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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Plum Crazy, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. FearsomeScarecrow Well-Known Player

    1) ManiacalJoker
    2) USPC- Villain
    3) 11:00pm Central
    4) Was running gotham seasonal, got disconnected tried to relog. It allowed me to launch the game> choose my character> showed a legendary character> disconnected again. Been 16 min now about to try again but doubt it'll come back up :/
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  2. Solar Well-Known Player

    1. Kelly Gruber
    2. USPS4
    3. 1215AM Eastern
    4. Left seasonal alert after it has completed through the portal and ended up on never ending load screen. After waiting several minutes closed program. Said character linkdead and have been on a loading screen for a bout 15 minutes now waiting for game to load up.
    5. See 4
  3. Weapon Sonic New Player

    Same here for the character Weapon Sonic. Logged in and got into Gotham and got kicked out. Now trying to get back in and getting a linkeddead error.
  4. FearsomeScarecrow Well-Known Player

    Just wanted to say I'm back up and was able to finish my seasonal. It didn't allow me to pick any other character at the time, it repeatedly said, "You have a character that is linkdead" in all took 31 min. Something you guys really need to look into during shutdown because luckily i was making a new toon and running seasonal, if i had this problem during a T6 raid or something where people relied on my presence probably would've been alot less happy. Anyway thank you if you had something to do with me being able to actually play again because i do love this game ^-^. ALSO, if you people hadn't already posted a thread, in TD the boss Phoenix one run spawned 4x instead of 3 and on a 2nd run phoenix was just a blob of fire. Something definitely wrong there lol, again this is on Villain USPC. these were runs hours apart
  5. SupertoadLive Well-Known Player

    I just DC'd in the seasonal after resetting it and am now "flagged" as LINKDEAD on my character select screen. When I choose that toon to play, it starts to load and then disconnects. I'm guessing I've gotta wait the ten or so minutes like Mepps mentioned in the thread about currently known GU 41 issues. Bummer sauce. At least I got my keen Plastic Superman Mask.
  6. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    I don't have that issue very often.
    But sometimes it just happens, that I'm stuck in an endless loading Screen when logging in or out, which I just resolve with shutting down the game via X.
    Seems like that now leads to linkdead after this GU.
  7. Parker Level 30

    1. Nite Brother
    2. USPS3
    3. Since 11:16 pm PST
    4. I went to Gotham to start the season. I would fly around and nothing would load it. Then, I would be kicked off. I was able to login for two seconds then get kicked off again. I tried logging in and was placed in a long loading screen. I logged back in and this time I didn't have any friends list, base list, or league list. My skill points and load out were missing. When looking at the menus, they were applied but someone on actively working. Then when I tried to switch, it disconnected me. As able to log back in, skill points and load out returned. However, I can't run the mission because whenever I try to pick something up it cause my character to be stuck. And then I was disconnected again and I'm still trying to log back as I'm typing this report.
    Please get rid of the feature. I remember the same set of problem when it was implemented the last.
    5. I don't know how it can be replicated. It just random. The only constant was looking to hell portals in Gotham and being disconnected.
  8. Stingray New Player

    I also have link death, it will not allow me to choose any other character, and when the link dead character is chosen it gets stuck in a loading screen. Rebooted several times, no change, been going on for 7 hours now. On my last try it has been on the loading screen for 2 hours straight. Need to get my dc fix, its like crack please help.
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  9. PlatypusMessiah New Player

    My message was from 2013. I haven't had problems with link death since GU41
  10. Nyki Massacre New Player

    Hi just happens to me, I wanted to enter new event instance and loading remained in page loading, disconnect ps4, and I try to enter more than 10 minutes loading screen, but does not connect. :(:(

    Character name is Nyki Massacre
    server: eu ps
    Time: 16: 14 europe, spain
  11. xoNikkijune New Player

    Character Imperatrix Lilith
    Server- USPS
    Time- Oct. 8,2014 10:45 EST
  12. Isikel New Player

    Just saw this happen to a player in STAR Labs alert.

    1) [can't remember his name]
    2) USPS
    3) 11:00 AM (EST)
    4) He did not move at all after entering the instance. Stood on entry teleporter the entire time. After a few minutes I saw the linkdeath symbol appear next to his name. Two minutes later the linkdeath symbol disappeared, then reappeared a few seconds later. This continued for a full 30 minutes.

    I added him to my friend's list and watched him login and disconnect over two dozen times during the run. While this was going on we were not able to kick him, to get another player. Even when he was online, still in the group with no linkdeath symbol next to his name, we got "[player name] cannot be found" message each time we tried to kick him.

    So, not only is it a big inconvenience to everyone reporting on this thread, but everyone else that was in their group, running a raid, alert or duo... unable to get a replacement for the entire run.

    Link death needs to go, permanently. Kill it with fire and bury it. If this is the result of over a year of tweaking the idea, spend your resources elsewhere.
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  13. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I got to watch it happen to one of the guys in the league last night. I happened to have that guy on my friends list as well. His toon stayed on in league, but kept logging in and out from the friends list. Really funky.
  14. DevDirt Developer

    We are still investigating the loading screen issue and hope to have a resolution ASAP. A fix went out last night for getting stuck when returning from LinkDeath.

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  15. KnightBleed New Player

    1. Knight Bleed
    2. USPS4
    3. 2:17Est
    4. Qued up for Seasonal and got a never ending load screen, closed the app on the system and when I got back in it says LinkDeath and wont allow me to get on any other character.
  16. grimxxbeast New Player

    wont let me log in after randomly kicking me
    i have no clue what caused it i was collecting breifings then i was just kicked for no reason
  17. grimxxbeast New Player

  18. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We believe we have isolated at least part of the issue here. The issue occurs when you are zoning to one location and we attempt to zone you to another (for example, when an On Duty queue pops).

    To avoid this for now, do not zone for the 60 seconds after you have accepted a queue.


    If you still experience an issue with link death when you are not queuing, please post and let us know.
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  19. Parker Level 30

    Mepps, can you explain what zoning is? I'm a little confused. If it involves just queuing, that's not the issue that I faced last night. I was just roaming around Gotham attempting to do the seasonal.
  20. DerMorat New Player

    I was using my Alt for the season event

    1. DerMorage
    2. USPS
    3. 7:15 pm
    4. Linkdeath after being stuck in loading screen, not able to log in on any toon or the linkdeath toon.
    5. Go to vault, as soon as vault starts loading exit the app due to a infinist loading screen glitch. The game thinks you did your vault for the day and says sorry buddy, not only do you lose out on your Vault today but your done for the night.
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