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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Plum Crazy, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. DragonBearer New Player

    Pardon me I am experience the same issue ,my name is DragonBearer from USPS
  2. ACE FREHLEY Well-Known Player

    I just recently had a linkdeath issue. I am on the PS4 console.
    1) REDLANTERN FURY -character name-
    2) PSUS -server-
    3) 3:45pm Eastern Timezone
    4) I was entering the East End Gotham Police Station. Got stuck in a loading screen, so I closed the application.
    Reloaded my character, same loading screen problem. Shut down the PS4, reloaded. Same endless load screen.
    Posted on the forums, and a fellow member said to wait 10min, and sure enough it worked.
    5) I have no idea except doing what I did.
  3. Patches1 New Player

    Linkdeath issue during loading screen upon completion of PvP 4x4 arena.
    approx @ 4:25pm est
  4. oCYBORGx New Player

    oCYBORGx usps server 3:07pm est it will not let me relog it just keeps kicking me off i was in pvp when it disconnected me and my friend
  5. ACE FREHLEY Well-Known Player

    Just happened again on ANOTHER CHARACTER.
    2) USPS
    3) Around 5:00pm Eastern Timezone.
    4) Just finished outside Stryker's Island mission for Steel. I went in the door for Stryker's to do the inside mission for Steel, got a loading screen THEN I got a SYSTEM ERROR. Now my character is LINKDEAD again.
  6. Blight KOBRA Commander

    I just ran into this problem with one of my characters as well.

    5:00 EST
    Transitioning between zones and screen froze and than game crashed. Logged back in and now 'LINKDEAD' is displayed in character select screen for this character. Tried logging in with this one and game won't load.
  7. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    It's mostly needed for random PUG queues. Most players within queues re-open without thinking if a player leaves/disconnects. Link death may help to some extent, although I just tested it with a random queue to League of Assassins and as soon as I entered with link death, I saw one player say, "Kick him." lol - Thankfully I did not get kicked.

    Also, a lot of these problems seem to be stuck at the loading screen bugs. I was trying to re-produce that with my test earlier, but since I did not get stuck and merely exited the game during a loading screen, the test may have failed. :-{
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  8. Evil Mecca New Player

    Linkdead here

    1. Evil Mecca
    2. USPS
    3. 3:15ish central time
    4. I was stuck on load screen. I shut down the game, logged back on, and had link dead on my toon.
    5. Simplest steps to reproduce the issue......was doing a legends pvp scrimmage to test toons.
  9. DevDirt Developer

    For the people that are mentioning "stuck on a loading screen", is this something that occurred before this update? If so, with the same frequency? Also, is link death failing for you every time, or just sometime and it seems to be linked to hung loading screens?

  10. ACE FREHLEY Well-Known Player

    No. The loading screen problem happened very few and far between. Just been a BIG problem today after the update.
    Failing each time. Havd to wait 10 min. and wait for the LINKDEAD tag to disappear.
  11. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    This was not occuring before the update. Similar occurrences happened the last 2 times LinkDeath was implemented however.

    I just got stuck in a loading screen at about 6:38 Eastern. Q'ed for an event, got the Q, walked out of East End and was given the loading screen to go into the instance and just never got out of the loading screen. I could hear people in the instance talking, but never actually made it into the instance. Now I can't log in.

    I had only been online for about 2 minutes prior.

    Edit: Update I still can't log in on any character 20 minutes later
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  12. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Link Death has always resulted in constant problems in terms of server stability as well, particularly on the Playstation. When it was released during update 3 (notorious for being the worst update ever) people were being kicked off the game left and right. When it was released a few years later, people were being kicked at menus or just running around randomly.

    Link Death seems to cause more problems than it solves from past experience.
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  13. AlphaOrion Dedicated Player

    I understand that it's for random pug ques but I still think that it's time and resources that they should be using else where and I still think it's not needed. For example say you dc on a boss fight regardless if link death works or you just re-log and get re-invited either way your going to be sitting at the door while the group tries to finish it, say you dc in a pvp match by the time you get back in from link death or the old way the match will probably be over anyway. If a pug group doesn't want re-invite me then I probably don't want to be in there with them anyway and I'll find another group.
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  14. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Character name: Hraesvelg on USPC
    Currently linkdead, 6:40 or so Central.

    I was leaving the vault, hit the portal. I got a drink, came back, and I was still in a loading screen. So I hit "x", and now can't log into another toon. Each time I log back into Hraesvelg, it just sits on a loading screen.
  15. Furling Well-Known Player

    Whenever I've been stuck at a loading screen before, logging out and back in fixed it. Here's what happened to me (I opened a ticket with this text... still unable to login atm...)

    This started at approximately 8:45 pm CST... it's now 9:33 and unable to login still. I've heard several other leaguemates have this same issue.

    Furlung - logged in, ran halloween event. Upon using the teleporter to leave the instance, I got stuck on the loading screen. After a minute or two, I alt-tabbed, closed dc, and relaunched. I tried to log back in as Furlung (which said LINKDEAD) at the choose character screen. After hitting play, it sat at the loading screen for several minutes. I alt-tabbed, closed DC, and logged in again. I tried a different alt, but was informed that Furlung was linkdead and I couldn't log on to a different toon. So I tried Furlung again. stuck at the loading screen again. I closed it and tried one more time... this time I left it at the loading screen for 15-20 minutes (I was doing something else). Now I've shut it down and am unable to log in. I will try it again in 20-30 minutes and see if I can get in. We need some way to kill the linkdeath feature... some button to push to log us out like we used to, so if we get tripped up like this we aren't stuck for so long.
  16. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    They should have a feature to auto-remove link death if you do not successfully log into a character within x number of tries. I'd choose 5 tries. If the 5th fails, default the character to the Watchtower/Hall of Doom.

    How to detect if a player did not successfully login? Is he still Link Dead on the 5th attempt?

    If a player does not login 5 times, then also impose a 10 minute limit to default the player to headquarters.

    I honestly cannot believe that never occurred to the development team (hopefully it did and this is just a bug in that implementation).

    Also, would it be possible to add a button on the character select screen to manually remove the link death from a character and place that character in headquarters?
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  17. Furling Well-Known Player

    As of about 9:50 I was able to get back in.

    I ran 'Validate Game Assets'. During the time it was running, leaguemates said in TS that DC showed Furlung logged off the game. Obviously I didn't do that as my client was validating. After the validate finished, I was able to log back in and was no longer linkdead. The validate did not indicate it found any issues. My guess is I finally timed out off the server, and the validation didn't do anything, but I guess I'll never know. I'll try not validating the next time it happens.
  18. Master Swami New Player

    Character name - Rehab Monster
    Server - USPC
  19. Orikinz New Player

    1. Character name: Orikinz
    2. Server: USPC
    3. Approximate time of issue (time zone): 5pm NZST
    4. Description of the issue: Just got on and went to exit the North Burnley nightclub, game then froze and disconnected me.
  20. Heero New Player

    1. Heero
    2. USPC
    3. 11:03pm (central)
    4. doing event after using replay tokens in Gotham and now linkdead and will not spawn me back in gotham
    5. just finished fighting in Gotham with the Event mobs and game crashed and lost connection. now when i try to spawn in it loads and then i get the sound of a door opening like im loading in then no connection to server.
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