LIke Batman? DCUO is the game for you! If not, reconsider

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    I think part of it is that we got used to solid blocks of content with a through-line on the story, but the monthly content kind of scattered things in the storytelling department and could make it tough to follow. It definitely didn't help with them trying to resolve the War of the Light story in the monthly release timeframe.

    AF3 was definitely their attempt to get back to focused/concentrated storytelling in the content releases. How successful they've been in getting back to that is probably up to individual interpretation.
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  2. Hollows Active Player

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  3. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    even in "batman" centric content we don't have batman. JLD demons invade gotham? batman turned into waldo. gangwar in riddled with crime tearing gotham apart? where's batman? harley quinn breaks into wayne manor and the iceberg lounge? where's batman? origin crisis? sure why not let's make it half super man, batman is technically the main protagonist but not the main focus. we've had like 20 versions of gotham by now, and yet batman is in nearly none of them. in comparison: titans got two DLCS trigon/titan island, super man has 2 or 3 DLCS/mini episodes and appears in many others, wonder woman has an even bigger trilogy in gods of olympus/amazon fury and we even get to fight behind her in some brainiac content and even fight as her in the truth solo, flash has a whole DLC devoted to him and even has several cameos almost as widespread as super man, even oliver queen has "some" active involvement in later episodes/DLCS. if we "really" want to give somebody "nonexistent" in the game their big 15 minutes of fame, let's give the thanagarians and martian manhunter their DLC to shine next.
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  4. Controller Devoted Player

    Hey I can't help it if the JLU series basically nailed Batman's character.

    Throughout that glorious 4 year run of episodes we saw Batman sing in order to save WW from being a swine for life

    And we saw his SOFTER side

    He saved Superman's behind several times in the series, too.

    What other Superhero out there is as complex and dangerous as Batman? And he is supposedly a NORMAL human in the comics but I beg to differ on that too lol....doesn't have Captain America's super soldier serum or shield...Wolverine's claws but I bet he could solo them one on one.

    He has always intrigued me - I hated to see Ben Affleck leave the silver screen Batman but I'm looking forward to the new guy playing him.

    Truly an intriguing character. I don't mind these Metal DLCs.
  5. Batrederik Dedicated Player

    it says at the end in youtube - "As Darkseid comments in the Justice League Unlimited tv series, Batman is the first & only human to dodge his Omega Beams (see the final)." He escaped the Omega Sanction so in a way he did.
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  6. Controller Devoted Player

    I know it's a cartoon but the Batman I've read about over the years in the Comics is crafty enough to avoid Darkseid's omega beams - maybe once.

    Heck, in Dawn of Justice dude avoided DD's Heat Vision for crying out loud - and nearly KILLED Superman if it weren't for Lois.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Chuck Norris went to Batman's School of Cool.
  7. RealTegan Dedicated Player

    Wow. I have the exact opposite feeling. I hated the monthly content. I love the open world stories and felt they've be well-thought out and well-paced for people who don't overuse replay badges. A lot of them haven't concluded yet, but have left off on satisfactory cliffhangers.

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
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  8. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    so you know how everybody in comics says flash is faster than super man? super man is literally the only character to really "dodge" and or consistently outrun the omega beams in comics. flash has done so if he he has a head start but on at least one occasion he had to siphon speed force energy from wally west and one other nearby speedster to dodge the omega beams at a stand still from a moderate distance. technically batman didn't "dodge" the omega beams either, in his own words "i simply directed their path and steered them to other targets i could put between me and them to slow them down.". the omega beams will literally follow their target through time and space (meaning even time warpers/travelers like booster gold, super man, speedsters etc aren't permanently safe) across time periods and other planar dimensions until it either hits them or darkseid himself loses focus/interest. so it's more accurate to say super man is the only character to temporarily dodge the omega beams, as it's next to impossible to evade them forever.
  9. Controller Devoted Player

    Oh and ONE MORE thing -

    Bruce PROBABLY paid off Daybreak for these Metal DLCs.:D
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  10. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    You're assuming this is a DCUO issue when it's not.

    Batman is just that dang good of a cash cow for DC in general, because everything that comes out from a Batman form of media(cartoon, animated series, video games especially, and so forth) always end up being good.

    Compared to someone like the Man of Steel who's arguably just as Iconic as the Dark Knight.... well; he's known for having quite the bad form of media.... (Superman 64 in the video game department, do I need to say more?)
    In DCUO's case, I'm not going to fault them for following where the money is; and batman in general has always been the great source of revenue in this game and for WB themselves.
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  11. Lionxoft Committed Player

    Well, this didn't go the way you intended. Did it?
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  12. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Uhm.....I don't even play for the storylines.....i play for the combat and other aspects of gameplay.

    You seem like a person that's also biased AGAINST batman so maybe thats your problem?
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  13. Zneeak Devoted Player

    I hated monthly content too. And IMO ever since they introduced monthly content, they haven't done the best job delivering full stories. And I am not judging simply out of open world, i'm talking the entire episode-storyline and the finale/endings that are more often than not occuring in the raids. A lot of these stories doesn't feel very well-thought out, sadly. It's mostly just been one different story after another with no real conclusion or ending to most of them, that just keeps piling on.

    With 2 Metal-episodes in a row, I'm hoping for better results on this. With this approach, they could accomplish a more complete storyline and conclusion.
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  14. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    She/He is basically right. To be realistic there is a lot of focus on the following characters of DC comics (The Mentors), Eventhough less for Wonder Woman, There can be a lot of better choices. Lorax you're not wrong tho, I guess Magician means that stories based on Batman and the followed enemies. The situation is absolutely understood. We all know that DC Comics (Honestly better to say DC Multiverse) has more than at least millions of characters, Earth(s), Pharrell Worlds, Planets, Leagues and indeed Stories and Oops a lot of Time Lines. With all my soul and heart I personally would love to be in this multiverse, or be able to have a game with the whole content and characters, but dear Magician this is out of the control of DCUO Developers' hand, (I guess) and it is mostly in the DC and probably Warner Bros Companies, as you can see the relation between TV programs and game's content. But if I am wrong and it is the choice of DCUO Development (Daybreak) what to design in the game, then I'm like, hey honey you can do it, keep challenging to get what is asked. Cause personally I've been so patient to get some of my favorites such Earth-16, Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad, LoSH, New legends and Superpowers.
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  15. Controller Devoted Player

    Speaking of Parallel Universes this Soviet Batman is just too cool


    I'd love for DayBreak to go off the beaten path maybe next year and do a parallel universe DLC...maybe with the same format as Paradox Wave.

    Imagine going up against a Soviet Justice League.
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  16. Batrederik Dedicated Player

    Darkseid states that Batman is actually the only *person* who has ever managed to dodge his omega beams. Lol.
    And in Final Crisis, where Darkseid uses the Omega Sanction on Bruce
    as far as I know, Bruce trapping Darkseid’s omega beams in the Chaos Shard might be the only time someone’s been able to escape them.

    Also I remember the Predator in his first encounter with Batman basically overpowering him. I liked that scene because Batman had a rather shocked expression and it shows that despite all of that bada$$ery, he is still a human who can be taken by surprise. And Batman used cunning and innovations such as using the Batmobile to ram the distracted Predator and make his escape and prepare properly for his subsequent fights. there you have it
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  17. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    i'm surprised anybody is complaining that any mentor or justice league mainstay is getting less attention than another when: wonder woman is the main focus or leader of at least 3 raids/alerts and has a whole trilogy DLC devoted to her, super man has a trilogy as well and also appears as the main focus of a few raids/alerts, every single lantern popularly known in DC at least makes a cameo with the big two (hal and kyle/john) outright being the semi focus of the war of light/blackest nigh & day extended episode storyline, flash gets his own DLC and alot of cameo or brief appearances in later episodes, etc. yet even in DLCS where bat man SHOULD be a major part of the central story line he either skulks around in the background (earth 3's gotham, at best batman passive aggressively asks gordon about the flying greysons, JLD, riddled with crime etc) or isn't there at all (not even just a player issue, in each of these DLCS some NPC character asks "where is batman? he's surprisingly absent during such and such crisis in gotham."). i won't count origin crisis as he partially shares that with luthor/super man. i'll admit i'm tired of alternate gothams, however batman is almost as under used as gotham is OVER USED. everytime we've gotten gotham/batman villains it has always been with a shocking absence of the character himself, with exception of the mentor leveling missions and some solos which only rehash said leveling missions.
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  18. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    I think most would agree 100% - if we look at it from a slightly different angle then a different picture is painted

    look at the mentor's "family trees" or "mainstay villains" and Batman theme gets more.. but weirdly we get less of him overall.. all a bit weird
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  19. Zoe· YouTuber

    When was the last time we had Batman Episode? oh yeah, it was riddled with crime.
    I'm actually happy we're getting this. Also means alternate models (I guess) of heroes.
    I saw a lot of players wanted the Metal Storyline, and from the sound of it It's going to be
    a huge deal.
  20. majosea Dedicated Player

    i was more worried about what styles are going to in the content - red death done , and drowning batman water theme style is done , I was hoping to see different batman style in the besides the metal ones . like
    from batman knight fall or knight quest . It would be nice to have batman alot of batman style in a dlc
    ( I hate recycle styles in new content)
    a new batman style for green gear
    a new batman style for blue gear
    a new batman style for purple gear
    and for a new batman style for a time capsules -thats 4 batman styles
    that would be cool