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  1. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    I have been moving so I have not been able to play this week. How is the update on Live? I know how it was on test but Live is a bit different. (hoping for some sign of a positive)
  2. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Not really feeling anything...I really feel like changing...
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  3. Here2Help Devoted Player

    The update was awful. Hopefully they release hotfixes soon.
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  4. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    The AM is terrible in alerts still. It strong in raids such HH Lab NG but I'm still not fully satisfied with it. I feel like the dots should be at full strength right away or ticking super high.

    The AM side to Electric won't keep with Ice or Mental in an alert unless you switch to burst loadout then you can, but if there's no troll. Then I just remain with the AM loadout.

    I just can't wait for the new operation. Getting a little bored and I just been tying to get my last generator mods. Currently I'm missing 1 health 7.3 and 1 restoration 7.3. I got all the might 7.3 done with today's daily.

    I'm also trying to get to 231 skill points so I can get that last point for the 25 might/precision before the next episode hits live server.
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  5. Tanksblaze Well-Known Player

    Sup everyone

    I am having a problem with my level 3 dot and it goes down to level 2 randomly. I know to use E-gen twice to get max dot. But sometimes after a while the dot will go down a level and I don't understand why. I am using the 8 sparring targets in the league hall.

    My rotation is like: E-gen>Arc>E-cute>V-bolt(wired clip)>WM>T-ball>Wm>V-bolt>WM>T-ball and repeat this again once E-gen is off cooldown. Once I am at level 3 my rotation drops E-gen. While using the parser I can see my numbers take a dip, sometimes and when they do its because I have to use E-gen again. I thought that once you hit the level 3 dot you would not need to do it until V-bolt drops?

    I never let V-bolt drop
  6. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    It could have something to do with the dummies losing a PI and that drops off one of the dots....the dummies are odd like that sometimes. Do you see this on any actual targets or just the dummies? Also I could be completely wrong i am just trying to throw some thoughts out there.
  7. Tanksblaze Well-Known Player

    Well I do only see it on the sparring targets. Nothing ever lives long enough in content to see if it happens. And in content parses are all over the place even on boss fights. Maybe its just the targets. Thanks for the reply and all the testing you did.
  8. blklightning New Player

    It's an issue with the sparring targets. It's much better than it used to be. If you were to electrify all 8 using Arc Lightning, 3-4 would lose the PI w/in 3-4 seconds, and another 3-4 would fall off w/in another 3-4 seconds. By the time the formal duration of the PI was up (12sec), only 1-2 targets still had the PI. This affected the DoTs as a result. It's so much better than it used to be.
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  9. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    if it is just the dummies do not worry about it. all you need to do is throw back in one of the dots,,,probably the electrified one
  10. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    miss quote ughh sorry lol
    yeah what blklightning said lol
  11. Darkkknight New Player

    I guess this is whats causing the discrepancy between my two loadout tests. 1 does slightly more damage on 1 to 3 targets, while other that refeshes arc lighting does 2k more dmg on 8 targets.
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  12. Gr33n Static Well-Known Player

    Hi everyone,

    Quick question. AM or WM. I can't decide after the new/no change update 50. I've always used WM but always run out of poor so I switched over to AM and power is better, but I feel like I'm not doing the same amount of damage. Is that correct? Any advice would be great.
  13. Here2Help Devoted Player

    I'd say WM is better than AM, but it depends on the weapon. You need something like HB to make the best use of a WM rotation unlike something like rifle.
  14. Xzotix Committed Player

    If the devs hold true to there word, which I think they will, there will be some incremental increases to the newly updated powers. It's very evident the Electric AM is not yet T7 competitive.
    They just grew tired of the nerf threads and I can't blame them for that.
    The template is in place so the hardest part is completed.
    Adjustment have to be judicious to not over do it too much on way or the other.
  15. Xzotix Committed Player

    Underwhelming. No real timing for an AM. I feel If they up'd the damage to AL we could do more.
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  16. Here2Help Devoted Player

    Yup. I do hope to see an update. However, as I type this I'm second DPS in HH Elite with a gadgets DPS top and 2 fire DPS taking 3rd and 4th spot. I think it's a combination of the adds being very strong and Zoom moving about and I'm able to hit him whilst fire DPS aren't because they need to get close for fireburst. So it looks like electric can still be good in certain scenarios, but it certainly does need that hotfix update that the devs promised.
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  17. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Yeah I managed to get on for about 30 min before my new internet took a crap and I was getting better damage numbers by going through my standard AM rotation with a hold triangle DW weapon attack in between each power....very boring IMO. It seems like it was turned into a 12345 AM with a weapon attack in between....which SUCKS...IMO
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  18. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    dark reign just posted a video if Electricity DPS, stating how it can compete. He uses NGN as a reference video. But at one point, you clearly see him focus on DPs vs picking up a teammate. Ask, once the arrive on the surface, he spends time killing the adds. Unfortunately, that will pad numbers because most people just run through and get the pieces.
  19. Stark23 Committed Player

    I've never taken any of his vids seriously for the same reasons you pointed out.
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  20. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    also the adds at the end of NGN are GREAT for Electrics numbers. It is the only time in that raid where I can actually see my self start to catch up to any of the other dps's. Not all raids have that in them so not sure if it is a good representation of how Electric can hold its own or not.
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