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    Famous huh? Never heard of u.
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    A villain.
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    Ok, can we stop trying to figure out who Aqua is and go back on topic?

    My damage is still pretty much the same as it was before GU50. Other than Electroburst's range and the power regeneration, which by the way sucks, I really don't see any difference. Did I miss something? Updates to healer role maybe?
  4. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Nope thats pretty much it. If its not too strong its ok. I was looking forward to the update but after what Tunso said I'm discouraged to continue playing.
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  5. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    no, I tested it
  6. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    The power regeneration is okay as long as you aren't spamming Arc Lighting or Voltic Bolt to much during your rotations. You only get power regeneration once you cast Wired or EC.

    I was using Electroburst in my loadout today but haven't tested Shockwave. Those Shockwave loadouts will be power hungry sadly now and you really can't have Electroburst with Shockwave either.

    I read that and it doesn't seem like they're going to increase the dots. In a raid the AM is good but in an alert you're better off using WM Burst as things will die too quickly.

    I just tested it a few hours ago. Yeah it still close melee range as before.
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  7. Max Volt Committed Player

    Guide has been updated.. please let me know if I miss anything...

    ...and yes I damage wise it was a very small improvement. . ... I'm pretty disappointed as the matter of fact.
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  8. blklightning New Player

    Wait... what did Tunso say?
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  10. Absolix Loyal Player

    Yeah some of those weapon combos have half the Dps of others on the list. For instance according to Shiny's guide 2H's Doom Spin has a 1.9 Dps, but Flip Slash has a cDps of 4.5. There's no way you could get any sort of consistent test results with that method, especially since several of those combos are melee range. Just use the WM combos people would actually use to maximize their Dps in content to test.
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  11. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    Doesn't only Electro-Charges, activation of either Electrocute or Wired triggers Power Regeneration for Electric?

    You have Arc Lighting and Voltic Bolt also there. I'm sure these two powers don't trigger Power Regeneration.

    So far only Electroburst/EG (the electro-charge powers), EC and Wired will activate the Power Regeneration mechanic. While activate it last for 12 seconds.


    I think you should mention the range of some powers. Static Push/Overcharge/Attract are all 25 meters. Shockwave is like 20 meters (its range is slightly lower than SP). Electroburst is now 12.5 meters for damage role only. Healer side is still the original close melee range.
  12. AegisAlpha New Player

    Can you (or anyone else) provide pictures / a short video showing the range of Electroburst? I also tried to test the range increase, but it seemed as if the range was the same for both the damage and the healer role.

    Anecdotally, I don't understand why only the damage role would get the range increase. I was excited to see if I could add another potential power to my healing loadout, as I feel as if the number of powers I actually use while raiding is lacking.
  13. blklightning New Player

    I'm going to make a few guesses here to answer your questions.

    IIRC, eBurst was changed from 10m to 12.5m. You're not going to notice much of a difference in the range, actually. That's like an extra inch on your display.

    The healing part of eBurst is not limited to 12.5m. It triggers at a much larger range. The damage, in healer role, would still require you to be w/in 12.5m of the target.
  14. AegisAlpha New Player

    Ah, I see, I was assuming that E-Burst started at 7m. I'll check out the healing portion then, thank you for the response.
  15. blklightning New Player

    The thing about healing with eBurst is that your allies have to be near the enemies that trigger the heals. It's not so much that you need to be near the enemies to trigger it. This is why I can't stand running with people who range all the time. Just get in there! I can heal through all kinds of stuff. From like 4 or 5 months ago, I was able to get an eBurst heal to hit my fire tank for 35K. There were 7 heals around 4-5k, because of all of the enemies that were electrified and on the tank.

    eBurst has to be some of the most fun healing I've done. Even though the vid in my sig is from before GU50, it's healed using a lot of eBurst. You can really see how big the heals are in the Pool of Lethe.
  16. Van_Gho Committed Player

    Just took a look at the video in your sig, whats the name of that song?
    Follow up question, are you supposed to hit eBurst after you hit arc or before?
  17. blklightning New Player

    All of the songs in that vid are from Ratatat's album, Classics. I stated with "Loud Pipes", but have to say my current favorite is Montanita, which is played a bit later.

    For healing, eBurst only works if the targets are electrified. So, you must do something to electrify them. Either rely on Wired (not so great on a standard healing loadout), or Arc Lightning. Since eBurst in healer role will consume the PI, it must be reapplied before each intended eBurst heal. So, yes... Arc Lightning must precede eBurst on all casts in order to get the burst heal and subsequent HoT.

    Here's that wild 35K heal I got to a fire tank using eBurst. Sooooo awesome. Again, eBurst is best when you play with a team that's not afraid to get closer to the battle.
  18. Xzotix Committed Player

    Not exactly, If "Electro-Charged" or Electrocute is active: Electrogenesis, Arc Lightning and Voltiac Bolt also regen power.
    In all fairness I think it should say regen power over time, since that's what it is.
    That said I believe the descriptions and page 1 are correct.
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  19. StarWave251 Level 30

    It’s disappointing to see that the update on Electric was a very small improvement. I was ready to switch back to it and now I’m not so sure… :-(
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  20. Here2Help Devoted Player

    Finally managed to get my tank style so I decided to go back to an original power of mine... electricity! Looks like I'll be pushing through this very rough spot of being painfully weak compared to other powers together. We just need to hope that their new form of testing means we will be getting a hotfix shortly :)