX THIS.

    ( 88 Sp. 100 PvE Cr, 98 PvP cr)
  9. JaySmoove New Player

    1. BigBlack Richard
    3.10AM EST
    4. Cannot login on character, says "LINKDEAD" above Level:30 on character screen. Will try to login, l9ad screen, pops right back out to Character Selection screen.
    5. Logging in...

  10. arcfussion Well-Known Player

    I'm unfortuneately linkdead now. Yaaaay! ArcFussion US PS4 server. This is ridiculous.Time around 10:20 am est .I entered my base to use teleporter after doing Halloween alert ,upon entering teleporter to east end pd I was stuck onload screen .I logged off and now I can't get back in game cuz it says this toon is linkdead.In my years of playing DC I've never had link dead or heard of it.
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  11. chicanary Active Player

    Server: USPC
    Faction: Villian
    Character Name: Tuula
    What: Finished first boss of ICW. Ported into the Oolong thingy. Game Client had a fail moment where I had a hellaciously long loading screen. Exited Client. Re-logged on my link dead toon. Hellaciously long loading screen stuck on Classic Batman (is this new). Grabbed some coffee. Still loading. Exited.

    It's about 7:45 PST. I'm gonna go grocery shopping. Please have this fixed within 2 hours.

    Mepps. Pros and Cons to this latest udpate. Whoever's responsible for the amped up Harvest. Dude. If I were inclined towards procreating, I'd offer to have your children. Serious. It's a-*******-mazing!

    I've had "deserter" maybe three times in the roughly three months I've been playing. I left a mostly fail PW party at the same moment the scoreboard came up and got deserter. Dude. I should not be punished for sticking it out and leaving asap.
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    By zoning, we mean going from one area to another, when you see the loading screen.
  13. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    If you are unable to enter the game, we do expect you to be able to if you stay completely out of the game for 10 minutes.
  14. Furling Well-Known Player

    This is what finally got me back in. When I stayed logged in on the loading screen for 15 mins, I wasn't able to get back in. When I was completely out of DC for about 10 mins, my league mates saw me finally logout in-game and I was able to get back in.
  15. petzer New Player

    I disconnected last night and it let me login right away back into the halloween event instance and get my loot. So I guess it's working for me yay!
  16. X-zero Loyal Player

    Was heading from north burnley nightclub to gotham and while doing that my moon pvp match started. I heard someone inside complaining about the long timer and I was still stuck at a loading screen. I hit quit game thinking I could get back in before too much had happen. I got another infinite loading screen. Quit game again. This time I tried to load another character and got a message about use my linkdead character or try again later.

    USPS around noon on the central time zone
  17. Patches1 New Player

    Just to let you know.

    Running A&B today experienced link death during teleport from mogo. I was able to quickly re-log and was placed back into mogo and finished the raid. However, I was no longer able to see the leaderboard what I did see was the Que screen. So without the leaderboard I was unable to exit the raid via the leave instance option. I waited until everyone in the group disbanded and still unable to leave the instance or un-que the raid. Problem was resolved by using the new disconnect feature and no more link death :) . Not sure if this is how it was intended to work so just giving you all an FYI.

    1:30pm est.
  18. Parker Level 30

    Mepps, I don't know if my problem is related to link-dead bug. Because I'm not queuing, I just going into large areas. On my character Parker, I was able to go to the North Burnely safe house. It was a bit laggy, but manageable. I was able to load into Gotham. And a one minute later, I was booted. I was linkdead for ten minutes. So I waited. I tried to log in and was able to find a portal. I tried to activated and Parker got stuck in animation where it got stuck in a loop of my character trying to activating the node.

    I waited ten minutes, and went on my hero Wiccan. I was able to load in. And two seconds later, everything disappeared and was kicked. I went on another character I knew was in their base. I was able to hang out and talk to a friend to see if he too was having an issues. I was able to use the teleported to travel to my main character's base to check mail. So, I figure I can go to my main and move her to her base. When I logged in, that character so how managed to her into her base. I waited for everything to load in, and tried to use the teleport and my character got stuck. I couldn't move her. Then, I was kick.

    Here is something use I noticed. When I'm about to get kicked. Nothing shows up on my map. It's a blank canvas with the exception of the building outlines and icons for races and base/nightclubs. From my personal experience, even when I has lagging really bad, I could still see enemies and other players on my little map on the corner of my screen. At Ace Chemicals, it seems that T.O. Morrow and friends took the night off. And just to see, I tried a different game with multiplayer and didn't have any issues. I don't know how accurate the comparison is, but I figure it might be a good test to see how my PS3 and my internet might react.

    I hope this helps you guys figure out if this is related to linkdead problem or its something else I'm dealing with. And any suggestion would be awesome. I would really like to get some of these nice seasonal feats.
  19. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    this happened to me on my main this morning Miss Adora. I tried logging in 4 times but kept getting stuck at loading screen. I was warping from my base to watch tower. I didn't know this was an issue so I sent in a ticket about it. I was able to get back in after I sent in a ticket and check my email.
  20. Aurore New Player

    First, thanks for your work trying to get to the bottom of this.

    I don't think I can reproduce what happened to me. I had finished the seasonal, got out fine, and was doing the open world part if the seasonal while still grouped up with my league mate. I was flying near N Burnley Night Club and Dc'd with no lag, no problems with rendering, etc that some others had. I could not log in again until my league mate saw me drop from group. I confirmed it was not the PC by us using my daughters account to log in and it was fine.

    This was Tuesday night, around midnight eastern US time zone.
    Character was Kilio Malaika, USPC.
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