Lightweight nerfed...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by xDecap, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. xDecap New Player

    now 90% of hardlight and mental dps are back to being at the bottom lol
  2. Ryder New Player

    apparently all the mental and hardlight dps's you know must suck then cause all the hardlight dps's I know don't even use lightweight(except in FOS1) and they're still the top dps in just about every raid. if you rely on one power for all your damage then you're already at the bottom
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  3. Schimaera Devoted Player

    The mental and hl dps that are on the bottom of the chart deserve to be there because they don't know how to play their classes :p
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  4. Zpred Dedicated Player

    Is this a troll thread?

    Light weight has no affect on HLs top dps potential.

    Mentals telekenisis has no affect on mentals top dps potential.
  5. Daemonic Visions Committed Player

    Lightweight only had 2 good uses, and ONLY uses.

    1: Shattering Eggs in FoS1

    2: Moving Lex from being stuck in FoS2 around the split area.

    ANYTHING else, you are DPS'ing wrong.
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  6. details26 Committed Player

    Thats not what the scoreboard says.
  7. Im Charlie New Player

    There is no wrong way to dps just by using certain powers. If i see a HL dps using miniguns or running around with baseball bat im not gonna think his way of dpsing is wrong. Also, lightweight was always a great aoe weapon throwing it into mobs in gates/fos 2 so idk why u said any of that.
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  8. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Was gonna say the same thing...My main rotation on my HL guy was Ram>Whip clipped with Weight and it does (did?) great damage
  9. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    But anyway, was LW>TK nerfed or just LW, because LW has been nerfed before and we saw how that turned out
  10. Zpred Dedicated Player

    I believe it was LW that was nerfed or the power interaction between the 2, so some say I've not been on to test it yet.
  11. Daemonic Visions Committed Player

    Because Lightweight is bad DPS.

    What you think is not wrong, and what the majority if the BEST HL users use say otherwise.

    You can DPS how you want, sure, fine, better have a league that accepts it, because any HL DPS that's with you that knows what they are doing will scold you using light weight, that clipping with ram/snap/ram/weapon combo is better than using light weight.

    DPS'ing is about maxing out your true power/weapon potential, if you are not providing be best numbers in dps for your team, then you are failing as a DPS. Light Weight limits damage potential, it hinders on what a DPS should be placing out, so thus you should stay with powers like ram/snap trap and other clip-able powers so your DPS potential is benefiting the team. You have to whirl that weight a few seconds to max out it's potential, those seconds can be applied elsewhere.

    That's why you should know why I typed* what I typed*
  12. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

  13. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    Mental on the bottom? In these single target heavy raids? I wonder if I'm doing something wrong. Appearently, I'm suppose to be on the bottom, and I'm not.
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  14. xDecap New Player

    you must not be the 90% then if you dont spam tk... [IMG]

    mental and hardlight still beast in their own regards.... i was merely refering to the ones that shout "need mental and hardlight for nexus" lol

    alot of people think they are beast dps when they really arent...
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  15. Yui Loyal Player

    So, just because of Lightweight and Telekinesis nerf, you conclude that most HL and Mental dps are bad now? LOL.
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  16. Nawtae Well-Known Player

    Pretty sure it was a sarcastic statement hence the lol at the end with the LW+TK exploit. How's your league doing Yui, saw a member of yours go HL in your league yesterday, a long time Gadgets player, and you're HL...both throwing
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  17. Captain Just New Player

    Oh man. I wonder how many people will actually switch powers lol. Yes HL and Mental are terrible now ;)
  18. Steak Sauce New Player

    Thank you for your interest in the wellbeing of our league. Glad to know that there's someone out there watching us closely from the goodness of their heart, someone who is so genuinely worried about every single move we make. We're very sorry we had to kick you for consistently underperforming, but we're glad to see that you have found a league that is more your speed. Hope all is well, and I hope you too will beat those new difficult raids one day. Please keep watching us like some kind of mother of the year, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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  19. Nawtae Well-Known Player

    Steak, you weren't in the league when I got kicked and I wasn't kicked for "underpreforming". Anyways, keep up those exploits!!

    Edit: Aren't you HL too? :D
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  20. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    Oh, good. Now those horrible horrible groups only have TWO glitches to rely on to cheese through the raids. Whatever shall they do :eek:.

    In all seriousness, I'm glad to see this fixed because I grew tired of every group asking for Mental/HL players but I'd rather the other glitches get fixed as soon as possible as well so these people stop getting Expert plans and gear they did not earn.
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