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  1. Remander Steadfast Player

    Thanks for sharing, Sky! I don't stack might either, but prefer a more balanced build, though not as precision-heavy as yours. I've been using MA most recently, as well. I had the same question as not_again, however. If you are lunging into bosses in Nexus and Wave and trying to combo to Smoke Bomb, I don't see how you manage to survive. It's a 5 tap, hold, and that's a big window to get interrupted. If you do, you have to start over. If you're talking about other content, I can see it. I often like to combo to Smoke Bomb and clip it with Electrostatic Bomb when meleeing mobs in the T5 Ops. It does hit like a truck. ;) I'm not surprised in your power consumption, if you're rotations are around a 5 tap, hold combo. I am a little surprised by your claim of nearly always being top damager. While Smoke Bomb does hit hard, it takes a long time to get there, and there are many quicker ways to get more DPS. Please don't be offended, but I always take "top DPS" claims with a grain of salt, because a lot of that depends on who you run with, how smooth the runs are, how good the trollers are, what the setup of the content is (i.e., mob-heavy vs boss-heavy).

    So, I'm reading your loadout as: Wired, Electroburst, Electrogenesis, Voltaic Bolt, Electrocute. So, electrified PI build. I assume you carry a SC, then? If not, what is your 6th ability? Is Wired your only approach to electrifying?
  2. Skyfairy New Player

    No not for the T5 raids, since the devs decided meleeing wasn't allowed in there (unless you like your visits to the rally point). But the T5 raids are only a small fraction of the game, it works well for everything else :)
  3. Remander Steadfast Player

    Ah, gotcha. How about the latter questions?
  4. Skyfairy New Player

    Hi Remander,

    No I wouldn't melee in the T5 raids, my build is more for everything else. I've done Nexus only a handful of time (using a rifle) and paradox once. It's more of an everyday load out. My 6th power varies between invigorate (for duos/alert with no healer), hard light shield or electrostatic bomb. I rely solely on wired for electrification simple because usually the only times I actually use electrocute and voltaic is for bosses. Most of the time all I need is electroburst and genesis and weapon combos. Wired followed by a full smoke bomb combo almost always electrifies the boss - especially with the whole group wailing on the boss.

    Perhaps I should have said it was more of an everyday build rather than a T5 raiding build (which I'm sure you'll agree is a different kettle of fish to the rest of the game!). And I understand you have your doubts about my claims, as I say most people take the piss when they see my gear modifications but it really does work! I team with very capable dps and trolls and can complete all game content with my eyes closed - apart from the frustrating mechanics of the T5 raids :)

    Anyway, thanks for the comments!
  5. Remander Steadfast Player

    Thanks for the clarification. Yeah, since Wired takes 5 hits or so to electrify, Smoke Bomb will get you there, even solo, no problem. If you really only use Electroburst and EG with weapon attacks (and Wired for the buff and electrification), that is a really cheap build, power-wise. Interesting. If you don't mind me asking, what are your might and precision at currently? Just interested in how much of a precision lean you have.
  6. Skyfairy New Player

    It certainly is a cheap build power wise! I think the "problem" with electric is our DoT often don't get to fully run before trash mobs die, hence why I only use EB and EG for trash!

    I'm currently CR98, mix of 85/86 gear with expert mods. I'm sitting at 2.6k might (few points under) and just over 1200 precision :)

    Thanks for going easy on me by the way, I was a bit nervous of posting my original load out for fear of being ridiculed! There are a few elitist guys on these forums! :)
  7. Remander Steadfast Player

    We're pretty easy going over here in the Lightning Guide. :cool: That is a pretty precision-heavy build. I don't doubt it works for you. With trash mobs, I sometimes use lunge/Static Push/Wired>Smoke Bomb/Electrostatic Bomb. I usually keep DoT stacking for bosses and match level adds. It's a waste otherwise.
  8. Remander Steadfast Player

    OK, I gave the electrified build a go in the FOS trio last night, and (for me) it just feels slow and clunky compared to polarized. My loadout was OC, Electroburst, EG, Wired, VB, EC. I was using Staff, instead of my favorites, MA and DW, so that may have played a part. I did not use any ESPD consumables, so Wired was my only way of electrifying. That was part of the problem. It was a lot harder to ensure good electrification of adds that way. With SP, I know everyone I hit is polarized, so I don't even bother checking. Having 4 separate DoT casts was a pain, IMO. It just never felt as smooth to me. Damage was OK, but I just didn't feel as efficient. I must say that when I used this loadout in the Wastelands solo content, it was fun. I would lunge in, cast Electroburst, EG, and EC, then roll out and watch them all melt, LOL! Needless to say, I'll be going back to polarized, but that's me. ;)

    EDIT: BTW, anyone else notice Electroburst sometimes double casting? I had that happen several times, and it was annoying being stuck in that animation twice. Was thinking about submitting a bug report. Sounds like what was happening with Mass Terror.
  9. Anhur Committed Player

    It is bug that occurs when you press your button for Electroburst, and then hit another for a different power, happens with Quantum on occassion but never nearly as often as Electroburst - it was reported before, but worth bringing up again.
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  10. Max Volt Committed Player

    Yes as Anhur said it's a bug and does happen pretty often when you are clipping weapon combos with electroburst followed by another power.

    On the electrification note..... Yup,... I'm back to polarization :p
    I did manage to make it work nicely and get good burst numbers but it's just not as fast as polarization for me.

    Precision build wise, I myself use a balanced build, as much as I could get bigger numbers in t5 raids with a full Might build in the rest of the game content I do use my weapon more than my powers for burst damage, and as it was mentioned before when you have trash mobs that die in two hits its absolutely pointless trying to stack dots.
    At the moment I'm sitting just a little over 1k precision and my weapon combo do higher crits than any of my powers and their dots.
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  11. T20thoughts New Player

    It's a good point - though I'd say that the content that has quickly dying mobs these days isn't really hard enough that you need to focus on precision. Even at CR89, at 600something Precision, I wouldn't say I'm struggling with non-raid content.

    I will be focusing on Might, 'cause I'd rather do better in the content that actually requires some minmaxing. Right now, the only content where that's the case (outside of PVPing if you wanna be in the top leagues there) is Nexus/Paradox.

    Of course, it's not like it hurts to have stronger weapon attacks anyway. But if one's killing stuff faster in Nexus/Paradox with a more might-based build, then that's what I want over doing Trigon's Prison a couple of minutes faster :)
  12. Remander Steadfast Player

    I think he was probably talking about content in which you don't have a troller. My (not full T5 yet) DPS build is about 2400 might and 900 precision. Great for solo and duo content, as well as groups.
  13. Max Volt Committed Player

    Absolutely, my "balanced " build have 4 precision & might V expert, 4 might & power/health V expert and 2 straight might V expert on the rings ( since they have precision affinity) that puts me close to 3100 might and a little over 1k precision with 99 CR. So I'm not exactly balanced but I do get enough precision to hit really hard with weapon combos while maintaining enough might for T5 raids
    .... And talking about T5 did anybody noticed that mobs in the alerts and duo are affected by the crowd control of electrostatic bomb?
    A while ago when they "adjusted it" it was made so it was not able to affect mobs in any content that required a dominance higher than 400 (t3). So I was a little surprised to see ebomb working, so either the 400 dominance rule applies only in t3 raids and higher or something changed.
  14. Remander Steadfast Player

    I did notice that. Was actually running the duos with another electricity DPS. Loads of fun!
  15. Dynamo New Player

    e-bomb has always affected solo and duo content mobs, take a look at home turf solos. and it's not just e-bomb, it's all powers from all powersets for ex Quantum, gadgets etc that affect those mobs.
  16. T20thoughts New Player

    Oh yeah. The Trigon content seems to be balanced for DPS being able to stun and control mobs, in fact... Without being able to toss enemies into the air with Static Push or gather them together with Ebomb, I would feel SO much squishier than I already am.

    It does make for a really fun spectacle in the Knightsdome duo. Zoom out a bit, get close to the mob and let loose with a Static Push. Kaboom!
  17. RangerExperimental New Player

    A "humbly" ;) submitted Electric Healer PUG Guide for Tier 3 Content:

    I've been Healing mostly in PUGs lately, and with summer break over they have been pretty shaky. Unfortunately, it is quite common to get a large number of people in a PUG that dont know their role. I noticed that it was affecting my attitude and gameplay. For example, I have just been casting EG on myself and whoever happens to be hanging out with me at the time. Usually another healer or a troll, since I usually just shadow the troll in the hope that they learned about power regen somewhere along the way. I like the EG safety net for myself in case I need it... so I still cast it of course! I figure there is a good chance that the other recipient may wander close to the tank, but I gave up trying to move up and land it on the tank myself. It is too much trouble for me, and in PUGs I'm lucky if the tank knows to maintain aggro - so I'd be taking my life in my hands.

    But this is unlike me... I'm not normally so despondent. So I twiddled with my gameplay a little and found a PUG play style that brings me a little joy. So even if my random group of adventurers are on iteration 27 of FOS3 and haven't even once gotten Ursa to come out and play, you'll find me happily chirping out advice about why it might just be a bad idea to punch the big red shield.

    Here are some of the things keeping me happy right now...

    POWER: Ionic Drain - I cannot count the multitudes of ways this power brings joy to my world! While so many of our heals have limited range or are picky about line of sight. ID is very forgiving about all of this. Without too much trouble, or risk to my own skin, I can land it on the whole group, including Nimrod01 who is off in a corner somewhere doing his own thing - where BC and Gal would never reach him. Another highlight of ID is that, when the group is failing to do crowd control, ID's stun can hold off a spider or a water keeper for a short while. There is also the bonus that ID points a big white hot sparkly arrow to the beastie making it a little more likely that the DPS's might stumble upon it.

    FOOT MOD: Tumbling Master - it is a sad fact that in PUGs I get aggro more than I would hope, but with my new shoes im prepared! I just do cartwheels right past (over?) the tank or a little group of DPS's and hope that somebody will (accidentally perhaps) get aggro back. Granted, while cartwheeling, Ionic Drain does tend to let me down, but since the physical activity puts me into so much of a better mood I may just drop an EG as I tumble by or a Galv during the dismount. (I always jump for my Galvs to get better LOS, but I feel it is much more of a statement as a flourish at the end of a tumbling run.)

    NECK MOD: Fortified Blocking - yes, it is probably a silly thing to admit on the official forums that I'm not using Focused Restoration, but when my cartwheeling is so fantastic that a huge fan club of bad guys start a train following me, and the rest of the PUG is also just sitting back enjoying the show instead of helping out, I just stop right in the midst of the group and... take a bow! With EG up on myself (of course), my neck mod, and if I've recently applied my two 35% saftey nets, I can block and actually take quite a beating.

    I humbly (?) provide this guide for your review and critique. Please offer comment on other options for increased PUG happiness or if you think I'm being just a little too silly with any of my choices :).

    - Ranger 66

    (Note: while there is sarcasm to spare here, I actually have these mods and... yes... behave this way. 8^o)
  18. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    My main role is a damage but I been modding my healer gear lately. I plan to mod everything with Restoration and Precision V Expert along with the two standard greens of Restoration and Health V Expert. I'm an aggressive type healer when I heal and all my damage comes from my weapon plus I would end up have over 800+ Precision and 4300+ Restoration. In my personal opinion once a healer breaks 4200+ restoration thy can solo heal anything. As of the moment I need to farm 5 more Restoration and Precision V Expert mods.

    Then I will test it out in Nexus and later Wave although I prefer to damage Wave. With 161 skill points I been thinking about also getting all the precision skills while also trying to get the critical power chances with all the damage initiates excluding might. Might does nothing for me when I'm electric healing. I don't need to use Arc Lighting or Ionic Drain at all. They not even on my healer loadout.
  19. Max Volt Committed Player

    We appreciate your thoughts on PUG groups and you are unfortunately right, most of the times new players don't know they role well, and they don't really know the synergy of a group.

    With lightning range and line of sight can be a real issue with pugs.
    I suggest coupling Ionic Drain with the Empowered channeling tactic mod, this will prevent you from getting interrupted and wasting power
    Also Pug groups or not, between Galvanize and Electrogenesis we get the most out our buck by sitting right in the middle of the fight... I know it might sound dangerous for a healer, but that's where we shine.
  20. RangerExperimental New Player

    Thanks for the response! Completely agree on empowered channeling, still working on my tier 3 gear before I get the glove mod. I just wanted to highlight some of the less commonly discussed mods that I tried out and now love.

    Tumbling Master especially should get more good press. With it, I feel a lot more durable. As you point out, being in the right position is especially important for electric healing. with Tumbling Master, I'm able to get into position for my heals a lot easier and also get away when I'm pulled a little too close for comfort. In solos and duos esp, it is also amazing crowd control because one little flip has an AOE knock up that can neutralize a whole room full of adds. This would have been a situation where I might have been swarmed and died before. In addition to the knock up, it also does some decent damage, the downside being that it doesn't count toward your combo meter. With a rifle for single target knock-up, tumbling master and electrogenesis, I'm pretty much set for any solo/duo. In a duo I now have to worry more about healing the other guy than myself.

    In similar situations I used to use weapon combos to flip out when I get pulled in (dual pistols and rifle have great options), but it is slower, less reliable than tumbling and without the AOE knock up built in.

    On a different but related topic to healing PuGs:

    Lately I've been doing more solo healing (or with an underpowered 2nd healer) where I seem to have to be continuously spamming heals. For example in a PuG where we can find 3 controllers but not a second healer. So spamming isnt a problem as i have plenty of power, but in many cases my Supercharge bar doesn't refill fast at all. So while I love invigorate, I have actually been swapping it out (for say flux or something in case I catch aggro with the big heals) for most of the raid until the SC bar is 100% charged then swapping it back in. Is this a common approach or should I be looking for more ways to build up weapon combos? Fewer ionic drains perhaps in favor of BioCap/Galvanize->weapon combo? I love my ID but channeling can be a real drawback.

    Related to this my damage out has been plummeting as my healing out skyrockets. I'm assuming people are good with this... Right?