Link-dead bug

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Plum Crazy, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. GhostFly Killah Committed Player

    Just went linkdead farming in gotham.. now I can't log, it just crashes and I can't get on my alts either.
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  2. Rollir New Player

    Linkdead in different places all day. After waiting and log in on character - crush, and linkdead again.
  3. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    This link dead bug is killing me. For some reason i keep getting stuck in never ending loading screens and have to quit the game. I load it back up and my character is link dead then when trying to sign in i get a batman loading screen and it sends me back to the dc universe online screen and says connecting... then says failed to connect to game server. Then the whole process starts all over till my link dead status expires.

    So basically every time i get stuck in a loading screen or dc i have to wait 10 min before i can get back on :(
  4. GhostFly Killah Committed Player

    my only suggestion is stay out of pve phase in open world.. it happens a lot less in pvp phase.
  5. Pathosgrim Dedicated Player

    This just happened to me and I was in Gotham, around the amusement mile area.
    Please fix.
  6. SteelMachineZero Well-Known Player

    I would really love to hear from a Dev or someone in charge why should I continue to pay for the bugged game?. Every night I go link dead and it’s the end of my nights gaming and its not going to get fixed, At this point I don’t think they are able to fix it, So why should I pay for a game I cant play when I want too?
  7. GhostFly Killah Committed Player

    Yes this is where it always happened to me farming.. go to pvp phase, it nvr happens to me there.
  8. Jason Rage Active Player

    Jason Rage
    Lieutenant Murray
  9. Jason Rage Active Player

    Jason Rage
    US PS4
    11:24 central
    Error CE-34878-0
    Signing into link dead character cause the app to close.
    Open DCuo app , sign onto link dead character , load screen appears, then crashes and displays the above error code
  10. Odds Gaming New Player

    1. Maximum Dunk
    2. US PS4
    3. 5:30 Central Time
    4. Error CE-34878-0
    5. Logs in and proceeds to contantly close the app
  11. Maui X New Player

    2. US PS4
    3. 11 PM PT
    5. Try to log into character, pops up error code.
  12. Astral Lantern Well-Known Player

    Last eve...(EST) toons linkdead all over South Gotham....change cities.....toons linkdead all around Ellis Hospital....many people on chat talking about friends that cannot log client keeps crashing to desktop...over..and over again.........this'll kill your game faster than anything else...when people pay to play and cannot even log on the damn game.

    Fix your game DEVS.
  13. The3meraldKnight Active Player

    I was getting this as well, It's all over South Gotham, making Sub Avatars unfarmable. Don't know if it's just me but it seems like it happens every Saturday.
  14. Godlysnack New Player

    South Gotham and Ellis Hospital. These 2 areas seem to be the most problematic. All I'm doing is flying through the areas and I get completely disconnected.

    1. Neutrino Titan
    2. US
    3. Last night and today (8pm - 12am yesterday) (10am - 12pm today) (Central Time Zone)
    4. Constant Disconnects while flying through South Gotham/Ellis Hospital
    5. Fly around in those areas.
  15. Veloren78 New Player

    I just finished a duo and stayed in loading now says the character is linkdead
    Character name is Veloren
    Was playing on my ps4 when can this be fix cause cant even play with anyohter character and been on loading for mor than 30 minutes
    Server is US PS4
  16. Lorde Baldur New Player

    1- D Estranho
    2- US
    3- 18:45
    4- Gorilla Island
  17. Balrad New Player

    In Dwf and link dead
  18. Deltaheat Well-Known Player

    I went leak dead earlier today when I was healing DWF. It's been hours now and I cannot log into the game.
  19. sepp_123 New Player

    Decoy Boy

    In metropolis city hall duo, accidently went to open marketplace, got stuck on loading marketplace, logged out, logged back in, stuck at loading screen.
  20. sepp_123 New Player

    Decoy Boy


    In metropolis city hall duo, accidently went to open marketplace, got stuck on loading marketplace, logged out, logged back in, stuck at loading screen.

    Sorry had to edit.
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